Alien Abduction & the Red Laser Light

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

How many of you out there think you have had contact with aliens? And if you have, how many remember the aliens using a red laser device on you? If so, you are not alone. There are people all over the world who report coming into contact with aliens, and of those people, many recall the aliens using a red laser light device.

In some instances, the red laser is like a weapon. In other cases, it is some kind of medical device. Still more say that the red light comes from a UFO.

People who report such experiences have very different perspectives on how they feel about their alien contact.

Those who have been through an alien abduction either feel very positive about it or very negative about it. It all depended on the type of experience they had. But however they felt about their experience, both groups report coming into contact with this red laser light.

For those who had a bad experience, the red laser light was used in a hurtful way. Whether they claim they were victims of medical experiments or that the red laser was used as a weapon, those who remember bad abductions say the laser hurt them in some way. Interestingly many of these people seem to have been exposed to a high dose of radiation.

Those who recall a positive experience state that they saw a red laser light which was used to help them. For example, one woman reported finding herself in a medical type facility, and an entity used this red laser light to look into her eyes to help diagnose her chronic headaches. To her, it was made clear that no harm was intended, and they were only there to help.

Does this point to two different types of aliens having the same type of equipment? Is the red laser light something that can be used for good things and for bad things? Clearly extraterrestrials have technology that we don’t. It is also obvious that we are being visited, and aliens are abducting people. Even those cases that involved no harm are scary because these beings are taking people without their permission. Furthermore, if aliens have good intentions, then why hide?

I’m doing more research into this topic and will be posting more as I go.

If you have had such an experience, please contact me. I am doing a lot of paranormal research and would love to hear from you. Remember that you are not alone!


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