Have you made a deal with the devil?

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

Were you desperate? Did you think the paranormal was not real and cut a deal? Did you make the mistake of challenging the darkness? Maybe you dabbled in something you shouldn’t have. Whatever the case, if you made a deal with evil, sometimes there is no way out of the deal.

In my career as a criminal profiler, I saw pure evil. I interviewed serial killers who literally made deals with something sinister in order to get away with murders for a long time. As a psychic I have read for celebrities who, unfortunately, bargained for fame. I’ve met everyday people who were so desperate that they negotiated their essence away for what they thought would save themselves or someone they loved from illness. Some people simply didn’t believe in evil and jokingly said they would make a deal with the Devil for some benefit.

The problem is that none of these people ever thought that something supernatural would ever really expect something in return. Many do not believe in evil. However, it exists. I’ve seen it first hand. If you spend enough time investigating the paranormal, you will find it too. Whether you believe it is a Devil or simply a tulpa of some sort, it is very real and very dangerous.

 I’ve even found something worse than what you would call a Devil.

Over the years I have come across a surprising number of people who got themselves mixed up with dark entities. Sometimes they didn’t even know they had done so. What may have seemed like innocent playing around ended up costing people their lives.

If you have even become entangled with evil, then you know how bad it can get. The sinister casts a web over your life. It invades every aspect of you. From your dreams, to your thoughts, your family, pets, job, health, home, children, and everything you love. Nothing is off limits to these creatures.

Whether you knew what you were doing or were simply kidding around and mistakenly made a deal, too often, there is no way out of the deal. The Devil always collects, in one way or another. Let me explain.

There is more than one type of evil. There is more than one universe. And there are things that exist who do not answer to any religion. Yes, you read that right. If you encounter one of these things, there is no prayer or priest or anything that can help you. Nothing effects it. If the entity is not from here, you’ve got a real problem. These things are immune from exorcisms and traditional methods of removal. Bibles. Holy water. Rosaries. Invoking the name of Jesus. Nothing touches them, and they weave themselves deeper into your life, torturing you in ever worse ways.

It is not something a lot of people like to talk about, but it is real. Whether it is some kind of alien or thought form that we as humans somehow created, there are things that go bump in the night that seem absolutely invincible.

I bring this up because too many dabble in making dark deals, falsely believing that all they have to do is renounce the darkness, and then they are home free. Wrong!

I’ve talked to too many celebrities who made bad deals and then tried everything to get out of it. Nothing worked. Sometimes repentance and exorcism seemed to help. Yet they were wrong. Just when they thought they had gotten away from evil, it showed itself again. It never left. It was pretending in order to lure people into a false sense of security.

These creatures wreck people’s lives. You will find that nothing goes right in your life. You will suffer tragedy after tragedy. Even things that should go right…don’t. It is like you are cursed. Guess what? You are.  If you have made a dark deal, there is something out there watching and targeting you.

Alien? Devil? Tulpa? Interdimensional? Doesn’t matter what it is really. What does matter is that these entities are real and can hurt you. I once was of the strong belief that such things could not happen. Then I talked with a lot of people who have gone through their own hell because of one bad deal.

This is a reminder to be very careful if you have anything to do with the paranormal. There are sinister elements out there. It is foolish to dismiss that. I have friends who are paranormal investigators who regret ever getting involved with investigations. Once touched by darkness, they just couldn’t shake it.

Remember one important thing: When you make a deal with the Devil, the Devil always collects.

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