Can We Get Super Powers?

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

We all would love to have them. Even if you don’t admit it in public, deep down you know that you would accept super powers in a heartbeat. Who wouldn’t want to be able to move things with their minds or levitate?

It may sound far out, but there very well could come a day when humans acquire super powers through evolution or even some other means.

It has been documented that there are people who score high on telepathy tests, showing an ability to read minds. Many of these people have had head injuries or illnesses which affect the brain. This suggests that all of our brains have potential for this skill. It is like there is a hidden switch in there somewhere that needs to be turned on. And when it is, psychic skills run rampant.

Furthermore, telekinesis has also been demonstrated as well. That is, people can move things with their minds. Objects can be thrown and even fires can be started. The problem is that those who have been shown to be telekinetic have not been able to consistently control their abilities. Most people can’t control them at all at this point. Somewhere in our genes we have this secret ability. It is just waiting to be tapped.

If psychic skills are nurtured instead of shunned, more people could develop their own skills and become more proficient at using them. Who knows what could be gained by including programs in schools that foster such skills as telekinesis and telepathy. I’m not even talking about schools like those featured in Harry Potter or X-Men. I am talking about public schools. I know we are a long way from such a thing. But think of how exciting such a possibility could be. If this was thoroughly accepted and fostered, then all kids could work on their natural gifts.

What if with time we learn how to harness these skills? If people grow their telepathic ability and can focus to such an extent as to actually listen to a person’s complete thought pattern, how would this change the way we live? Would talking take a back seat? Would it ruin telecommunications? Could it prevent crimes from happening? After all, if you could clearly read someone’s thoughts you would be able to perceive danger before it occurs.

Likewise, if telekinetic ability were perfected, this could greatly benefit the disabled. There are so many positive ways this could be used. But if telekinesis is harnessed, would it be used for good or evil? I think we all know the answer to that. So many weapons were created with good intentions, but bad people always get a hold of them and use them destructively. Would it be like X-Men? Would there be a group of good guys and bad guys who fight using psychic powers?

It is exciting that the paranormal is now more widely accepted. There are many obstacles in the way, but progress is being made. So one day maybe we all will have what we currently call super powers. Only in the future, they will not be considered super powers. They will be normal, everyday occurrences. As we explore the power of the mind, I believe that possibilities are endless.


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