Gorgeous Blue Eyed Aliens: The Humanoid E.T.’s

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Have you seen one? If you have, then you know it. There is no mistaking it when you spot one of these beautiful creatures. They have the most stunning blue eyes that you have ever seen. In fact, their eyes almost glow! You won’t forget when you come across them.

There are many different sightings involving various aliens. Many involve the little grey creatures with the big black eyes. Often in those cases, the contact is quite negative.

However, others report seeing incredibly attractive humans with bright blue eyes. And they know telepathically that these beings are aliens. Typically the reports say that all of these aliens have blonde hair, but from my research, I have a lot of cases involving aliens with dark hair. Like the witness accounts involving the Nordic (blonde) aliens with blue eyes, the cases I have researched involve very attractive humans with different hair colors and incredible blue eyes.

The entities tend to be taller than the average human male or female. They are described as fit, very attractive, and well dressed. In fact, it is said that the entities sometimes dress in provocative ways. People do look at them in public because they stand out as being so attractive. However, other than people approaching them to ask them out, they tend to be left alone. It is like their good looks act as camouflage because no one would suspect such an attractive person as being alien.

Unlike cases of alien contact which involve non-human looking entities, those who see the blue-eyed beauties feel very positive about their contact. In other words, the blue-eyed aliens leave a good impression.

Witnesses actually say they have seen these entities during the day at such places as city buildings, shopping malls, and grocery stores.

The outstanding features are their good looks and bright blue eyes. What makes them different from humans is the glowing aspect of the eyes. They almost appear to be lit up.

However there is another feature that differentiates them from humans. That feature is the chameleon aspect of those beautiful eyes. Witnesses state that the eyes can change from bright blue to bright green. The change in color is dramatic when it occurs. The glowing characteristic and changing hue indicates abilities beyond ours. Because people report the eye color change happening right in front of them, it is almost like the entities have trouble maintaining their human appearance. I say this because the beings go to great lengths to blend in as much as possible.

How would witnesses know that they are looking at something extraterrestrial? As I stated before, it is done through telepathy. But that alone would not stand up as evidence of an E.T. visiting your local grocery store. There is more to it. Witnesses state that there are other people who see the same thing at the same time. They even converse about these strange ‘humans.’ Then, once the witnesses go home, paranormal activity begins. Objects will disappear only to reappear. Things move on their own. Whispers come out of nowhere. Electronics bug out. Strange lights appear in witness homes. And more than one person sees this.

And then the dreams come. More than one witness has told me that after seeing these entities, they then have dreams in which they are talking to the alien. They are told that they (the aliens) change their appearance to make humans more comfortable. They don’t want to alarm anyone. They state that they are friendly and mean no harm, and they are here to study us.

Two witnesses remember the aliens telling them that the atmospheric pressure will change before someone will see them. They weren’t able to recall more than that, but it is interesting.

I asked witnesses why the aliens would only allow themselves to be seen by so few people. Most could not answer. Yet a few said that they were told that we were too ‘primitive’ to understand them.

Yes, that is insulting. And if that is the case, aren’t there some of us who are not so primitive? I certainly can sympathize with an intelligent race coming to this planet and being disappointed in the human occupants. After all, just read the up to date headline news stories, and you will instantly be reminded of how barbaric humans are here. So yes, primitive could be the right word for our species.

Perhaps we should also consider the implications of that primitive label. As we are seen as being base creatures, maybe aliens would view us as a threat. If we had their advanced technology, could we as humans be trusted with it? Would a powerful and rich few take it all and step on everyone to get it? Of course you know the answer.

At the same time, isn’t it cruel to allow innocent humans to suffer in this violent globe? Wouldn’t it be all right to help the truly good people of the world?

I am constantly doing more research on the paranormal. If you have any stories or alien contact, please let me know. I keep your information confidential. Email: deborahkauflin @ gmail.com


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