Aliens Are Like Serial Killers: How E.T.’s Are Stalking Us

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

People are afraid. There is something out there hunting humans. It stalks the night and takes its victims when they can’t fight back. While they don’t appear to be killing us, these predators abduct and torture victims, then disappear in the night.

In that way, aliens remind me of serial killers. For those who don’t know me, I am a retired criminal profiler. If you watch the TV show ‘Criminal Minds’ you know what that is. I interviewed twenty five serial killers and worked for police on hundreds of serial murder/sexual homicide cases. I created profiles of serial killers based on in depth interviews which are used by police worldwide. In 2008, I predicted the Mumbai India terror attacks two weeks before it happened. Plus, many know me because of my profile of the BTK serial killer case. My profile of the BTK serial killer was published prior to Dennis Rader’s capture. Rader took my profile and renamed it “Hits” because it described him so accurately. Then he sent my profile back to police and began interacting with them after he had been in hiding for decades. It was then that he was caught.

In short, I know what predators are and how they stalk their victims. Frighteningly, I see similar behavior in cases of alien contact. They too take victims against their will. Extraterrestrials like to hide and rarely engage in a ‘fair fight’ with a victim. Most often they choose targets who are secluded and won’t be missed for a long time, just like serial killers do.

Second, aliens render victims unconscious or restrain them, making it impossible for humans to fight their captors. Then, E.T.’s experiment on people, taking blood and doing painful procedures which often leave victims with chronic pain or illness.

After that, aliens release humans with their memories partially impaired, much like a serial rapist who drugs his victims so they can’t fight and won’t remember everything. This is to prevent victims from telling their stories to keep E.T.’s safe from repercussions.

People from all religions and all socioeconomic status worldwide report these strange encounters. While some categorize these experiences as psychological in origin, a large number of abductees suffer from physical damage after their contact. They have scars which appear out of nowhere. They become ill from radiation exposure. Suddenly, they experience chronic illnesses. And some even have what are referred to as implants, left by the aliens. These implants have been studied by scientists to find out what they consist of. The implants have been seen and they are real.

Abductees will have flashbacks of the alien event, and they experience poltergeist type phenomena after their abductions. There will be apparitions, objects moving, and lights that appear out of nowhere. These phenomena are seen by friends, neighbors, and contactee family members. It is typical then for abductees to have more E.T. visits. An abduction doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That is, there is usually more than one.

When these people are examined by psychologists and psychiatrists, the vast majority are deemed sane. Yes, there are some people who are simply mentally ill and imagine these things. But there are others who are not insane and very credible.

One might suggest that those who are sane are simply misinterpreting what happened to them. Perhaps they had a bad reaction to a medication or suffer some unknown medical condition which produces hallucination type events. Furthermore, geomagnetic or environmental properties of land can make people hallucinate. These should always be checked out when people claim paranormal activity.

Still, that leaves physical scars, fresh wounds, continuing poltergeist activity which occurs in different locales, new chronic pains, and witnesses who experience events at the same time. Additionally there are telltale signs on the land itself when UFO’s are seen. Sinkholes, pieces of asteroids, damage to trees/grass, soil changes, and evidence of radiation exposure are common. It is harder to explain these away.

There are many cases where multiple people are abducted at once. They aren’t all mentally ill, they don’t all share the same physical illnesses, and they are not all lying. This leaves us with many fascinating questions. There is something to this phenomena. We just need to figure it all out.

One thing is for sure. The experiences are terrifying and leave mental and physical scars. Basically, aliens stalk, abduct, terrorize, torture, and then dump their victims. For those who know anything about serial killers, this pattern is very familiar. The only thing that is left out is murder. However, we don’t know whether they are killing people. There are thousands upon thousands of humans who go missing every year. Could they be victims of the star people?

Maybe we will never know.

*I am working on several research projects and won’t be posting as often. If you have experienced alien and/or UFO contact and would like to discuss it, please feel free to email me.

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2 thoughts on “Aliens Are Like Serial Killers: How E.T.’s Are Stalking Us

  1. theteenagerblogs

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    I would even say they sometimes aren’t even hiding to observe us. We see lights in the sky, close to ground UFO sightings and even close call airplane collisions which we still cant really tell what it is but its observing us and its there.



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