The Alien Red Laser & UFO’s

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

I want to thank all of you who took the time to write me about my article last week “Alien Abduction & the Red Laser Light.” I knew that a lot of people were familiar with this alien red laser, but I was overwhelmed by the number of emails I got from people who shared their experiences.

It is very common for people who encounter aliens to see a red laser. Some have seen it come from UFO’s. Others have seen it used as a weapon. And still more say that the red laser was used on them in a medical setting.

There are people who come into contact with UFO’s and see red lasers coming from the air crafts. But you don’t have to take their word for it. There is evidence that this red laser gives off radiation and therefore can be traced using radiation detectors, i.e. looking for radiation signatures. In sightings which involved UFO’s landing, the ground area showed unusually high levels of radiation.

Furthermore, people who have reported contact with UFO’s have suffered radiation burns as a result of contact with these red lasers. They have had their skin peel and have lost hair. These cases are quite scary because it is not simply someone reporting a sighting. There is hard medical evidence that supports what these people have to say.

There is also evidence that UFO’s and/or aliens use the red lasers as weapons. People who have seen the red lasers report that the lasers have much greater capabilities than any weapons we currently have. In short, the lasers could immobilize and even vaporize targets. If you think it is just a bunch of crazy people reporting this, consider that some of these people are highly thought of former military men who had access to restricted military bases. These are intelligent people, and they are thoroughly convinced that there is something to this.

As I reported in my previous article, some alien abductees claim that aliens used a red laser to conduct medical experiments on them. While the majority said this was an unpleasant experience, there were some who said the aliens communicated that they meant no harm and were using the red laser as a diagnostic tool. That is, they were trying to see what was medically wrong with the humans in order to help them. The communication was all done telepathically. Those who had bad experiences are forever terrified of aliens while those who met the good ones were peaceful and calm about what had happened.

This strongly points to more than one type of alien presence which is consistent with prior research. There are so many unanswered questions about alien life and UFO presence on Earth. However, there are many credible sightings and much evidence to show that something is happening.

Too many people have seen this red laser light used by UFO’s and aliens. The lasers seem to act as scanners and weapons, and it seems that they have even more capabilities beyond that. Some say the lasers we use were actually a technology that was taken from aliens. Are aliens providing this technology? Are they giving it to us one bit at a time? Why is it that there is more than one type of alien here? These are all questions that we seek to answer. With time, I am sure we will see what is happening. But I will keep researching and writing what I find. If you have come into contact with this type of thing, please let me know. I welcome your emails and hope to hear from you!!


2 thoughts on “The Alien Red Laser & UFO’s


    Hi! Yes! I have been seeing this as well! Please respond to this and I will send you notes from my journal!! Blessings! P.s.Mine was a pleasant experience!


    1. spiritdeb Post author

      Thank you for you kind email. Many people do have very, very pleasant experiences with these ET/UFO’s. I’d love to hear from you. Blessings to you too!



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