Are Psychics Really Talking to Aliens?

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

The paranormal field has gone from obscurity to main stream. This is a wonderful thing because the topic is fascinating. Who wouldn’t want to know if we go on in another form after we die? Wouldn’t it be jaw dropping to have proof that aliens are among us?

For twenty years I worked as a criminal profiler for police. I worked so many serial murder cases for law enforcement, and I am famous for my accurate profiles. What I didn’t tell people is that I am a psychic medium. In more recent years, people like me have come forward, to tell the truth. And the truth is that there is something very real about the paranormal field.

There is a lot of eyewitness testimony regarding ghosts, spirits, and aliens. And even though skeptics pooh-pooh it, eyewitness testimony is admitted in courts of law. How do you brush off reports which date back thousands of years? How can you realistically ignore well documented cases involving paranormal activity? Though surely some people are fakes, not everyone is a liar. Many professional and rational people have had paranormal experiences. They want answers not scorn. The longer the paranormal is looked at with disdain, the longer it will take to unlock the mysteries that wait for us.

Though I know that when you hear about ghosts or aliens that you may automatically scoff, you should take a step back and truly examine paranormal happenings around the world. Every culture has reported them. Children who have had no education claim to have seen aliens and ghosts. Some children have knowledge from past lives, knowledge that they had no possible way of faking. These things do exist.

When I was talking with some other psychics recently, we spoke about the possibility that some mediumship contacts are actually made with aliens. To some this may seem farfetched. However, when you look at all the evidence for alien contact, it is not farfetched at all. Reports suggest aliens use telepathy to communicate. If that is true, then it would only make sense that any alien entity who wanted to communicate would try to speak to mediums. After all, if mediums have greater telepathic ability than the general population, it would follow that alien entities would attempt contact with them.

It was interesting because though every psychic that I spoke with agreed that it certainly was possible, none wanted to come forward to admit it! A lot of people are comfortable with the idea that spirits are around us, but they fear alien contact.

Physicists propose that there are multi-universes and dimensions. It is simply beyond belief to suggest that we as humans are the only ‘intelligent’ life forms. In fact, that concept is laughable. Really, one can make a good argument that humans aren’t all that intelligent. Just take a look around at the backwards and barbaric things that happen every day, and the idea of intelligence flies out the window.

So you have to ask the question: could psychics be talking with aliens when they do readings? When psychics get information, could some of it come from alien beings? I believe that this does happen. There are too many cases from credible sources to dismiss. I do believe that with time we will solve the puzzle of the paranormal. People need to come forward with their experiences. And if you are someone who is interested in this topic, then don’t be embarrassed! It is worth studying and has potential to have a huge impact on this world.

If you have come into contact with something like this, let me know. I’d love to hear from you!


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