UFO’s & Alien Encounters

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

When you hear about aliens and UFO’s, you may be skeptical. After all, evidence is hard to come by. It can seem far-fetched that entities from other dimensions or planets are visiting us. But if you open your mind and think about possibilities, isn’t it possible that aliens have visited our planet?

There are many people who have alien abduction stories, and even more report seeing UFO’s. People are fascinated by these encounters. And when you start interviewing people who have had these encounters, you find that there are lots of common factors. Some of them are:

  1. Most report seeing beings that look very similar.
  2. Many report multiple visits.
  3. They state that the beings communicate telepathically.
  4. They say that the aliens are there for a clear purpose.
  5. Many recount seeing a red laser light, bright lights being shown into their eyes, and objects levitating around them.
  6. There are reports that those who see aliens also see small flying lights (rods of light) zipping around the air. The description reminds me of some poltergeist cases where these light rods have been reported and actually recorded on film.
  7. It is not uncommon for those who witness alien activity to see more than one alien. They describe one alien stepping forward while the others stay back. It reminds them of a military or police point man who goes first to test the waters.
  8. Often there is memory loss or a blackout after an abduction, which is then followed by flashbacks. These flashbacks begin painting a picture of what happened during an abduction.
  9. There will be high levels of radiation in areas where UFO’s or aliens appear. Sometimes alien abductees report that they experience radiation burns after contact.
  10. Abductions can occur in clusters.

While there are people who claim that they have been through some trauma associated with alien contact, such as painful medical experimentation, others say their contact was almost “blissful.” In fact, there are two distinct outcomes in alien cases. The most common involves abject fear. The abductees are terrified and often believe that they have been touched or injured by the aliens. There are reports of implants being put in the human body, though it is not clear why these implants would be placed in the abductees. People who report these things are laughed at when they tell their stories. However, we as human beings use animals in medical experimentation all the time. Why is it so far out to consider that an alien species might experiment on us?

Some people have come forward and said that they have experienced alien abduction and communication about the future. Even these contacts can be frightening. For example, a ten year old girl began having night terrors and would wake up her parents on a nightly basis. She said the ‘grey monsters’ were taking her in their flying machine every night. She said that these grey beings had big heads and big black eyes. She described them as having grey skin and wearing no clothes. She stated that these grey creatures told her that her country was about to have something horrible happen and that many people would die. These grey creatures showed her an image of a big wave running through the water. This happened in February 2011. In March 2011, the Fukushima disaster occurred. The little girl who reported the experience lives in Japan.

There are others who have reported similar alien communication. However, it does not look like these communications have stopped a disaster. After all, what could a little girl do with such information? What could anyone do? No one would listen if a person came forward with ‘alien predictions?’

So one wonders why glimpses of the future would be given in the first place. Was it to help or was it to instill fear? Would a child be more or less credible when telling such stories? Is it to prove their existence? The answer depends on who is listening.

Could it be that people’s perceptions of an alien contact impact the result of the contact? Perhaps fear can make an experience negative. On the other hand, it very well could be that we are dealing with different types of aliens. This has been suggested for a very long time. Experiences are so diverse that you have to question what is really happening. Is it a trick of the mind or are these very specific experiences a window into another world? It becomes more difficult to dismiss contact claims when you examine commonalities and the professional status of many who report contact. Most of the time professionals who admit to alien contact risk losing their jobs or credibility. Yet, they still come forth. They feel it is that important.

Obviously a person’s mental health is key when such encounters are reported. Things like medications and mental illness can make people perceive something that isn’t there. But there are many cases where multiple witnesses see something, and they are not all hallucinating. There is something to this. We just have to keep digging. Keep looking for UFO’s because they are out there.

If you’ve had an encounter, email me. I keep names confidential and protect your privacy. deborahkauflin @ gmail.com




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