You may be giving permission for alien abduction (and not even know it!)

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Are you an alien experiencer? You may be and not even know it. Strange things have happened here to a lot of people, and they are afraid to talk about it. I’ve spoken with over one hundred abductees and contactees. This article focuses on those who are taken at night or against their conscious will.

Most of these people have spotty memories of being taken by alien creatures and being experimented on. The majority are terrified of these memories, but there is much more to this than witness recall.

A large number of abductees have physical evidence of their abductions. They wake with unexplained marks on their body. Scars will appear overnight. Sometimes there are areas of their bodies which have been shaved or their hair has been cut.

For others, all of a sudden, they will begin writing or speaking in different languages when they couldn’t before. At once, they become more psychic, and there are some who become healers as a result. Likewise, some will suddenly know information that they shouldn’t such as advanced math or physics when they never studied these subjects before.

While that part doesn’t sound so bad, there are many negative aftershocks for a number of abductees. They suffer from radiation burns, sudden health problems, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. There are no ‘gifts’ for these victims, only pain. This basically says that some aliens are benevolent while others are selfish and negative.

If you have had a good contact, there is always the looming question of ‘experience’ while you sleep or against your conscious will. Some experiencers have found that in hypnosis they are able to recall giving permission for their contacts while asleep. The aliens communicated that they are working with our unconscious to impact our consciousness in order to prepare us for the eventual reveal of what is out there.

However, it doesn’t matter if your unconscious grants permission if your life has been turned upside down. If your conscious has not granted permission, then it is against your will. It like the sex predator who gives the victim a date-rape drug which alters her ability to give consent. She cannot give conscious consent; therefore, consent is not given. This is the same type of situation.

Though some may feel it is all right if they give consent unconsciously, many more feel that it is invasive and unacceptable.

And we must ask the question, if visiting aliens were truly benevolent and have the ability to cure illness or stop violence, how could they sit back and allow such things as torture, rape, murder, cancer, and all kinds of horrors that infest this Earth. Furthermore, if they are simply kind beings, then why hide? The general rule is, if you are on the up and up, then you do not hide things. This raises serious questions about the alien agenda.

In cases where witnesses are able to recall communication, they report the aliens had said that they operate this way because they do not completely understand humans. We are a part of their research. This statement alone is frightening.

Now there are cases involving people who have very pleasant experiences with aliens. For these people, they get a sense of peace and even healing. Their lives are improved. For those people, this is a wonderful thing. But why don’t they heal everyone? Why not make everyone better? That is a very good question, and only the aliens could answer that.

What is clear is that there are some evil entities operating on Earth, and they are causing harm to humans. They may be using the excuse of ‘well you gave unconscious permission, so we can do what we want.’ Of course, if you are being harmed, then you know that you never gave permission for that.

If you have had such an experience, please contact me. I keep your information confidential. Email: deborahkauflin @


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