Aliens Communicate With Clicking Sounds

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Aliens do speak. They talk just like you and me. Well, maybe not exactly like us, but they do communicate. While it has been widely reported that aliens have visited us and that telepathy is the preferred manner with which they ‘talk,’ there are many incidences where humans report aliens ‘speaking’ in clicks. I have heard the sounds when examining witness recordings, and the sounds are somewhat similar to dolphin clicks. However, it is not exactly the same.

It is important to note that those who have come into contact with extraterrestrials have had vastly different experiences. Though the majority report negative contact, there are a few who have had pleasant interactions. In either case, aliens did communicate. Telepathy was more common, but the clicking is widely reported too.

The hallmarks of these encounters are many. First, in the ‘clicking cases’ as I like to call them, witnesses report seeing UFO’s AND aliens. They usually go hand and hand in these types of sightings. Either witnesses see a UFO immediately preceding the encounter or right after.

Second, unusual creatures are seen, often by multiple witnesses. The entities are described as having skin that looks rubbery and varies from green to grey. The body is thin. Strangely, people have trouble describing the head. Some say they just couldn’t get a good look at it. Those who did said that the creatures had big ‘eyes’ which either were blackish or were glowing.

Third, witnesses reported that the aliens did not want to be spotted. In short, extraterrestrials would hide and peek around objects to watch humans. This type of thing happens outside more than indoors. Frequently, it takes place near or in a wooded area.

When people catch sight of these beings, the clicking sounds are heard. It is as if the aliens are surprised when caught and then ‘speak.’ Usually these extraterrestrials back off once seen, but they do come back. It is like they become fascinated with certain people and want to keep track of them.

Fourth, witnesses also report hearing these clicking sounds coming from electric devices which are unplugged and non-battery operated shortly after seeing UFO’s and aliens. It is not clear whether the entities are using these devices or if something else is going on. But enough people have reported it to note it.

Fifth, most clicking cases are associated with abduction. While people may not necessarily remember all of their abduction time, they remember enough of it. Plus, they repot having fresh cuts or scars following these events. The cuts are symmetrical as if done intentionally, like a surgery. Almost always, those who go through this report pain. These are not good contacts. Victims say that they observe aliens touching and prodding them while expressing little to no concern for comfort. Though there may be one alien that shows compassion, the others are basically without empathy, like psychopaths.

The few people who report good experiences say they were not abducted. They only saw extraterrestrials and UFO’s and heard the clicking sounds. They were not victims of experimentation. This could be the result of one of two things. Either there are different types of aliens who use the same clicking sounds or those who report positive experiences have not YET had abduction. Sightings suggest that there are more than one type of alien.

In summary, the clicking aliens appear to be observing us. They tend to keep their distance but come close enough to be heard and seen, but they never engage fully. The majority of contacts produce intense fear and leave witnesses shaken. Abductees refer to themselves as victims because they feel violated. Having been observed and even taken without their consent, they are rightfully angry and frightened.

Because there is so much social stigma, those who have these contacts are reluctant to come forward. They don’t want to lose careers or be painted with the crazy label. There are so many reports worldwide which are consistent that you have to question what is happening. There is no way governments can be oblivious. But still, the alien concept is mocked widely. One wonders if this is done on purpose to keep people quiet.

In any event, if you have had such an experience, please let me know. I keep your name confidential. I’m only looking to research these incidences and gather information.

7 thoughts on “Aliens Communicate With Clicking Sounds

  1. anonymous

    Yes they do simular to dolphins, I was being rounded up like cattle I am an empath have other abilities perhaps why they weren’t happy with me at the time they were in the trees above me clicking to each other as it went on for 5 mins or so the clicking became more aggressive as one was clicking above I almost tripped on something it let out a massive high pitch sqetch I tried to grab him by the throat but it disappeared as something pushed me forward off it from behind.
    I have theory that the clicking is a form of hypnosis and the same time there was like a light flicker so fast less than a second bursts after each click failed abduction attempt. They have ability to vanish appear invisible the clicking was next to my ear I spun around must of stepped on his frog like feet disappointed I didn’t kill it..
    Years before I was taken once in a room a tall white with reptilian black eyes was trying to pull my soul out of my body the feeling was like death horrible while I was strapped down to a chair bench he got more and more frustrated sense his anger if anything these things need to be destroyed stop drinking flouride water highten third eye and kundalini current as defence to them we are just vessels or containers for souls they seem to want to harvest my guess to absorb for longer life.


    1. johan

      Hi, Pardon my English please for i’m a Belgian citizen.

      As a child , i’m 41 now, i always woke up at the time 23.06 PM.

      Very strange, as a child i was always thinking wha that hour means.

      1,5 years ago it started to me. We sleep next to the roof terrace, with a big window and courtains.

      At the time i (me and my wife) go to sleep around 23.00u i start to get so warm, in abnormal ways.

      23.06 PM, i realize that all of my senses work at 200%.

      It’s like i can hear 1 mile far, my vision is so clear that i even can see the furniture in the dark.

      Then there’s that clicking sound….

      Click….and i’m like hooked or connected to something.

      100’s of thoughts are passing my eyes and mind, as if something is reading my brain.

      I saw things that i should never think of otherwise or in normal situations.

      One of that, that i remember very good, is the vision of a dead man in an old bed with red blanket.

      His face was damaged, looked pale also, no nice vision.

      Very strange thing, after that i fall asleep and woke up in the morning,everything normal, but very well knowing what has happened.

      Next click….Something is pushing my gently but hard to the matras.

      I get scared, my heart is pounding faster…

      Next click, the sedation, this click is relaxing me, as if they sense the stress and heartbeat is vaining.
      Very strange thing, after that i fall asleep and wake up in the morning,everything normal, but very well knowing what has happened that night.


  2. Dawn So

    I used to be friends with a man who told me that as a young child, he would be lying in his cot, and become aware of strange alien like people standing around his cot. Apparently they were of short stature and had large eyes. They would prod him all over, and communicate with each other by making clicking noises. He called them “the little people”. At the time, he used to be so scared that he would close his eyes and pretend to be asleep. He had no knowledge of how they came to be there – whether they came through the door, or whatever. He often felt as though they were often monitoring his life, even at much later stages. Has anyone else had this experience?


  3. Dawn So

    I haven’t heard the sounds myself but I was friendly with someone who had. He told me of shorter than human creatures who would surround his bed when he was young, which he used to call “the little people”. Apparently they had large eyes and big heads and they would prod and poke him and communicate with each other by making clicking noises. He told me that he was so scared that he would close his eyes and pretend to be asleep. He couldn’t tell me how they got there.


  4. Anonymous One

    I agree with the poster about the clicking being some form of hypnosis. This happened to me. I think I have been tracked my entire life. Each time I move to a new home I have an encounter. With this latest move, I heard a rhythmic metallic/electronic clicking that seemed to lull me into a trance. I knew what was happening though and fought it! I never saw them, just sensed them …I’m sure they were close by. I think right outside my window (this was at night, I was sitting up in bed reading). I have encountered them many times. This was the first time I audibly heard them though. I do feel frozen in fear when it happens but I no longer feel traumatized from it. They haven’t hurt me. I think we humans are being studied and basically used like jump drives. We store their data. I do not know why.


  5. Lisa

    I believe that we were visited last night. I was half asleep (in deep visualization). My vision ended, and then I heard three distinct clacks (not metallic – sounded like two wooden cups having their rims hit together. The sound brought me to full consciousness, and I sat up and looked toward my husband & the window. There was suddenly an extremely bright light outside. I did not feel scared or frightened. I think it was a mantis being. My youngest daughter has drawn him before. She and I both have strong empathic abilities. My son also has seen aliens (shorter grays) in his room and identifies with the mantis; my son is extremely smart. This was the first time that I have heard the clacking sound. We have very powerful, immortal souls; we are amazing beings. I think that is why they are interested in us. Keep your vibe high to attract positive beings to you. Fear attracts the nit-so-nice ones.



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