Spectral shadow man talking to victims

Photo by Mue Ervive on Pexels.com

Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

In the world of the paranormal, most people are familiar with the shadow man. This thing is a dark entity that looks like a living black shadow. People who encounter this creature are terrified by it. It is never positive. Those who have seen it felt drained afterward, as if it fed off of their fear.

It will appear when you are alone, often beckoning you to come outside. People will see it in their bedrooms and even their closets. He really seems to love basements, probably for the scare factor. He is darker than night, and you can see him even in a dark room. Many say that has a smoky appearance.

Over the years, I’ve had witnesses tell me about their experiences with shadow man. There are a lot of common factors in contact situations which lends credence to the stories. Shadow man seems to talk telepathically. Messages may vary, but many people report hearing the same phrase. When witnesses saw shadow man, they heard a specific phrase in their heads. I have no idea what this phrase means.

“F*** them all but six.”

You can speculate as to what this creature means because I do not know. Who are the six? Are they human? Are they something else? What does the phrase mean?

I wanted to put this out there to get feedback and your ideas. Have you heard of this before? If not, what do you think it means? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. It was such an unusual phrase that I had not encountered previously. It has to mean something. Feel free to comment. I would love to hear your theories.

1 thought on “Spectral shadow man talking to victims

  1. Laura White

    F**k Em. All but six.
    This is the type of phrase someone might have heard their Dad say growing up. Doing what you believe in or what you think is right may incur critisism and backlash from others. This is the type of life situation someone may use this phrase.. Who are the six? The Pallbearers who’ll carry your coffin.
    Instead of saying F**k Em All a person may say F**k Em All but the Six.



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