The E.T. Stare: How Aliens control people with their eyes

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Do you believe in aliens? How hard is it to think that another species has visited our planet? The possibilities are endless if you think about it. Many say that they have had some type of contact with extraterrestrials. The reported contacts involve everything from the dreaded abductions to quite pleasant, loving experiences. Everyone from farmers in the fields to judges out for a Sunday drive have reported the phenomenon. And stories come in from around the planet.

Of course we have to consider all explanations when listening to these accounts. Are those who claim to go through these experiences simply lying, or are they mentally ill? Is this nothing more than a case of mistaken identity, where people have night terrors and nightmares which they wrongly believe actually happened to them? Maybe it is a hallucination produced by physical illness, medication side effects, or massive stress. There is also research which shows that weak EMF fields can cause people to hallucinate (Persinger, 2016). Perhaps these experiencers had been exposed to weak EMF fields which acted on their brains. Those are certainly plausible explanations which should always be considered when someone comes forth with such tales.

But what if is something else? What if entities are visiting us and making contact? It is a worthy topic to study, no matter what the naysayers claim. If aliens are here, then we must investigate. We have a duty to look into topic. After all, who wants to be in the dark about creatures from other worlds, creatures who are watching and perhaps intervening in our lives? Putting our heads in the sand won’t make them go away.

Those who have come forward with accounts of alien abductions have been laughed at and even ruined professionally and financially. The cynics drip with hate as they attack witnesses for simply telling their stories. However science involves investigation and questioning. If people make up their minds before even glancing at a subject, progress will never be made. After all, how can you learn if your mind is closed?

We owe it to contactees to listen because if even a bit of their stories is real, then we would be putting ourselves in peril by ignoring them. By listening and investigating, we can learn not only about the human psyche, but potentially open up whole new worlds.

Let’s face it, if aliens are here, they have abilities that are way beyond our own. This by itself is scary. Yet they aren’t killing all of us. We aren’t slaves to some reptilian E.T. overlords. If they had the means to kill us and wanted to do so, then we would be dead. So either they aren’t here, they don’t have the resources to kill us, or they don’t want to. That doesn’t mean that they do not do present a threat to us. There are plenty of stories involving violent abductions which resemble something out of a horror movie. Yet, overall, we haven’t been overrun by little grey men with ray guns.

I can tell you that the alien contact stories I hear are very similar, whether abductees come from Australia, Africa, The Netherlands, or the U.S.A. There is definitely a pattern to how these cases unfold. Abductees tell tales of seeing lights in the sky or in their homes (red or blue). After seeing the lights or a ball of light, creatures appear. The descriptions vary from greys, reptilians, little furry creatures, tall whitish humanoids, blue eyed beings, Asian looking entities, balls of light, and more. *As a side note, based on the people I have talked to, if these things are real, I believe that E.T.’s can make you see what they want you to see.

And here is where the mind to mind contact comes in. From what abductees have told me and other researchers have found, there is a great deal of telepathy and mind connection. That is, experiencers will just know what the E.T.’s are communicating without ‘hearing’ it. Then there is the alien stare. A lot of abductees speak of having a strange looking creature stare into their eyes to get information as well as to control the abductees. They recall being incapacitated by the alien staring into their eyes. Further, the stare seems to act like a knock out drug. When abductees resist, an entity inevitably comes close and locks eyes with the human. This produces immobility and then grogginess, if not sleep.

As I’ve written before, it may be that extraterrestrials know how to activate the pineal gland to produce melatonin and thus sleep. Clearly, they seem to be able to effect the human nervous system and have perfected a way to knock us out without landing a punch.

Along the same vein, abductees report having an alien stare into their eyes and absorbing information. People often refer to it as a mind scan. It like they can look into our minds through our eyes and see whatever we have seen. Wouldn’t that be an interesting skill to have?

Though this part is even harder to believe, some abductees report sexual behavior or touch during their abduction experiences. Aliens appear to be interested in human sexuality and reproduction. For that reason, abductees tell stories of E.T.’s touching them in a sexual manner in order to produce orgasm and/or collect sperm. When orgasm is reached, aliens will often rush over to stare into the human’s eyes. Does that suggest that E.T.’s ‘feel’ human emotions or body sensation when they gaze into people’s eyes? Do they stare into the eyes during a period of great pleasure in order to capture that pleasure for themselves or to somehow study the neurological process going on in the brain at that moment?

The very well- known and respected Derrel Sims has been studying aliens for decades, and he has come to the conclusion that E.T.’s see in infrared, ultra violet, and x-ray type vision. So when they stare in the eyes, they actually could be doing an x-ray on your brain!

I know all this sounds way too weird to believe. I totally understand that. Yet you have to remember that these stories come from around the world and often from multiple witnesses at once. While I certainly cannot rule out EMF and geomagnetic factors acting on the brain to produce hallucinations, I also cannot rule out the possibility that aliens have been here. The similarity of the abduction stories warrants our attention, whether you believe in extraterrestrials or not. Something is going on. Perhaps someday we will be able to put the puzzle together so we can understand more about ourselves as well as the E.T.’s who may very well be here.

If you have had an experience like this or it rings a bell, feel free to contact me. Your story can really help in researching this grand subject.   Email: deborahkauflin       @


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Aliens Hypnotize Abductees: UFO Experience

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

This is a controversial subject. There are those who think that anyone who claims to have had an alien experience is mentally ill. It certainly is a fringe topic. However, you might be surprised to find out that there are a lot of upstanding people who claim to have had alien contact. These people are doctors, lawyers, police officers, psychologists, elected officials, military personnel, factory workers, mechanics, and many other professionals.

Are they all crazy? Have they simply suffered some kind of breakdown which manifests into visions or belief in E.T. activity? Is there something in our unconscious minds as humans which steers us toward belief and/or hallucinations involving space entities during periods of great stress?

I can tell you that there are people who state that they have had contact experiences which entail being taken to a place where they are rendered helpless, repeatedly touched, prodded, and many times, feel pain as if being operated on without anesthetic.

These stories are consistent with others from around the world. It generally goes like this. For those who are taken while awake and outdoors, the abduction is preceded by the appearance of lights in the sky and/or some kind of UFO which moves in an unusual manner. Once the lights focus on the abductee, either there is a floating sensation or entities appear to escort the person to a craft.

If the abduction occurs while the person is in bed or in the home, there is usually a buzzing sound, followed by the approach of strange looking creatures. There are lights in those cases too. Those lights frequently have a bluish tint. It looks like when people are first contacted indoors, they will see three entities who are there to bring them to an undisclosed location. These guards may be small, but they do seem to have the ability to control much larger humans.

As people are escorted to the other location, the aliens use telepathy to communicate. Words such as ‘don’t fight’ and ‘you will be all right’ will appear in the abductees’ minds. During this process, the person is touched. And there are cases where afterward, there is some fluorescent material left behind from the touch. Skin? Saliva? Sweat? No one is sure right now.

There is variation in what the entities look like. For some, the creatures appear to resemble the typical little grey aliens associated with Roswell. For others, the entities look like big reptiles. Still more suggest that there are little hairy creatures, around 4 feet tall, who participate in abductions.

Once taken, abductees are moved to a room where they are placed on some kind of table. A consistent theme is the table. They don’t describe it as a bed or couch. Over and over, abductees speak to me about being on a cold table.

When on the table, they are nude. Two or three entities will hold the abductee down while another creature leans over and stares into the human’s eyes. This acts like hypnosis to make the person compliant. And it works. If these entities are real, they have an ability to manipulate the human mind or at least, the brain. It appears as if they can stimulate the pineal gland, which produces melatonin. As most people know, melatonin is the sleep hormone. Many take melatonin supplements to help them sleep. Perhaps the aliens activate the pineal gland to produce a mega-dose of melatonin which would put the abductee to sleep. If true, this demonstrates that aliens have a good working knowledge of how our bodies work. It also could help explain why some abductees talk about psychic and telekinetic ability following an abduction. *The PK activity has been witnessed by third parties.

Once abductees are returned, their memories are generally fuzzy. However, they may have scars which have appeared overnight or even metal in their bodies, metal that shouldn’t be there. This metal is often referred to as an implant. For those who are on the fence about this topic, I’m sure the word ‘implant’ will make you roll your eyes. I don’t blame you. It is a bit much to consider. Yet, there are people who report these experiences and then find some kind of small metallic object under their skin afterward. We tag wild animals, so is it so far-fetched that an alien species might tag us?

What is more compelling is when more than one person at a time has these experiences. For example, I have cases where multiple people in a household will wake up having had the exact same ‘dream’ involving these creatures. They will all have some kind of scar on their bodies that wasn’t there the night before. They will have almost the same memory of what happened. Their descriptions of the beings will match. Likewise, in cases where people appear to be taken outdoors, there are situations where more than one is involved. Husbands and wives and even friends just out for a drive report this. This happens during broad daylight, at sunset, or after dark. However it happens, more than one person goes through it and remembers it.

You may ask why these people don’t remember everything. And that is a good question. If these things really happen, then why would it take regressions to retrieve the memories? What a lot of people don’t know is that there are cases where no regression is necessary. A memory is there without any type of intervention. However, the memories can be a bit unclear. Yet, the entities are recalled.

Again, it may point to beings who have the ability to hypnotize subjects and tell them what he/she can or cannot remember. A block seems to be put into place to prevent full memory. It looks like this ability (hypnosis) is quite powerful. The alien hypnosis can even go so far as to elicit romantic feelings from abductees. The entities seem to be able to make people feel pleasant sensations by stimulating parts of the brain and/or nerves. Those who report this say that the physical sensation is extremely pleasant and overpowering. It is a pleasure they never felt before.

It may be that there is more than one type of entity interacting with us. This would help explain why some have terribly painful experiences while others feel love and pleasure.

Or, are the abduction stories are concocted by the aliens themselves. Let me explain. If E.T.’s could manipulate the mind and hypnotize, could they not implant visions or memories that they want us to see? Perhaps abductees don’t go anywhere at all. Maybe everything occurs in the mind itself.

But then again, how does that explain the scars, the fluorescent material, and the metallic objects left behind? Therein lies the problem. There is circumstantial evidence, but hard evidence is difficult to come by.

If real, aliens do have some ability to communicate with our minds. Whether they give us information or hypnotize us, perhaps there is an intelligence that is interested in human beings, one that we don’t know quite yet. It is interesting to ponder.

Only time will tell what all this mean. If you have some experience that you would like to talk with me about, email me at deborahkauflin    @

No one knows everything, and I want to learn as much as possible about this phenomena. You may have information or a story that will be vital to this research.



Fantasies of Female Serial Killers

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Police come to me when they have cases where they suspect a woman of serial murder. I am an expert on the topic, having interviewed a large group of female serial killers back in the 1990’s. From those interviews and studying their murders, I created the profiles of female serial killers. To this day, such a case is the most difficult type of homicide to work. People are reluctant to believe a woman could be so violent, and these women offenders are careful in the way they kill. They often use covert murder methods such as asphyxiation or poisoning to kill, and they chose victims who are easy to kill.

People are even less likely to consider that females fantasize about killing. However they do! When I interviewed female serial offenders, I learned a great deal. First, a fantasy is an elaborate set of cognitions that stimulate emotion. We all fantasize to relieve stress, and serial killers are no different. I found that prior to actually committing murders, women serial killers fantasize for years.

The fantasies are very vivid, with the females planning out every way in which their murders could take place. Women plan meticulously. They study about ways in which they can dispose of victims without getting caught. They work their knowledge into their fantasies and rehearse them over and over again. Their daydreams are graphic, including the sounds a victim would make when dying. One female serial killer stated:

I knew he would grunt when I strangled him because the cats did. I practiced on the cats for months….they all grunted before they died….I liked the way I felt when I strangled them, so I dreamed about it. I made my victims grunt in my fantasy life.

This female began killing when she was seventeen years old. Prior to that, she had a history of killing cats as a type of practice. She told me she thought about killing a lot. In fact, she said she spent most of her days daydreaming and getting into trouble because she would not focus on the work in front of her. She was always thinking about killing.

At first their fantasies do not revolve around one particular victim. It could be anyone. The point of fantasizing is for the women to feel powerful and relieve their high stress levels. What they find is that they become more stressed because they realize that they are different. However, this propels them to fantasize even more. They do not fit in and don’t think like everyone else. Here, they come to realize that their dark instincts define who they are, what they are.

This is the point at which they begin targeting specific victims in their fantasies. They plan carefully and include pre-murder, murder, and post-murder behaviors into their daydreams. They select a victim who they believe would be an easy kill. They may target a child within their care, a sick patient in a hospital, a loved one at home, or anyone who is vulnerable. Fantasies have become second nature to them, and they know them by rote. This allows them to commit the murder with relative ease since they have lived the crimes in their minds for years. Most women told me their fantasies were better than the actual murders. The homicides never really lived up to their ideas of how the victims would suffer. In other words, the offenders wanted the victims to experience more pain, and they could control that in their fantasies.

Interestingly, female serial killers continue to fantasize about new and better ways to kill while they are in their serial murder phase. They never stop. The fantasies tend to become more gruesome with time. Though most female serial offenders use non-bloody means to kill, that does not mean that they do not fantasize about cutting or stabbing their victims. In fact, the majority I interviewed said they wished they could use a knife. However, they did not believe that they could physically do it with most of their victims, and they desperately wanted to avoid having the murders look like murders. They wanted the deaths to be equivocal in nature. That way, often, there were no autopsies. One woman who had been in prison for 18 years told me she still has fantasies of killing so many years after she was caught. She just doesn’t tell anyone about them. I asked her why she told no one (I wanted to see if she would be truthful). Her reply was, “if I tell people I dream of killing, they will never let me out.”



When ghosts are nothing more than your own trauma

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Many people believe their homes are haunted. In fact, they are downright convinced of it. Yet in a lot of cases, the ‘ghost’ is nothing more than a mixture of family trauma and negative life situations. What I mean by that is a large number of cases where homeowners believed they were haunted were actually not haunted at all. Well, they may have been haunted by a horrible life tragedy, but there was nothing paranormal going on.

You have to be careful if you think that you are being haunted. Because if you come to believe that there is a specter watching your every move, then you can become anxious, paranoid, and even frightened. I’ve worked with people who thought that they had ghosts in their homes. In reality, there was no ghost or demon. The things that they mistook for supernatural happenings were actually just everyday occurrences that were misinterpreted.

Life is hard. For some people, it is excruciating. Whether they go through a chronic painful illness which doctors seem unable to help, or they suffer from tragedy after tragedy, the trauma can be too much to handle. When this happens, the human mind searches for an explanation. Sometimes that leads them to the paranormal.

For example, Minnie was left by her cheating husband with four young children. Naturally the cheater skipped out of town and on alimony too. Minnie was overwhelmed. Then life hit her with a brick. She came down with all kinds of weird symptoms. Her eyes would go in and out of focus. She’d feel numb in her legs and arms. Sometimes, she had trouble walking. To the doctors she went, and the doctors failed her. They saw her as a middle aged woman who was malingering. In truth, she was suffering from early Multiple Sclerosis. It took several years before she found one competent doctor who was able to diagnose her.

In the meantime, Minnie had convinced herself that a bad spirit was haunting her home. The walls seemed to bang out of nowhere. Her wallet was never in the last place she left it. There was a cold spot in the dining room. Then there were those horrible dreams where something was chasing her. Because she was so stressed, every time one of these things would happen, she told her young children that an evil spirit was after them. It follows that the kids then began noticing every noise and bump, and they too, became convinced that a dark entity was stalking them.

When dinner was left in the stove too long, it was obviously the ghost. When Minnie tripped over the bathroom carpet, clearly it was the ghost. When the kids had nightmares, to them, it was a demon out to get them. Whatever goes wrong in the course of a normal day was attributed to the paranormal. And it made this family wild with fear.

They all ended up sleeping in the same room, taking turns trying to get rest so the ghost wouldn’t get them. The kids would go to school exhausted because, well, the demon had kept them up. At least in their mind it had. Their school work began to suffer, and Minnie simply collapsed. As sick as she was, she couldn’t go on and was absolutely convinced that the evil spirit had caused her divorce, her illness, and kids’ problems. Minnie’s behavior got bizarre as a result. She went so far as to run out of the bathroom with the trash when she was having her menstrual cycle. The reason? She felt if any blood was left in the house that it somehow ‘fed’ the demon. Minnie ended up having a priest come bless her home, she was so scared.

After this went on for almost a year, Minnie’s mother ended up taking the children and Minnie in. At first, every time they heard a snapping noise or bump, they would all jump with fear until Minnie’s mother reassured them that it was just the wind outside, the ice tray, or the refrigerator. It took several months of Minnie’s mother making great efforts to explain things and clam them down before they began to understand that they had not been haunted at all.

Still terrified of the whole thing, Minnie wanted her home (which had sat vacant for three months) to be tested by paranormal investigators. She wouldn’t believe her mom, but she would believe them. Investigators took a look at Minnie’s house and did several overnight stays. It didn’t take long to figure out that the bumps and bangs that the family had heard were the results of the pipes and the heating ducts moving and banging. The cold spot in the dining room? The window had been left open a tiny bit by accident. So chilly air was coming in at that spot. Minnie kept tripping on the bathroom carpet because one of the tiles underneath it had come loose. Where the tile was loose was the exact spot Minnie kept tripping on. And the nightmares were just that: nightmares. No more. No less.

Poor Minnie and her children had been so scared that they let fear override their common sense. If Minnie had investigated instead of jumping to conclusions, she and her children would not have lost a year to an unfounded terror. However, she had been horribly scarred from her divorce and disabling illness. It was too much.

After the investigation showed her that there was nothing in her home, she and the kids moved back in. With the window closed and tile fixed, there were no more cold spots or tripping accidents. The paranormal investigators had told her to have a plumber secure the pipes, which she did. Then the noises were no longer heard. Problems solved. Her son admitted to being the one who had been moving her wallet when he was sneaking dollars here and there. It was just one big mess.

Now don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is just females who have this issue. Unfortunately, there have been some scientists in the paranormal field who have painted women who have supernatural experiences as nutcases, and these scientists have done a great disservice to the field by using a broad brush. To these scientists, women who have paranormal experiences, especially poltergeist experiences, are hysterical personalities and attention seeking. While this may be true of some people (male and female) who are encountering paranormal happenings, it is certainly not true of all. This ghastly mischaracterization sets the field back. I’ve known women who have experienced actual poltergeist activity, witnessed by others, and these women are solid emotionally.

Both men and women can mistakenly come to believe that there is a ghost in their homes when nothing is there. I know of a man who became convinced that he had a demon in his house. Despite many different investigative groups over a period of years showing him that his demon consisted of his air compressor blowing, faulty wiring of his dishwasher, and raccoon families in his attic, he still walked away from the house and let it go into foreclosure. He had convinced himself that an evil spirit was after him, so to him, an evil spirit was after him.

The point is that you should never jump to the conclusion that your house is haunted. There are so many other things that it could be. Be especially careful when you suffer from illnesses or tragedies, because those things can impair your judgment. After all, if you have gone through horror after horror, it is easy to turn to the paranormal when looking for answers. People can mistakenly think that if doctors can’t help them or if several family and loved ones die in the same year, then maybe there is a dark entity making it happen. They look to the supernatural for answers because this world cannot provide them with the answers. Some illnesses are yet to be discovered. Doesn’t mean someone isn’t dealing with it right now. Doctors just don’t know what it is. And in some years, several people you love can just die. It is rare, but it does happen. Bad luck perhaps, but not bad spirit.

If you think you have a ghost in your house, then get it checked out. Have good investigators who will look at your heating/air system, pipes, windows, and other things to rule out something mundane. Whatever you do, don’t get scared when you don’t need to be. Life is too short.

How Serial Killers Get Away with Murder

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

It may seem impossible to believe, but there are many serial killers who still get away with murder. They get away with lots of murders. Even with technological advancements, there are ‘invisible’ killers out there who are watching and waiting for their next kill. They have mastered the art of picking the right place, the right victim and the right time.

One of the techniques they use to get away with their crimes is preparation. These killers plan, stalk, and do everything they can not to leave evidence behind. They are very organized and will do things to stay one step ahead of law enforcement. They wear gloves, use chemicals, wear caps and masks, and clean up after themselves. You’d be surprised at how well this works for them. Though it is impossible not to leave any evidence behind at a crime scene, if it degrades before police can get to it, then it is no good. Taking extraordinary measures and being patient has helped many killers get away with their crimes.

Smart killers target victims who are less likely to draw attention. Some have figured out that it is easier to target a minority child who is a stranger than a Caucasian child. Even though the media and Hollywood talk about condemning racism, it is a rare instance where minority victims are given the same level of attention as their Caucasian counterparts. This is just a fact. Killers who study these things have wised up and realized that if they target minority children and teens, and even adults, then they are less likely to be caught. They take their time, select a lone target, abduct and then kill without fear of someone watching or reporting. More serial crimes against minority victims go unsolved than others.

Similarly, picking on illegal immigrants can be lucrative for serial killers. Hiding in the shadows can be lethal in this instance. Immigrants are reluctant to come forward if they have seen anything suspicious, and there are times where no one notices the victim disappearing at all. This makes easy pickings for the predator. If he takes pains to select those crossing the border in darkness, he can grab someone, take his time, and then dump the body in the desert in a secluded location. These types of murder do happen, and it occurs way more often than most people know.

I always said female serial killers are smarter than their male counterparts. That is because most female serial murderers use covert murder methods to evade detection. That is, if they asphyxiate a patient at hospice, who would know a murder was committed? Many female offenders target very vulnerable victims and use methods to kill that are difficult to detect. Using victim selection and least detectable methods, they often get away with their murders.

Most serial killers try to dump bodies as quickly as possible so as not to be seen near the victim. The serial killer who gets away with his murders would tell those killers that they are making a mistake. Those that have long murdering careers take a little more time and go deeper into secluded areas, making great efforts to conceal the bodies. They do so for two reasons. First, it will take longer for the body to be found, if ever. Second, the longer the body goes without detection, the longer evidence has to degrade. It is win-win for the hunter.

Though rare, another problem in serial murder cases is corruption in prosecutors’ offices. This rarely seen phenomenon occurs when a prosecutor won’t prosecute a case for political reasons. If he thinks prosecuting a case will be hard and possibly make him look bad, then there are some who have been known to look the other way and let a killer go free. This leaves no justice for the victims and allows a killer to go free. It does happen. People will tell you that it doesn’t, but it does.

Next, police make mistakes. Again, this does not happen all the time, but there are cases where crime scenes become contaminated. When that happens, the case becomes difficult.  Good luck getting an arrest, let alone a conviction. Predators that choose to commit their crimes in areas where police may not be used to handling these sorts of murders or jurisdictions that are notorious for mistakes are more likely to get away with their crimes.

And the most intelligent offenders do something that enrages law enforcement. They don’t talk. They don’t say why. They don’t say when. They don’t talk about themselves or their crimes at all. There are many cases where police need a confession to shore up their cases. Without input from the offender, they can get stuck. This is also infuriating for family members of the victims. They never learn anything about the attack or the offender.

Finally, as contradictory as it sounds, there are unsolved cases of killers targeting entire families. One killer told me it was easier to kill more than one victim at a time. He said it can be easier to control victims by threatening their friends and family. Parents will do anything for their children, including agreeing to be tied up. He also said police are usually so mortified by the scene that mistakes can be made. So strangely, those that target families and more than one victim at once have been known to get away with multiple murders.  If they are in control enough o keep their mouths shut about the crimes, they are less likely to be caught.

Though you would think that the numbers of serial murders would go down over time, the opposite is true. There are more serial killers than ever operating in the U.S.  The clever ones have learned how to do their deeds in silence.  And in silence the victims remain hidden. No one hears their cries.


You are in trouble if someone starts stalking you


Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

If you have been the victim of a stalker, then you know how difficult and terrifying it can be. For the stalking target, there is often very little that can be done to prevent the predator from getting to him/her eventually. You see, there is a mindset to stalking that the law, courts, and general public have trouble understanding. That mindset is one of death.

Most articles on this topic discuss how you can protect yourself in this situation. I’m not doing that here. Instead I’m going to give you an insight into the stalker’s mind. As a criminal profiler, I interviewed a lot of stalkers who had raped, tortured, and murdered their victims. So I’ve seen what these people can do.

Whether the stalker is simply insane or psychopathic, one element is clear. The stalker does not fear you. The stalker does not fear the police. The stalker does not fear the courts. THE STALKER DOES NOT FEAR DEATH.

The stalker is an obsessive personality who many times has a fascination with murder and death. Some stalkers are delusional and believe they have relationships with their victims. When their feelings are not returned, the stalkers feel wronged and escalate. Other types of stalkers feel wronged as well. In their eyes, you have done something so horrific that you must pay…..with your life and the lives of your family. I was called into cases after the stalkers killed their targets to help assess for court. These cases were particularly nasty as the stalkers massacred the children and then the stalking target (i.e. mother). The point was to make the victims watch as they raped and tortured the children before killing the intended target.

You have to understand that stalkers are people who have a great deal of emptiness in their lives. That is why they have the time to focus nonstop on you. They are rage filled and look to empty that rage onto their victims. With their obsessive personalities, the rage and fixation become extremely dangerous.

To the stalkers, if you have angered them enough, then it is very likely that they will attempt to kill you. I’m not going to lie to you. The results are gruesome. The offenders do not simply want to kill you. They want to make you suffer first. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a stalker kill a victim’s pets and family members. They have a long sadistic streak which they intend to unleash on you.

Their lives don’t hold meaning, so they are not afraid of prison. Frankly, they are not afraid to die either. In fact, for many of them, death is some sort of release. Their goal is to take you and everything you love with them when they go.

Sadly, many of these perpetrators are unemployed and/or living off of someone else. So they have every moment to focus on you and how to get to you. Though they may proclaim to love you, in truth, they hate you. They hate your life. They hate your family. They hate your friends. And they fantasize to distraction about the numerous way they will torment you once they get their hands on you.

I realize that I’m painting a bleak picture here. In truth, it is a bleak situation. While there are laws that address harassment and stalking behavior, the truth is that if someone has set his sights on you, then you are going to have an extreme uphill battle on your hands. It will be day after day, week after week, year after year. Stalking cases can go on for decades. Even when offenders are imprisoned, the sentences are merely a few years at most. What do you think the stalker will be thinking about while behind bars for that two or three years?

It used to be that these cases made big headlines, but they are so common now that you barely hear a peep when a stalking victim gets raped, tortured, and murdered. If you are one of the unlucky ones who have been targeted, then you should take steps to get away from your tormentor. I know I said I was not going to get into ways of handling a stalker. However, there is one point I want to make. A lot of people think that they should not have to move when targeted. However, if you can move away early enough in the stalking process, it can calm the situation or force the offender to focus attention elsewhere before the obsession completely takes over. If you stay where you are, understand that the stalker may view that as an invitation. For example, one stalker I interviewed said to me “she didn’t move after getting it (restraining order). Don’t you know that means she wanted me. She wanted me to know where she was at.”

Never underestimate them. Some appear weak or helpless, but a monster lives inside. Once that monster is out, it will hunt forever.

Alien Abduction, Rape, and Suicide: One Woman’s ET Experience

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Whether you believe in alien abduction or not, it is clear that there are people out there who truly do think that they have been taken by ET’s. I have interviewed over one hundred alien experiencers, and most of the people are emotionally sound, physically fit, and not taking medications which could produce hallucinations. Of course not everyone who claims to have alien contact is of sane mind. There are mentally ill individuals who are schizophrenic, histrionic, and attention-seeking. This makes studying the subject quite difficult. After all, there are a lot of people who are lonely and have no power in their lives; claiming that a visitor from another planet has chosen them for contact makes such people feel important. This always has to be in the back of your mind when studying these cases. That is not to say that I do not believe those who claim to have had ET experiences. Based on talking with detectives and military officers who I know from my criminal profiling days, I am sure there is something going on that does involve contact with the unknown.

In this paper I am presenting the case of Rosa. Rosa lives in Mexico and is a highly educated woman. She told me that she has had multiple ET experiences during her life. In the first instance, she remembered being abducted while in her kitchen doing dishes. One moment she was washing a plate looking out the window, and the next moment she remembered seeing bright lights coming through the window.

Her experience is like many others who I have talked to. She remembered floating upward, through the wall, and toward the light. Then all of a sudden, she found herself in a small room with a creature that did not look like anything she had seen before. It was little, only coming up to her shoulder (Rosa is 5’3”). It did not have clothes, and she said the skin was greenish-grey. She also said the skin looked rough. The thing had three claws or fingers. She wasn’t sure. Then through telepathy, the creature told her to move, and it herded her into another room where there were more entities that looked like it. There was also a taller thing that had “bug-like head.” I asked Rosa what she meant from “bug-like head,” and she said it reminded her of a grasshopper. It had three yellow eyes across the upper part of its face.

It was clear in her mind that this taller thing was in charge. The next thing she remembered was being put on a table, nude, and face down. She cried and fought this. *Rosa either does not remember or does not want to talk about how her clothes were removed.

While face down, nude on the table, she was immobile. As she cried, the creatures put something into her anal cavity and her vagina. Rosa likened it to a rape. She said she fought but could do nothing. The entities scraped something out of her vagina, like a gynecological exam.

Whenever Rosa fought or did not cooperate, she was tapped or hit on the head. These were not benevolent beings. It was quite abusive. This was a horror of an experience, and she blacked out. The next thing, she was standing at her kitchen sink with a dish in her hand. The warm water was now cold. Her kids were outside playing. When she looked at the clock, it read 5:45 pm. The last time she looked at it, the time was 5:00 pm. So there was 45 minutes of missing time. From Rosa’s perspective, it seemed much longer.

Worse yet, she felt fluid in her underwear. Quickly she went to the bathroom and found that blood was running down her leg. She was not on her menstrual cycle, and was not due to have it for another two weeks. This scared her. Her body felt sore, as if she had been beaten.

As disturbing as this way, Rosa explained it away as stress. She stopped bleeding quickly and chalked it up to mid-month spotting. Though she had not had that before, a friend of hers had. To her, it was a logical explanation.

Almost a year later, Rosa and her husband were at a family picnic. They were in a beautiful park by the ocean. The children were swimming, and she was sitting with her mother and sister. She remembered her sister asking “what is that?” They turned to see lights in the sky. The lights were triangular in shape.

Once more, Rosa found herself floating upward and in a little room with the creatures. All of a sudden she felt drugged. What surprised her was that she was not alone. There were other humans there, and it was like being in a line waiting for your name to be called. As hard as she tried, she couldn’t make out the faces of the other people there. She remembered a woman crying.

Then she felt herself on a table once more. This time she was on her back. The entities placed something on her head, like leads for an EEG. She tried to struggle but could not move. Then the larger creature put its face right next hers. She heard huffing, sort of like the chuffing sound tigers make. The creature was not doing this to be friendly. It was clear that this was a threatening action. The entities made it clear that they believed Rosa was inferior to them and that they had the right to do whatever they wanted to her.

She cannot remember exactly what happened next. However, she does remember a choking sensation. Rosa is not sure if they put something in her mouth or how they made her choke. But she does remember choking. She also remembered being put in a tube. It had weird lights around it that ran vertically down the object.

The next thing she remembered, she was limping in the field far away from the rest of the family at the picnic. She heard her name called and found her family looking for her. When she asked what happened, no one could exactly say how she left. However, she had been missing for almost an hour.

This time she told her husband what had happened. He said she must never tell anyone or she would be locked away. But Rosa could not keep quiet. Things started happening in her home. Doors would slam on their own. Her keys would be moved. The stove would open by itself. The kitchen would be flooded when the family would return from an outing, but no cause was ever found. Something weird was going on. Her husband was convinced that Rosa somehow had brought the Devil into their home. He insisted that she see the priest and tell him what had happened. This was a disaster. The priest said she had indeed called an evil spirit into the house…..somehow.

For months poor Rosa went through all kinds of rituals which did absolutely nothing to help. It got so bad that Rosa threatened suicide. No one believed what had happened, and she just could not take it any longer. She was ready to kill herself when the poltergeist activity ceased. The family felt all was well again and stopped hounding her. But Rosa knew that something was truly wrong. She had seen her doctor who found nothing wrong with her. It was puzzling.

Despite her horrific experiences, she was drawn to go out into the fields to look at the stars at night. She would wake up in the middle of the night and walk outside just to look at the sky. She just didn’t know why. Still, she became interested in UFO’s and began reading about them. For a long time she kept quiet about what had happened. Though well educated, she came from a very traditional Catholic home in Mexico. Discussing aliens was not OK. To this day she still is very skittish about speaking about her experiences. She feels it will shame her family. Rosa has had regressions for some of the recalled details, but not all of them. On her own, she remembered the anal and vaginal assault. She remembered what the creatures looked like. Also, she clearly remembered the entity placing its face next to hers in a threatening manner.

Skeptics will state that Rosa’s entire experience was nothing more than a fantasy meant to escape deep emotional pain: a hallucinatory outlet for her Earthly trauma. They will say that Rosa may very well have been raped, but not by ET’s. She may have been attacked and could not face what had happened, and so in her mind, she blamed it on aliens.

However, Rosa is a very thoughtful, introspective woman. She is very clear when she speaks. Of importance, she is consistent in her story. Rosa always kept in touch. She did not suddenly stop all contact, as many frauds will do after saying that they want to tell you about their ET experiences. They will tell you everything but an alien encounter and then cut off contact. The phonies stop communicating because they cannot keep their lies straight.

Yes, there are those who find it difficult to discuss their experiences if the events are particularly upsetting. However, such people do not just disappear and stop talking all together. What I have found is that the genuine experiencers continue speaking to an investigator in some capacity. They do not just completely stop talking. Just be aware of that.

Did Rosa have real ET experiences? Her accounts certainly match with what many others have reported. Rosa is not selling her story, so she is not making any money. She is not joining the lecture circuit, so she is not getting any fame out of this. It certainly is frightening to think about. There is more to Rosa’s story, but it is too much for just this one article.

If you have had any UFO or alien experiences, please let me know. There is something out there. We just don’t know exactly what it is yet.

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