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Bad Luck is Real

houseghostby Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Some people appear to be cursed. Seriously, there are certain poor souls out there who have nothing but tragedy after tragedy in their lives. It never stops! It is like they have a dark cloud hanging over their heads. It is like the Universe is out to get them. You would think that life would lighten up on them, but it doesn’t. You may be one of these people. If you are, then you know that bad luck is real. You get the shaft no matter what you do.

Many people don’t want to believe this. They’ll blame everything BUT bad luck. They even try to blame the poor victims who suffer from it. These nasty people will try to say that those who have bad luck somehow caused it themselves! Have you ever had something awful happen to you, and then someone tries to blame you for it? Then you know what I am talking about.

There are situations where completely innocent people have bad things rain down on them for no reason. They don’t cause it. They don’t make bad choices. It is just bad luck. People who dismiss this usually have never gone through a string of really rotten luck. They don’t know what they are talking about.

Really, they don’t want to admit that bad luck is real because if they do, that means it can happen to them! Instead they want to believe that bad things happen for a reason. They want to believe that people who have bad luck did something wrong. They want to think that if bad things happen, then it is just coincidence. That way they can think that bad luck won’t come calling for them.

Wrong! Bad luck’s fingers can reach out for anyone. It is almost like a force that goes searching for people. And when it finds its poor targets, then they truly suffer. There are a lot of things in this world that we don’t understand. Luck, whether good or bad, is real.

If you have bad luck, then I have hope for you. For many, rotten luck does seem to let go after a while. I know people who have had bad luck most of their lives. But then all of a sudden, something changes. And when that change happens, better luck takes hold.

While you can’t really change your luck, you can increase your chances of having better outcomes. Sometimes you can use your mental and physical energy to impact your environment. Because we are made up of energy, if you visualize being strong, then it can help you better cope with what is happening to you. And when you feel a little better, you are able to do more which can increase your chances of getting what you want. When this happens, your energy can change. This can give you a better chance.

I’m not saying that this is easy. If you’ve gone through a lot of bad things, then trying to force yourself to feel positive is not going to magically make things right. But you can center yourself and focus on being strong. This lets people know you will not put up with crap. This can be a first step to taking more control of your life. It can increase your chances of having better luck.

Hold on if you are going through a rough patch. Although luck plays favorites, you will have times in your life when your luck changes. Bad luck eventually does go away. You just have to wait it out and know that better things will come.

Is There a Ghost in Your House?

Do you think you are haunted? Have things gone bump in the night? Do objects move on their own? If so, you might have a spirit lurking in your home. ‘Is There a Ghost in Your House’ will help you find out if you do! Famous psychic medium and criminal profiler Dr. Deborah Kauflin reveals the secrets of living in a haunted house. If you have been searching for help or just want to learn about the paranormal, this book will show you what happens in a true haunting. From ghost dreams to terrorized pets, you will learn about what a ghost experience is like. Dr. Kauflin shares some of her chilling paranormal experiences and walks you through ways to cope with what is happening in your home. Whether you have a friendly ghost or an evil entity, after reading the book you will have a better understanding of your ghostly activity and how to get help if you need it. Dr. Kauflin gives you a list of things to look for and gently guides you through the scary process of finding out what is hiding in your house. The book focuses on you and what you are going through. It is a great overview of how to determine if you are experiencing a real haunting.

Dr. Deborah Kauflin is a world renowned psychic medium and retired criminal profiler. She has done psychic readings for celebrities and other famous psychic mediums. As a psychic, she has seen through the eyes of killers and victims in murder cases. In her own words she has ‘been killed’ many times over in her psychic dreams while reliving the last moments of homicide victims. Dr. Kauflin teaches psychic development, does psychic readings, and conducts research on the paranormal.

She graduated with a Ph.D. from the Union Institute with a specialization in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. For nearly twenty years Dr. Kauflin consulted on serial murder cases for police departments and trained thousands of FBI agents and homicide detectives. She is very famous for her dead on profile of the BTK serial killer Dennis Rader which was a key to his capture.

Having interviewed twenty five serial killers, Dr. Kauflin created profiles of female serial killers which she wrote about in her first book The New Predator: Women Who Kill, Profiles of Female Serial Killers (2000). She also created new profiles of sadists in her second book Vulture: Profiling Sadistic Serial Killers (2005). Finally, in her third book Disturbed: Terrorist Behavioral Profiles (2008) Dr. Kauflin predicted the Mumbai India terror attacks which took place two weeks after she released the book. She has written for the magazine Psychology Today for the last three years and is currently working on more paranormal books. She has appeared as an expert on the Discovery Channel, ABC, CNN, FoxNews, Investigation Discovery, and many other media programs. I will be making this ebook available for download here on my wordpress blog for only $.99 this year. Watch for it!