Blood Moon & Evil Spirits

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Beware the Blood Moon, for it has its secrets. It has power. The Blood Moon is a haunting reminder that we are not alone. It is a flashing red warning sign that something is different. The moon glows red. Maybe we should have paid more attention to it. It is of Biblical origin after all. The Blood Moon is said to usher in the apocalypse. According the English common Bible:

The sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. –Joel 2:31

So I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised when all hell broke loose on the night of the Blood Moon. But did people really know that planet positions could open up spirit doors?

People have used Astrology for a long time. We all know that the stars predict the future. We look up at the sky and wonder what is out there in space. The moon has always been especially powerful. Ocean tides can be affected by it. People are said to go crazy when there is a full moon. Werewolves come out when there is a full moon. It is only logical that the moon could affect the paranormal.

And something appears to have happened last night.

Apparently the Blood Moon acted as a doorway which let darkness come out from the other side. I’ve been working on a book about evil spirits and murderers, so I’ve had a lot of contact with people who have experienced bad spirits. I’ve spoken to exorcists and interviewed serial killers myself. Because of that, people know I study this, and they contact me when strange things happen. And I can tell you that since late last year, weird things have been going on around this planet.

There have been more UFO sightings. There has been an increase in spirit phenomena. There have been more sightings of the feared black eyed children. And there is much, much more. I don’t want to get into it because I just don’t want to scare you. Let me tell you that there is something strange happening.

When I woke this morning, I had over twenty five emails waiting for me in my inbox. These are people I know who live in haunted homes or are exorcists. Some have dealt with bad spirits, while others simply had friendly ghosts in their homes. Last night the Blood Moon acted like a magnifying glass. It made the dark large. It made evil spirits more powerful. In short, it acted as a source of power for dark spirits.

Scary spirit activity picked up once that Blood Moon was seen, and those who contacted me said that they couldn’t sleep at all because evil was taking over their homes. One family even had to leave and spend the night at a hotel because objects (including a knife) were flying around the house.

It is interesting that once the sun rose, the activity stopped. However these families are terrified. It was like the night had been electrified and spirit power was boosted. Perhaps this Blood Moon was more powerful than we ever knew. The problem is that the next Blood Moon is not to take place until 2032. If a spirit door was opened last night, did the entities that came through the door get to stay until then? What exactly came through that spirit door?

Right now, we don’t know. But I will keep you updated on what I hear. One thing is for sure. Something strange happened last night.

*The next set of Blood Moon events after the (current set) will be in 2032. Someone emailed and thought I didn’t know we will be getting more Blood Moons in this set. This is to clarify.
UPDATE:I have spoken with people who reported the strange happenings on the night of the blood moon. For most, events have calmed down. Could their anxiety about the Blood Moon have increased any telekinetic ability thus making bad things happen? Were these people only affected on that one night due to the moon circumstances? Did evil spirits come through a portal? These are questions that need to be answered. I can tell you that the family who had to flee from their home is still experiencing strange happenings. I will keep you updated on what I find out.

Update November 2014: This year has been a nightmare for those who experienced bad paranormal activity during the Blood Moon. The poor family who fled their home after the first Blood Moon has moved, but the bad spirits have moved with them. They are working with holy people to help them. However, the father and one of the children are resistant to receiving help now. It looks like evil has really gotten a hold on them. They hear growling and banging sounds on a regular basis. And they have been scratched by an unseen force. People should be aware that bad hauntings are not easily fixed. They can go on for a very long time and actually destroy families.

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