Alien Experience: When You Get Bruises From E.T.’s

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

People are obsessed with aliens, and it appears aliens are obsessed with us. There are those who say that aliens have taken them and used them for experiments. And there are countless numbers of witnesses who have seen UFO’s.

The alien phenomenon has been going on for a long time. Though the very idea is still widely mocked, there are definite patterns in the reports of those who say they were taken by E.T.’s. Additionally, these reports come from people of every economic scale and from around the world.

Individuals from remote villages have recounted their own abduction stories. These people in remote places did not require the use of hypnosis, and they could not have been influenced by media because TV and movies don’t exist where there. The fact that alien abduction accounts arise from places cut off from the mainstream lends credence to them.

The fact is that UFO’s are real. There are unidentified flying crafts that are seen by Military pilots and police officers. It isn’t simply a case of mentally unbalanced individuals claiming they saw extraterrestrials. Many witnesses are people who well respected. But a witness doesn’t have to be a trained observer or have a college degree to be a reliable witness. People from all walks of life have seen UFO’s and aliens. They aren’t all lying, and they aren’t all crazy.

The similarity in case descriptions is key. And there most certainly is a pattern to these stories.

First, aliens usually take people who are sleeping, people on vacation, or those who are isolated. Basically, E.T.’s take people when they won’t be missed.

Next, there is a strong affiliation for water areas, especially remote lakes. There are a lot of UFO/alien abduction cases near water. Many people suggest that extraterrestrials actually go under the water with their crafts to hide them. This points to the aliens not wanting to be seen, or only wanting to be seen on their terms.

Along with that point, some contactees have said that they were driving and found themselves taking wrong turns which led them to the place of abduction. It is like victims are corralled like cattle to a chokepoint where they can be taken privately.

For those who were awake when they were snatched, many saw an aircraft with a pulsating light. Often witnesses describe a white light and a red light, like a laser. It when they see the craft that some amnesias begin. For a certain group, there is no memory after seeing the UFO with the light. However, once they come to, they have physical reminders of what had happened as well as flashbacks.

Of those who did not black out upon seeing the UFO lights, there is a spotty recall of events. People will awaken from a full night’s sleep feeling as if they had not slept at all. They suffer from strange dreams which are highly upsetting. Their bodies will be drenched in sweat, and sometimes, they are shaking. The nightmares are surreal and have a huge impact on abductee lives. In the ‘dreams,’ the victims are typically nude in some kind of hospital setting where unusual looking entities surround them. There is no escape, making abductees panic. In fact, panic is a universal reaction to initial contact and abduction. As they lay helpless, victims describe a sensation as if their bodies were burning. Try as they might, they cannot move to get away.

The aliens show little to no concern for the victim discomfort. In fact, they purposely elicit negative emotions from abductees. We are unsure why, but it is obvious from accounts that extraterrestrials scare and hurt their victims. In some cases, aliens will give the abductee horrific images which are clearly frightening. Some view these images as warnings for Humanity, while others say that the aliens are simply sadistic. But it goes further than that. Victims are prodded and basically tortured, and it is not unusual for victims to suffer from health problem following the event. Seriously, abductees often have chronic health issues after the contact, and they question their sanity. To make someone wonder if he is insane or not is cruel.

Skeptics dismiss these accounts with the wave of their hands. However, it is important to note that there are multiple cases where more than one family member has been take at once. The family members go through the same thing at the same time. For example, a parent wakes up after an abduction dream only to find marks and bruises on certain body parts. One or more of their children will awaken with similar trauma to their bodies. Same morning. Same account.  This points to both being abducted at the same time. I have spoken with these people. They live in countries all over the world. Many are professionals, and some are in prestigious jobs in the Military.

What I’m saying is that the people who I spoke with were not raving lunatics. They live normal lives, raise children, are members of the PTA, and are very down to Earth. They don’t want fame, and they are not writing books about their alien/UFO contact. They simply want to find out what is really happening.

There are accounts of implants or some sort of tracking devices left in victim bodies after the abductions. I have seen these things when I interviewed abductees. I’ve seen the bruises and scars which formed overnight following abduction ‘dreams.’  Dr. Roger Leir is said to have removed such implants. He had the metals analyzed by laboratories for content. The implants appear to be of extraterrestrial origin, not of this Earth. Elements in the implants themselves are not molecularly made up as elements would be on this planet. Instead they were similar to meteorites  (see

This most definitely calls for more research because Humans are going through traumas which are ruining their lives. Though it is far out to consider that aliens abducting people, it has to be considered.  We don’t know everything. In many ways we have only taken baby steps into space. To say that we are the only intelligent life out there is laughable. One could easily argue that Humans are not all that intelligent as a species. So it is not out of the realm of possibility to believe that there is other life out there that is comparable or more intelligent.

We don’t know how aliens would think, what they are composed of, or how they travel. We just don’t know. What we do know is that Humans have these contact experiences, and there is supportive evidence either on the victims or in their environment (i.e. changes to the land, implants, scars etc.).

I am doing more research with people who have experienced UFO encounters and alien contact, so I won’t be posting as often while I’m working. If you have had something like this, then know you are not alone. While it is scary, know that if aliens are here and they wanted us dead, we would be dead. So try not to panic if there is something unusual going on with you. My email is: deborahkauflin @ if you want to talk. Please note there is no space after the n and before the g in the email.


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    It could be possible for alien abductions. But then again the people abducted could just be having natural errors in their body causing problems, such as low blood pressure. Then again they also could have some mental and psychiatric problems or something causing them to be traumatized. On the other hand who knows aliens could be abducting people to observe us as specimens.



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