The Phenomenon of Ghost Knocking at Your Door

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Recently there has been a startling increase in the number of people reporting the phenomenon known as ‘ghost knocking’ at your door. This is occurring worldwide. What typically happens is you are home alone, and then there is a knock at the door. When you go to open the door, no one is there. You go back to what you were doing, and then you hear the knock again. Once more you get up and check it out, but no one is at the door. Again, you let it go and move on. However, this is when all hell breaks loose. Suddenly, you hear ghost knocking all around you. You hear it at your window, yet no one is there. Your walls seem to knock on their own.  You hear it on a table by your side. When you investigate, it scares you because you don’t see anyone. There is nothing there that an be seen with the naked eye. Someone or something is there with you.

This knocking goes on and on and comes from various places. All around you, you hear knocking sounds. It is almost like an attack. The knocking terrifies people because it happens when they are all alone, and it comes in waves. Just when you can’t take it anymore, suddenly it stops. In many of these cases people report black eyed children staring at them from the windows when it all ends. As strange as it sounds, the black eyed children turn into smoke right in front of people’s eyes. It is alarming that recently so many people are reporting this. Just in the last few months, I’ve been contacted by a large number of people around the world about this. These people don’t know each other, but they describe the same thing.

My question to you, my dear readers, is have you experienced anything like this? Have you heard about the increase in these cases? Something is going on. There are a lot of psychic mediums who feel that their energy is ‘off’ right now. I can’t tell you how many of my famous psychic friends have told me that they feel something strange is happening. I have felt this myself as a psychic medium.

Though many blow off these stories, I’ve talked to educated professionals such as doctors and lawyers who have gone through this phenomenon. We are not alone, and the veil between worlds seems to be thinning. I wish you all many blessings.

5 thoughts on “The Phenomenon of Ghost Knocking at Your Door

  1. sadieodinsdottir

    Ms. Kauflin, I have recently, in the past couple of months, been experiencing this type of phenomenon. I was wondering if you had gathered any other data on this subject and if it could possibly be associated with a ‘perfumed-rose’ type smell. I believe I am witnessing two separate events. If they are connected though, that may be helpful.


  2. spiritdeb Post author

    Thanks for your question. I have not had a chance to look into this specific phenomena further as I’ve been doing research on alien encounters and environmental factors which are associated with paranormal activity. Though no one has mentioned a rose smell specifically when the knocking occurred, witnesses have told me about smells that are associated with the phenomena. The smells ranged from “flower smell” to “rotten egg smell.” I can tell you that the majority of people who experience this paranormal activity have been quite frightened by it. Feel free to comment further if you have any more to share or questions.


    1. sadieodinsdottir

      Thank you for your response. My family and I have experience in this kind of thing, so there has not been any fear. However, I believe it does alarm my 16 month old daughter. She hasn’t ever been a difficult sleeper, but during her daytime naps there seems to be a 1 in 3 chance she will act as though she had a nightmare. She has a large bay window in her bedroom and it is close to the front door. We do not actually have traffic through the front door. There are long periods of time between the events which could be caused by a lack of fear. Basically, if there is no apparent maliciousness, then we let whatever is there alone. What encouraged me to do research is the animals on our land. My cat was the first to start acting strange. She began to sit on the kitchen table and stare out into the woods in front of our house. Then our daily visitors of deer left for about a week. They have since returned. And our crows have been seen doing some strange things, such as taking flight as though they are spooked. The knocking at first was only outside for months, and has begun in the house in the past week. I am keeping records but this may help your research so I will try to post updates as I have them.
      Thank you for your time,


  3. gabrielle souza

    okay I used to have knocking in my bedroom door every night sometimes a to or three times it had stopped for quite awhile now it is my outside doors and my bedroom and I know I am not hearing things my dog barks , the other day my father and I went out for awhile and when we got home I said I smell cigarette smoke and about 5 minutes later the smoke alarm went off for about 3 seconds and has not went off since I just find that odd my house was locked up\



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