Have You Seen An Alien? They Can Change Colors & Are Like Chameleons

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Do you think you have seen an alien? You may well have. There are increasing reports of witnesses who report encountering extraterrestrials. It appears as if there are more than one type of alien visiting our planet. Some look like us. Others resemble insects. And then there are reptilian and grey creatures.

I’m going to discuss the grey aliens in this article. Yes, I have seen them. However, I didn’t see them the way that you might expect. I have been interviewing people who have experienced alien contact and abduction. I should tell you that I am a psychic as well as a criminal profiler. I get visions and know things that I shouldn’t know. For example, I knew India would have the devastating Mumbai terror attack in 2008 and wrote about it in my book Disturbed: Terrorist Behavioral Profiles which was released a few weeks prior to that terror attack. I knew the first Ebola case in the US would be diagnosed in Texas, and last spring I predicted that police would shoot an unarmed Black person in St. Louis which would result in huge rioting. Sometimes I just know these things while other times I see mental images of events.

As I was talking to those who had alien encounters, I got images of what these people saw. I described what I was seeing and it matched with reports from these contactees. So I know exactly what these entities look like. As I was viewing these creatures I got the strong sense that they did not want me to see them. Plus I had great difficulty seeing their ‘faces.’

What I can tell you is that a lot of entities are short. Reports are that they are only a few feet tall, and that is what I saw as well. They have rubbery skin with thin bodies and extremities. It kind of reminded me of Stretch Armstrong (for those of you who grew up in the 1970’s). I also saw the creatures change color from a dull grey to a bright green, which is what several of the abductees had seen. It is like certain aliens have chameleon qualities. One wonders if they could blend into the dark as well which would explain why some people report these creatures walking through walls. Maybe they don’t walk through walls at all. Perhaps they were there all along in camouflage.

These beings seem intelligent and have purpose. Clearly they watch human beings and do not necessarily want to be seen. Think of scientists who study animals in the wild. They don’t really want to be seen because they want to catch animals in their natural state. Wouldn’t we want to watch aliens in their natural state if we found them? Of course! So it makes sense that they would do the same to us.

Those who come into contact with these beings report tingling running down their bodies when they get close to the creatures. This tingling is usually on one side. It is consistent that most who have these experiences are terrified and hurt by them. Yes, there are people who report positive experiences. However, the majority speak of negative contact which involves abduction.

Now while you may be rolling your eyes at all this, stop and think about how we have treated animals on this planet. We have not been the most benevolent of beings when it comes to animals. We have experimented on them. We eat them. We kill them. And some even torture them. So why would it be so hard to believe that an alien species would not do the same to us? It is likely that a species that could find its way here would be aggressive. If they viewed us as we view, say, ants, they would think nothing of abducting, experimenting, or even killing us. Even if you don’t believe in any of this, that is a frightening thought.

There is something out there, whatever you want to call it. These creatures are grey and can change to green. They are short with rubbery, thin bodies. They watch people but keep their distance. They do not want a face to face meeting. When they do interact, they want humans asleep or almost drugged in some way. This suggests that we could hurt them in a face to face encounter.

These reports come from credible people who are professionals and live normal lives. They are not seeking fame, nor are they selling their stories for money. I’m not getting paid for writing this article either. A lot of people want to find the truth about these encounters. What is certain is that the encounters do take place. We just need to figure out why and what these entities intend.

If you have had an experience let me know. I will be happy to talk to you, and I keep your name confidential.


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    Thank you for reading my blog and for your comment. Please check out the rest of my articles as there are many on Extraterrestrial life. Also, you have a very interesting blog yourself.



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