ET’s: Transferring consciousness to a cube

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What if you could put your mind in a box? Would you want your essence in a container once your human body died? ET’s seem to be telling us that is exactly what they can do.

The idea of consciousness in a container has been around for a long time. Think of the Dybbuk box or a ghost box. We see all kinds of movies about these things, and yet we are surprised when alien abductees tell us how ET’s somehow are able to put an essence into a cube or box.

So many ET contactees have talked about seeing little balls of light seemingly flying around. Then aliens emerge from the lights, seemingly defying what we know about physics. These entities appear to have energy sources we could only dream about. Their abilities can far surpass ours.

Is it so far fetched that advanced beings could do something with consciousness that we would consider science fiction? People argue back and forth whether consciousness comes from the brain or if it is separate.

If consciousness does not come from the brain, it would be easy for one’s essence to move from place to place, animal to animal, object to object. That actually is the easier concept to understand.

The second theory is harder but not impossible. If consciousness comes from the brain, what if another source could be used to mimic it? What I mean is, when the brain dies, what if ET’s could provide another source for a person’s essence? Another power source to generate the mind. If you could transfer the power source and keep a person’s essence intact, technically, an entity (including humans) could be immortal. I’m sure wealthy elites are working on this as we speak.

Could you replicate a brain in every minute detail to create an alternate power source which would allow you mind to go on?

Maybe it is different from that.  It has been proven that people who lose parts of their brains, even half their brains, still can function quite well. What if you could take a tiny portion of the brain (even one cell), keep the consciousness alive within that portion, and place that part into a new power source? Could that integrate into the new power source and amp up consciousness?

Consider the idea that consciousness could be transferred into another stronger ‘brain’ or ‘battery.’ With a more powerful ‘battery,’ would things like telekinesis or psychic ability not only be possible but God-like? Could that be why they seem so advanced? Perhaps they have stronger consciousness batteries which they can change at will. When ET’s visit contactees and show them the little boxes or cubes, it is strongly communicated that a part of the self is in those boxes. Multiple people have reported this experience.

Whatever your belief system, this is an interesting concept. The more we study about extraterrestrials, the more clear it becomes that our knowledge and technologies are limited. At some point we are going to have to think outside the box. Knowledge can make its way to us from the ET’s themselves or our own psychic abilities.

Perhaps the reason that ET’s have shown contactees their cubes is to get our curiosity aroused.  We will never get the answers if we don’t ask the questions. For a long time we as humans have been stymied in our quests for advanced knowledge. It is long past time that we open the cosmic door and look beyond ourselves for answers. Really, the truth is out there, and it may be stranger than you think.

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Using frequencies to hurt ET’s

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They are not invincible. While they may not bleed, they do leak. It may not be blood that they lose, but it is something vital. It is energy. They hemorrhage energy under the right conditions. They can be harmed which means they can be stopped.

Talking about a subject which has been so secretive is difficult. Yet there are enough contact and abduction cases to take a hard look at this subject. Too many people worldwide through history have described these entities, so it is a mistake to dismiss it.

First and foremost, people have to get past their sarcasm regarding this topic and recognize what is happening. There is physical evidence of alien abductions. Credible witnesses have spoken out. Too many people are unaware of what is happening and simply scoff at the idea. ET’s use this apathetic sarcasm to their benefit. To put it bluntly, they do their best to bring out the worst aspects of humanity to keep their secrets.

No species can fight them if they are too busy making snarky comments about the subject and deriding people who even talk about their abductions. Extraterrestrials have studied humans and know just how to play with people to get the reaction they want. They think most humans will do anything rather than fight them. In their view, that is why the Earth is in the state that is it in and why they get little resistance.

Thus, in order to even begin to fight their agenda, you have to get past the ignorance of the subject. Recognizing that something truly is happening is the beginning. Once you do that, then you have to get past all of the psychological operations and manipulations.

We as humans have been conditioned to believe that ET’s of all kinds are superior to us. To be honest, in many ways, they are. However, this isn’t the whole story. While they can enter our consciousness, especially when we sleep, they are entities. They have their own composition which means they have vulnerable spots.

Like any living creature, extraterrestrials have a weakness. They like to create the charade that they are untouchable. If people are deathly afraid to even speak of them, these creatures do not have to worry about anyone even trying to fight them. They have been using this idea effectively for a very long time. So first, you must get over your fear. Of course we humans are afraid of the unknown, thus this is easier said than done. Fear makes it so you cannot think or defend yourself. Remember that fear feeds your vulnerability. Take that away, and you remove one of their weapons.

Next you have to stop playing defense and begin playing offense. If you want to hurt them, one of the simplest ways to target them is to manipulate frequencies. Like us, they can tolerate certain locations, sounds, and energies. It is difficult for them to enter and operate in specific dimensions. Frequencies and environment can be their enemies.

An inhospitable environment limits their ability to use their skills. Find the right frequency, and they cannot function. Really multiple frequencies at once could be quite effective. It is kind of like jamming radar.

Under the right conditions, they lose their telekinetic and psychic skills. Their strength is their weakness since they do not know how to live without it. They would never be able to live and cope as human beings. In that regard, they are unadaptable. That is one of the reasons they remain out of view and seek a hybrid program.

It may seem hard to believe, but humans can manipulate their energy. There is a way to do that. Usually, entities play games with our energy. They are not equipped to handle a direct threat to their most powerful weapon.

Taking their energy from them and using it against them not only is draining, but it leaves them defenseless. They are too used to playing parlor tricks with us and manipulating our consciousness to consider us a threat.

That is a key. Their arrogance is a weakness. Their flawed thought processes can be exploited. Frankly, using the right combination of frequency weapons coupled with energy extraction will be effective against them.

These things have played games with humans for far too long. They have not been of help. They have not been cooperative. Plus, they have been taking and hurting people in the name of their own science. It is time for humans to wake up and realize that we have been kept at each other’s throats because something powerful wants us scared and arguing. We have more enemies than we realize, and it is way past time that we begin to fight back.

It is time to pull the curtain away and reveal who and what is manipulating our planet. We have been lied to. Aren’t you tired of it?

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Are magical fairies around you?

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Sometimes you may catch a glimpse of little spirits peeking around corners in your home. A zip of light may glide right in front of your very eyes. You may see them lurking outside near trees or plants. After all, trees and outdoors are their natural habitat. You might hear whispers in your ear when they are close by. There is even a chance that you won’t see or hear them, but you will feel or sense them.

So how do you know if you have a fairy near you?

There are a lot of signs that they are close. First, you will laugh out of the blue. There isn’t anything in particular that sets off your giggles. You just feel good and laugh. It may even feel strange to you how great you feel for no reason.

Fairies love music, and they will make you hear it when there is none being played. I know a woman who lives on the ocean, and the little firefly-like entities will zip around her home and play with the wildlife in her back yard. Fairies make sure she hears music when she is on the phone. No one else hears it, even when she hands the phone to someone else. This woman has seen the dolphins interact with the little lights which fly just over the top of the water. Dolphins get exited and seem happy when fairies are around.

If you are drawn to fairies and have pictures of them in your environment, you will bring them to you. They are fascinated by those who take an interest in them. They may even change the fairy pictures or figurines you have in your home. The little mischievous entities may move your figurines to an entirely different room!

When they are close, you feel like you are being watched and see little flickering lights out of the corner of your eye. You will see little flashes of light that seem to be dancing.

Then there are the circles or rings which are associated with fairies. When they are near you, circles of leaves or flowers will appear near your home. It is an unnatural ring that was obviously put there. It has magical properties. Do not touch these rings.

If a plant is dying and then all of a sudden starts thriving without you doing anything, then fairies are definitely around. They can impact the lives of things in nature. If they don’t like you, they will make your plants unwell.

If they really want to get your attention, they will enter your dream state. When they do, they ALWAYS have a message for you. Not only will they give you a message, but they will make sure you remember the message. When a fairy talks to you, you will not forget it. They have a way of getting into our unconscious and showing us what we need to see.

Whenever they are around, you will get the feeling of static electricity in the air.  You may notice the hairs on your arms standing on end. Their very presence charges your surroundings with energy.

People are often hesitant when they learn a fairy is nearby. The reason is that fairies can be benevolent or malevolent. They’ve been known to be mischievous. These creatures choose who they want to be. As a rule, they are very protective of their territory, and if you move into their area, they will let you know. You should respect them as they can be temperamental and lash out. Do NOT offend them.

Fairies can have sway over outcomes in your life, hence their tie to the word ‘fate.’ So if you have a particularly strange run of good or bad luck, remember that a fairy is likely behind that. They have premonitions and if they like you, they will tell you about your future.

I don’t want to scare you, but you have to be very careful if you think you have one of these supernatural creatures around you. They tend to go from one extreme to the other. You either upset them or please them. There is no in between. These little powerhouses like you or they don’t. If they do not like you, then watch out! They will put all kinds of roadblocks in your way.

Doubting will make it so you can’t see them. If you don’t believe, it becomes very difficult to see these magical creatures. This is true regarding much of the paranormal.

If you want to see a fairies, ask them to appear. They can be very accommodating if you ask with your true heart. Whatever you do, do not demand that they come forth. If you do, you are assuring yourself some very bad luck. Of all the supernatural entities you can encounter, the fairies are most likely to show themselves if you approach them with a pure heart. They listen and have a wonderful curiosity. You will know if one is around. They will make sure you know!

Fantasies of your real self (from past lives)

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Have you ever felt like you were someone different than who you are now? Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Do you have fantasies of being someone totally different? This is perfectly normal. Everyone does this to some extent.

The reality is that your other lives impact who you are in this life. Why? You are missing who you truly are deep inside your soul.

If you feel as if you are actually someone else deep down inside, it means that you were or are someone like that in another life. This other life either took place in the past or is taking place in another dimension. You are tapping into that. It is your authentic self which you are seeing. This is just another version of you.

Sometimes life can throw you off your path. You may be so hurt that you begin to have increased psychic abilities. That happens. Going through trauma can increase your intuition.

Furthermore, trauma can isolate you. As you spend more time alone, it allows your mind to focus and hone in on your psychic abilities. This can activate parts of your brain which open you up to the unseen worlds around us.

Many people will find that they have the same fantasy over and over again, or the fantasy has the same theme. There is a reason for this. You are tapping in psychically to who you are in another life. When you fantasize repeatedly, you are peeking into another aspect of yourself. That is why these fantasies are so powerful. There is an element of reality to them. It is who you are, and it pulls you to it. This fantasy won’t let you go because it is the heart of who you are.

We always know our true selves. You may keep your true self hidden from others because you do not think that people around you will accept it. Yet, if you are not being true to who you really are, it will eat you up inside. Only when you let your real identity out will you thrive and be happy.

Your true nature can come into your nighttime dreams as well. You may begin to go into other dimensions as you sleep. You are visiting another aspect of yourself in those worlds. There are so many realities which are layered one on top of the other. When a dream is so real that you cannot forget it, then it is real! You will know these dreams because they make an undeniable impact on you. You will have a photographic memory of it. Years later, you will remember.

Don’t dismiss the real you!

Always be true to who you truly are because you will have nothing but imbalance in your life until you free your hidden persona. You will be much happier when you let everyone know your genuine self. Sometimes this is very hard because it may look totally different than the person your friends and family know. Let your soul breathe and release what is inside. Don’t you deserve that?

If you live caged by a fake person who isn’t you, then you will never be happy. Release the spiritual being you have always wanted to be. Never second guess your soul because it will tell you who you truly are.

Extraterrestrials use humans as satellites

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Have you ever heard of alien abductees having implants? Basically, people who have had extraterrestrial abduction experiences have complained about devices implanted in their bodies. Behind the ear seems to be the most popular place, followed by the nasal cavity, ankle and jaw areas. I know good, credible people who have had these devices removed from their bodies after ET contact. Some can look like little tic-tacs, while others resemble tiny orbs.

These poor abductees have been the subject of ridicule for a very long time. What may surprise you is that there have been researchers who have taken these individuals to doctors to have the implants removed. These people had no history of surgeries. It was determined that the items were not calcifications or medical devices as some have suggested. They were something else completely.

People have actually been removing implants from abductees. There are some strange characteristics about the implants and the human tissue that surrounds them.

First, doctors had to remove the devices. This proved more difficult than you would expect. In some cases, the implants moved as doctors tried to get them out. You read that right. As the doctors tried to get the implants, they moved within the body away from the scalpel. This made it difficult and even dangerous. In some cases, the implant could not be removed because of this.

For those who were able to have the devices taken out, the researchers found something interesting. There was no inflammation cells around the implant, which you would expect to see. Further, there was some kind of biological cocoon around the implant. The biological cover was made from the skin of the human who had the implant. The implant material itself was made of meteorites. (See Derrel Sims).

This raises a lot of questions. If you know implants are there, you have to ask why they are there.

Interestingly, I was told by abductees that the implants help the ET’s use humans as satellites. This is the word that was used: satellites.

 By definition, a satellite can perform many functions. The functions include communication, positioning, research and data gathering. When you look at these functions, it makes sense. This certainly would fit with how an advanced species might track human beings. It is a remote monitoring which fulfills many purposes.

A tag implanted into someone could provide biofeedback as well as manipulate the biological system itself. That means, an implant not only can relay information to ET’s, but it may also do something to the human body. All body systems could be affected. From neurological to electrical to the hormonal systems, an implant could change a person’s entire bodily makeup. Think about this. If you control a person’s neurological, electrical, and hormonal systems, you control the person.

Such an ability would even allow you to impact a person’s emotions. Hormones alone can do that. So if you control a person’s hormones, you can mess with how a person feels. Say, for example, you can make someone upset using an implant, that will effect a person’s judgement. Have you ever make decisions when you were really upset? Chances are, you did not make the best choices at that time. How can you make your life better if you are too upset to make good decisions? How can you fight an enemy if you cannot think correctly because you are emotionally compromised?

This is a masterful way to conquer without firing a shot.

This may seem far-fetched, but have you seen the work of people such as Elon Musk regarding microchips for humans? Yes, the stated goals are benign from those pushing for human implants. But is it so impossible to believe that this technology could be used for evil purposes? This isn’t so unbelievable at all. In fact, it is likely. We are on the path to microchip implants ourselves. Perhaps the ET’s put us on this path and people such as Musk are simply following what was laid out by our star brothers.

For more information about alien implants, see the work of Derrel Sims

Dr. Roger Lier

Remote Abduction: When ET’s Telepathically Interact

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

When you hear about alien abduction stories, there are all kinds of wild aspects to the experiences. From flying to moving through walls, the abduction phenomenon appears to have features that are mind blowing.

The qualities are so bizarre that many people simply cannot believe them. After all, when you hear about someone flying through a wall, it does more than raise an eyebrow. It’s downright weird.

But what if it wasn’t so weird? What if this was real? One of the simplest explanations is that people are not really taken at all. At least, their bodies are not abducted. Instead, it may very well be that when ET contact happens, it is taking place in the person’s mind.

From extraterrestrial contact experiences, it appears as if these things are telepathic. They can read our minds and communicate to us without uttering a word. They can talk to us in our minds. Not only can they speak in our heads, they can show us pictures of things they want us to see.

It gets even better. ET’s are masters of telekinesis. That means they can affect matter with their minds. Their consciousness can manifest things. They can use telekinesis to influence our neurological systems. This means they can make us feel things, from the sensation of touch to that of pain. They can even induce a pleasure sensation if they want to.

Now think about something that can do that to human beings. As you sleep, an ET can put pictures in your head and speak to your unconscious mind. They can put a suggestion into your sleeping thoughts that you are flying through a wall. At the same time they can direct your neurological system to feel as if you are flying. Then they can show you an image of you actually going through a wall.

Many, many abductees report experiencing some kind of medical experimentation. They even have scars afterward which appear overnight. What if the experimentation was done using psychic and telekinetic ability? In other words, as they create this experience in the person’s mind, they use telekinesis to manipulate the body, even going so far as to ‘cut’ with the mind, thus creating a scar. They can cause pain with their thoughts, why couldn’t they create a physical manifestation with their consciousness?

We do not know how advanced these creatures are. We are at the baby stage when it comes to understanding psychic and telekinetic abilities. Yet we ourselves are more psychic and telekinetic than we realize. Think of the concept of mind over matter when a mother is able to lift a car to get it off of her child after an accident. This has happened. It shouldn’t have happened from what we know, yet it has. Our minds are massively powerful, and we do not realize it. I believe the ET’s know full well how powerful their minds are, and they maximize those abilities.

They could use these psychic abductions to learn about us. Human psychology could be easily studied this way. Additionally, by using a psychic form of abduction, the ET’s minimize any harm that could come to them. Remote studying is safe and time effective. It is an intelligent way to research.

ET implants then become a question. Those are very real and appear in alien abductees. Could they put these in people remotely or would they have to be with the person to do it? Are they man made or ET made? Perhaps some abductions are mental while others really are physical.

No matter the circumstances of an alien abduction, there is a telepathic link which ET’s make with humans. Whether physical or mental, an abduction is an abduction. In many ways, a psychic abduction could be scarier than a physical one. A remote psychic abduction can be done to anyone at any time. Yet, knowing all this, theses situations do not appear to happen to everyone, nor do they occur frequently. This makes it harder for people who do go through the experience. They feel alone. Maybe that is also part of the ET manipulation: to make abductees feel alone and ashamed so they are less likely to speak about them.

The only thing that is certain is that too many people from all around the world have reported these experiences. Something is happening right in front of us. The question is when will everyone open their eyes?

If you have had an experience like this, let me know. I try to respond to everyone but sometimes it is not possible. But I will try.   Email   deborahkauflin    @

Reptilian ET’s Sell Humans

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Among the ET’s which seem to lurk on our planet, some of the most feared are the Reptilians. They resemble extremely tall reptiles which stand on two legs. Their bodies are very muscular. Some ET abductees say they resemble alligators or dragons. They have scaly skin and sharp, pointed teeth.

What makes them most dangerous is that they are described as highly intelligent and extremely psychic. Not only can they read our minds, but they can manipulate us as well.  Whether using psychology which they have learned by observing and interacting with abductees or simply engaging in literal mind games, Reptilians are formidable. They are masters of telekinesis and hold humans in low regard. Basically, they view us as inferior.

Have you seen a Reptilian? I know people who have, and I had the most unusual dream where I saw one. I don’t usually feel fear in dreams, but I did in this one. I was clearly somewhere else in a drab, gray room, and this Reptilian male creature was speaking to me. He had a rounded face, scaly skin, pointed teeth, and round eyes. His eyes seemed lighter in color than his skin. He was very tall and muscular and had total command of the others around him. The whole thing had a military-like feel to it. What I mean is that it seemed as if the creatures were in their own type of military. They were regimented and submissive to the larger muscular male.

It was very hard for me to understand him. It was like I was straining to be where I was. Then very clearly, he told me that I did not understand his kind. He said in condescending way “we sell humans.” At the same time, he half smiled, but it was not a friendly smile.

I felt pulled and then suddenly woke up and felt very strange. Was it a bad dream? Of course, it could have been. Yet it was so vivid, and to be honest, I felt uneasy. I do not get spooked easily, but there was this uncomfortable sensation after having woken up. At the time I had been doing research on the short Greys, so Reptilians were not at the forefront of my mind.

The interesting thing is, after I had that dream, I began hearing from people who stated that they had been abducted by Reptilian aliens. Many had one thing in common. They said that the Reptilians were somehow involved in selling people. Some alleged that the Reptilians use humans for food. Others said that the entities traffic humans to other species. A few talked about what was essentially a slaughter house for people. The Reptilians called it “processing” humans. Some abductees recalled smelling the scent of blood when coming across the ‘processing’ places. There was a brutality associated with the Reptilians that was not necessarily seen with other species. They come across as hard, strong, and powerful.

Almost always, the abduction stories were not pleasant. People reported the sensation of physical pain inflicted psychically during abductions. Those Reptilians could simply think it and a human would be doubled over in pain. These are the majority of cases. There have been a few who talked about these creatures being kind. Yet those stories are few and far between. Mostly, Reptilians come across as warring, violent creatures who are hostile.

There is definitely more fear associated with them than even the Greys. Looking at abductee accounts, there appears to be a sinister element to them. When you put all of this together, for the most part, we would have to consider these entities dangerous to us. The good new is that it appears as if some other ET’s may be keeping the Reptilians from doing everything they would like to do. That is the impression I got. Still, they can reach our unconscious minds if they choose to. That alone makes them hazardous.

You have to ask what it is that they truly want. Are we a commodity? Could we be to them what cattle are to us? One thing I can say is that they are to be respected. I think it would be a mistake to underestimate them. You get the feeling that they are far advanced from us. As with other ET’s, we are only getting pieces of a giant puzzle. We are not getting the entire story which makes this so frustrating. If you have had any experiences with aliens, please contact me. I try to respond to everyone but sometimes it is not possible. But I will try.

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Sexual Murderers

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Copyright Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D.

A lot of people have contacted me with questions about sexual murderers because of recent cases in the news. I am going to list out some questions people have asked me and answer below.

Sexual homicides can be nuanced and may not be obvious at first glance. Many things can turn on a sexual predator, things you might never even think about. Their likes are very personal to them. Yet their deeply hidden desires are manifested in how they attack and kill. Behavior reflects personality. You will have everything you need to ‘see’ a killer if you know what to look for at the crime scene.

People ask if a mass murder can be a sexual homicide. The answer is: absolutely. We always liked to call them ‘try-sexuals’ because they would try anything with their victims. I’ve seen all kinds of sexual elements in mass murder cases. From stripping victims naked and binding them in unusual ways, to taping clear bags over victims’ heads to watch them as they gasp and die, the key is what turns the offender on. What pairing of sex and violence was made in the killer’s life? At some point, the offender made a connection between inflicting pain and getting sexual gratification. This will be reflected at the crime scene.

If there is no obvious sexual assault at the scene, can a murder still be a sexual homicide? The answer: yes. The use of a knife is up close and personal. In terms of psychology, it can be a form of picquerism where an offender gets sexual gratification from the act of cutting a victim. Simply seeing the blood gushing from the victim can be a sexual turn on. Evidence of putting a ligature around the neck and repeatedly choking victims out only to revive them can bring intense sexual pleasure to the predator. Missing undergarments points to a sexual element.

Would an offender who commits a mass murder engage in other worrying behaviors?

There are so many profiling elements to a sexual homicide. When you have someone inclined to this type of thinking, you always have prowling behavior. This person will put a high number of miles on his car.

He will slink around at night. Such offenders like the night because it provides a natural cover for them to hide. They will be known for going out after dark and doing things such as walking a dog, smoking, jogging, or simply driving around.

These offenders want to become masters of their trade. They watch people very carefully. Their victim type will report that the offender had been staring at them, making them uncomfortable.

This isn’t simply looking at someone you find attractive. It is watching someone excessively. People would describe the offender as being creepy.

Would there be anything unusual in an offender’s background that we might not expect to see?

Sometimes these killers will be fascinated by their victims’ clothing. They will break into homes and steal women’s underwear. This is a huge red flag and indicates someone who is progressing to commit a very dangerous crime. Further, some offenders will steal the victim’s clothing and attempt to wear it at another time. Cutting up women’s underwear or bras is also a danger sign.

These are some things to consider in sexual homicide cases. But there is more, a new element which is important. The lockdowns drove people into isolation. For those with a propensity for deviant fantasies, this made them go deeper into their inner worlds. More time was available for violent daydreaming. Less human interaction led to depersonalization, as did mask wearing. This made people objects instead of human beings. This is a very, very dangerous combination.

We have an entire young generation exposed to this depersonalization and isolation. As a result,  we will have so many of these brutal killers coming up who were borderline and may not have progressed otherwise.

Violent fantasies + Objectification+ Isolation + Sex & violence pairing + Chaos = Sexual Homicide.

There will be much more mass murders and serial crimes. It’s coming. People are going to explode. The problem is that though there are warning signs for some of these offenders, you never know exactly when they will act out. It could be in a small town in the middle of nowhere or a big city. The only thing for sure is that more is coming.