Gays in the Afterlife (you’re NOT going to Hell)

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

You are not going to Hell. You are not bad, and you are very spiritual. Nothing could destroy your soul, especially loving someone! There is nothing wrong with you. These are the messages from the Other Side. Listen to these words and take them to heart.

For so many years, Gays have been demonized in religious circles. And for this reason, many in the LGBT community have turned away from religion. They have felt the hatred from misguided people, and it has scarred them. Too many have been terrified of what awaits them in the Afterlife.

How many have turned away from their spiritual side or worried about where they are going when they die? How many are raised in religious homes and feel like they will burn in Hell because of their sexual orientation? How many have BEEN TOLD they will never get to Heaven because they are Gay?

For those of you out there who have been told such nonsense, I have some information for you. I am a psychic medium and a retired criminal profiler. I am a very well known criminal profiler and have worked on so many serial murder cases for police. I have been psychic all my life, and I take my work very seriously.

I can tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. An all loving entity (or Creator) would never cast you into a fire filled pit simply because you love someone of the same sex. So much research has proven that Gays are born that way. And if God made you this way, then how could you ever be anything but beautiful?

I regularly meditate and have asked my spirit guides about Gays on the Other Side. I ALWAYS get the same answer. Gays go to the light just like anyone filled with love. They enjoy happiness and are surrounded by the joy that many never got here. In fact, many Gays go on to become spirit guides because of the hardships they went through in this life. So they make great teachers with their compassion. I’ve been told that Gays come into this life as teachers. That is, they are here to further human rights, teach acceptance, and help this world progress.

Don’t ever worry that you will go someplace dark when you die. Know that you will be going to a wonderful loving place once you cross over. So enjoy this life. That is what you are meant to do! Embrace your spirituality and always follow your heart. Don’t be anything but yourself, and this goes for heterosexuals too. Be who you are and find your happiness.


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