The Beautiful Aliens: Peaceful Contact with E.T.’s

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

I have written a lot about negative contact with aliens, but there is more to the story than bad interaction. There are also people who have had E.T. contact which is benevolent and enriches their lives. These aliens are quite friendly to humans and seem to have good intentions.

There doesn’t appear to be one single way contact occurs. In some cases, witnesses are at home or in a secluded location and then see a light. The light can change, becoming larger or smaller. Within the light, contactees can make out a human type figure.

As the aliens emerge from the light, witnesses get a good look at them. The aliens are tall, and they are human-like in their appearance. But there is something more remarkable about how the entities look. They are what we would consider to be extremely beautiful with elongated eyes. Witnesses say they are more attractive than our top supermodels. Their appearance is striking.

When this happens, contactees feel at ease. There is no fear. In fact, many report feeling happy and excited to see these aliens. It is almost like a family reunion, it is so familiar.

Though these aliens are big, they are extremely gentle. When people come across them, they feel nothing but intense love. The sensation of complete peace surrounds them. People describe it as the most amazing pleasure and contentment that they have ever felt. Their whole bodies are surrounded with this good energy which can temporarily take away any bodily and emotional pain.

Contactees are allowed to touch the aliens’ solid bodies, though the aliens could morph into balls of light. Thus, they appear to go from solid form to energy form. This may be a perception issue, but many witnesses talked about this change from solid to light.

In some cases, contactees are brought to another location where there are more aliens. A large number of witnesses reported a lavender mist and light which surrounded the area where they were taken. Once there, they are shown things and given comfort.

Many of these contactees have always felt like they didn’t quite belong on Earth. They felt different. Somehow they knew there was more than what we see on our day to day lives. After their encounters, they felt that they had come from aliens and that the visitors were simply family members coming to check up on them. While this may sound bizarre at first, it really isn’t. So many theorists say that aliens manipulated our DNA and that we are all part alien. Thus, this is not a stretch if you subscribe to that theory. Haven’t you ever felt like you were an outsider and didn’t quite fit in on this planet?

Other contact cases begin seemingly at random. A witness will be out and about doing a daily routine when he/she sees what at first appears to be a human. Like other contactees said, the entities are extremely good looking. They have the physical attributes that are prized on our planet.  Strangely, they stand out! It is like they do so intentionally to blend in. After all, who would suspect that a great looking person was really an alien? People are usually too busy drooling over them to notice!

Those who are allowed to ‘see’ these entities just know that the beings are not quite human. It is through telepathy that they get this knowledge. Again, while this sounds strange at first, I should note that witnesses are stable people who often hold professional jobs. I have spoken with witnesses who are University scientists, government workers, Military officers, police, psychologists, and more. They have no history of mental illness or drug use, and they were not going through any trauma at the time these events happened. Furthermore, there are several cases where more than one person saw the entities at once, and the witnesses spoke to each other about what was going on.

After this, paranormal activity began in their homes. Objects moved by themselves. Electronics would go haywire. And strange sounds came out of nowhere. Then vivid dreams and out of body experiences would take place. Unusual things began to occur in their lives.

I should note that while the vast majority felt good about this contact, some witnesses felt very uncomfortable around these beings. They were afraid and felt threatened. Was this their fear? Did their preconceptions taint their view? Or is it possible that some of these attractive E.T.’s are negative? That is what I am investigating.

Something is happening on our planet whether you want to see it or not. The implications scare a large number of people, so they would rather not see. For them, any alien contact would be terrifying. Others are open minded and realize that there is something going on.

What I do know is if the aliens wanted us dead, I suspect we would be dead. On the other hand, if they have the ability to help us, to heal us, and to advance us, then why not do it? Why let people suffer? These are the burning questions which beg for an answer. I am constantly hearing from people about this topic and doing more research.

If you have had contact, please email me. I keep your information confidential. I am doing a lot of research right now and will not be posting for a while.

Email: deborahkauflin @


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