Paranormal lights & hauntings

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If you are a paranormal investigator, then you are familiar with these things. In some of the most haunted locations worldwide, investigators capture a particular form of paranormal phenomenon, especially when there are physical manifestations. This phenomenon looks like a small moth or lights which streaks across the room. Some say they look like small comets with light tails. When the small lights go around the room, it is common for them to actually enter a person in the room. At that point, the person will experience headaches, dizziness, and nausea. They also will feel cold and sometimes out of sorts. In other words, people touched by these things can almost feel drugged.

The lights are some sort of paranormal contact. There are several theories as to what they are.

  1. Alien
  2. Ghost
  3. Interdimensional entity
  4. Biophoton produced by people

First, the lights could be aliens who are foreign to our planet. The truth is that we don’t know what an alien would look like. They could literally be anything. Why not a form of light? Though the lights are more commonly associated with a haunting, there have been recorded cases where alien abductees have video of themselves with the lights circling them. This happened after the abductions.

Could it be ghosts? Do those who have crossed over present as the moth-like lights. These tend to be highly active cases. Perhaps those who die change into this form of a light energy which can be seen by our cameras.

Another option is an interdimensional entity. Much like an alien, they could look like just about anything. Maybe there are times that something from another plane of existence makes its way into our world and causes havoc. Some theorize that when we first used the atomic bomb, we ripped a hole into another dimension. There is nothing to say that an interdimensional creature could not be here. And again, we would have no idea how it would look.

Then we have the idea that it is a living agent causing the lights. Researchers are studying biophotons which are produced from human energy. Cameras can capture this light energy. Since these phenomena present as forms of light, maybe it is just us projecting our unconscious outward. People may not even know they are doing it. However, given the right conditions, poltergeist activity can manifest along with the lights. Who is to say that it couldn’t be us putting out biophotons? If you want to get really creative, you could argue that all of these answers are true. Different locations which demonstrate a variety of paranormal phenomena may be caused by different things.

I have interviewed and studied over 150 alien abductees from all around the world who have had remarkably similar experiences. In these cases, there was physical evidence left behind in the form of body implants, missing fetuses, radiation burns, and more. This alien abduction phenomenon leads us to the doorstep of ET’s.

Dr. Julie Beischel has done fantastic research into afterlife communication from the deceased which points to spirits being involved. Dr. Barry Taff is famous for his exceptional work into poltergeist phenomena with humans as the living agent. This could mean that we are the culprits. And Paul Eno has done much research about parasitic interdimensional entities who feed off of our fears. Anymore, not one of these theories is far-fetched. All of this interesting research points to the existence of a multitude of suspects. It is a strange world that we live in, and as we learn more about the invisible world around us, it gets even weirder.

I’m always open to hearing theories or if you have experienced this. It may take a while for me to respond because I get so many emails. But I do respond if I receive it.

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The Absorbing Extraterrestrial blob

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I’ve remote viewed it. Other psychics have seen it too. What it is, none of us are sure. However, it is something that can exist in space, other dimensions, and here on Earth. None of us who have seen it feel very good about it. It is something alien, and it is not benevolent.

This thing is a large amorphous figure which has the power to absorb things.

It is destructive.

It is unfeeling.

It is powerful.

I was told by a psychic (he worked for what must for now be an unnamed agency) that several of the psychics had seen this thing, but none could actually connect and talk with it. They couldn’t tell exactly why it is here, but they knew it was not friendly.

I picked up on this thing years ago and have asked my friends who are psychic what they thought. Every one of them was able to see it, and they also could feel that it was hostile.

What I discovered about this thing is that for the most part it does not have feelings like we do. It is highly intelligent and plans its moves. Other ET’s avoid it because it can hurt and even kill them. This includes the greys. It hasn’t touched down on Earth, so to speak. It has hovered in the atmosphere, and it can hover in space. It is very difficult to describe.

While it is reclusive, I did sense that this thing had some kind of bad feeling toward other ET’s. It is a very old creature and can absorb pretty much anything. It can travel through many times at once which makes it dangerous. It does not have the burning curiosity that other aliens demonstrate. It has no desire to tinker with other species. Strangely, it does seem to let psychics see it. Perhaps that is because it has no fear of us.

While it lets psychics view it, it rarely speaks to them. It is almost like a machine, but it is not. This thing is living.

I will say this creature feels as if no other alien or entity is a match for it. It is like when an orca shows up and sea creatures scramble away. I will be doing more research into this as it is very mysterious and raises a lot of questions. If you have viewed this entity, let me know. The consensus I get from psychics is that if this thing comes here, it is game over. It can destroy what it wants to destroy.

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Psychics under attack

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I know a lot of psychics. I’m friends with many of them, and others I know through my research. Something that has bothered me for a while is the pattern I have seen over the past several years. A lot of psychics have suffered endless tragedies. There are unusual ordeals that are repeated in the psychics’ lives. It just won’t stop. When one problem dies down, another rears its ugly head. And these are serious problems, life changing damages.

While this may not have impacted all psychics, there are enough who have suffered to be concerned. To put it bluntly, it is almost as if something is strategically targeting psychics and keeping them buried under trauma after trauma.

We are talking about things like:

  1. Having two children die unexpectedly within 2 years with no related cause.
  2. Having a spouse and even adult children suddenly become abusive.
  3. Being diagnosed with an unusual disease; then getting ANOTHER unusual disease. And then getting another.
  4. Out of this world trouble with a house/home
  5. Having accident after accident which is not their fault.

I know bad things happen all the time in life, but extraordinarily unusual traumas don’t continually happen to the same person over and over and over and over and over and over. We are not just talking about one thing happening. We are not talking about two things happening. We are talking about nonstop unusual tragedies striking month after month, year after year. It is beyond strange and frankly alarming.

For psychics, the ability to read for people is often the source of their livelihood. Rock their emotional boat too much, and they cannot do their work. They can’t support their families. Plus, they cannot heal others, which many of them do. They cannot provide grief relief for others. This has a negative cascading effect. In short, with psychics taken out of the equation, evil can run rampant. You can define evil in many ways: spiritual, human, and others.

I think we all know that the world has been off for the last several years. Frankly it was off before covid, and many people were spiraling down even before that. We have trouble here, and the pandemic stunted everyone’s ability to grow and thrive. Yet time has marched on. Many have lost loved ones before their time, and it has driven them down into the pits of despair. Make no mistake; evil has had a hand in all of this.

I’m afraid a lot of psychics have paid a price for having their abilities. Even paranormal investigators have suffered these types of traumas in the last few years. Every time they try to get back up, they are smacked down, and they are smacked down hard.

A lot of psychics are struggling now. You may be struggling as well. Remember we are all psychic, so this ordeal has impacted you too. It seems as if evil has wound everyone up and is spinning them around so they can’t get their footing. It is hard to do good in this world if you are continually smashed into the ground.

I’d like to hear from you if you are in this field and have seen this. I’m as curious as all of you are as to what is really going on.

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ET abductees miss their star home

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ET abductees definitely tend to all into one of two camps. Either they suffer from the after-effects of abduction, or they feel blessed and happy. Those who do not have the bad effects are those who receive gifts from the aliens.

Such people suddenly feel like they can manipulate time. Those who feel this way will state that they can slow time. They also receive healings and have a sudden knowledge of something they knew nothing about. Out of the blue they will understand advanced mathematics or physics. They know things they shouldn’t know. These abductees are the lucky ones. But they aren’t so lucky in one way. After contact, they have a deep longing to “go home.” Home is with the star people, and the longing can sometimes cause depression. Many such contactees feel as if they do not belong here on Earth. Being here never feels quite right.

Such people will find themselves looking at the sky, especially at night. Sometimes these contactees will spend hours just sitting outside in the dark looking for their star friends. They tend to spend their lives searching for more contact. These people will immerse themselves in all things ET, and often begin using art or writing to express themselves. They will draw the aliens and create fascinating pictures of these entities and other worlds. Some write and document their experiences. It is not uncommon for contactees to teach and sometimes lecture about the subject.

When you come across one of these individuals, you will notice that they radiate a peaceful aura. They have contentment and a deeper knowledge of spiritual and other worldly matters. This removes a lot of anxiety which humans normally experience. The only drawback is that they long for their star home. They miss their other world and the entities which inhabit it. I’ve spoken to many contactees who have told me that this does nag at them. They always feel like they don’t really belong here; Earth isn’t their true home. Yet they do feel a responsibility to investigate and spread the word about their experiences. I’ve found these people to be very open and willing to share what happened to them. They are pleasant to be around and truly want to soothe any fears people have about ET’s.

The dichotomy between the two alien abduction groups is fascinating. Some suffer. Others get gifts. You have to wonder if there is more than one alien group doing the abductions or if it is some kind of psychological experiment to see what happens when you treat one group well while hurting another group. At this point we do not know. As Mary Rodwell says “we don’t know what we don’t know.” We can only speculate and say that some people come out of ET contact with much better lives and more knowledge. We definitely need to learn more about this phenomenon. It can be the key to unlock the mysteries of our world and all worlds.

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Belief can make you more psychic

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Belief dictates the power of your mind. I am going to repeat that. Belief dictates the power of the mind

Our minds are massively powerful, more so than you may ever realize. Your ability to believe you can do something will determine whether you can do it. Research has shown that people who believe they are psychic do better with their psychic abilities. What so many people do not understand is that we are all psychic. Some have more natural ability than others, but everyone reading this has psychic skills. You just may not know it.

This is so very important because if you understand this, you will be able to do much more with your life. Too many people are dismissive of anything outside of our five senses. This hinders any natural psychic ability you may have. Belief will make it easier to connect with things which are unseen. When you believe, you won’t have a mental block in place to prevent you from sensing what is right around you. Why? You will be more psychic when you remove doubt.

Once you get rid of your mental block, you will have more contact with ghosts and ET’s. I know many people who were downright skeptics who began going on ghost hunts. After a while, they experienced all kinds of supernatural things. The more they opened up, they more they experienced. What you will notice is that your abilities will skyrocket when you take away the false notion that you can’t do something. If you think you can’t, then you can’t. You have to force yourself to think differently.

One could call it mind over matter, which it is. Whatever you want to name it, once you believe you can do something, then you will make progress. Belief unlocks the power of your thoughts. Thoughts are alive.  They impact us in every way. We can think ourselves sick, and we can think ourselves well. I’ll give you an example. Say someone is dying but wants to live long enough for a certain event. Despite all dire predictions of doctors, the person is able to live just long enough to see the event. The mind does that. Our will power does that.

The more everyone realizes that belief can impact all parts of their lives, the more powerful they become. Psychic abilities allow you to visit other places and connect with other entities. Increased psychic ability helps protect you and guide you to the right path. If you feel like you are stuck in life, you must first believe you can do something different before you can.

You need to change the way you think and focus on knowing you CAN pick up psychic information. You can talk with those who have passed all by yourself. First, you must believe that there are things out there that we cannot see. Understand that your loved ones who have crossed over are still alive in spirit. Believe that your mind is more powerful than you think.

If you transform your thoughts, your life will change. Take steps to open your mind. Mediate. Read about aliens, ghosts, and other phenomena. Get involved in paranormal groups. Let yourself believe.

When you realize that your abilities can be endless, you will come into your own power. You will grow as a person and find more contentment in your life. Mind over matter actually matters. Belief dictates the power of the mind.

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Abductees afraid ET’s will come back

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After talking to a large number of alien abductees, I have noticed many patterns. These patterns are so obvious that these cases are not to be ignored. There are so many similarities in these experiences worldwide. For instance, I’ve interviewed abductees from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, England, Ireland, Africa, the US and others. It always amazes me how similar the abduction experiences are. They are so alike, it is eerie.

Fear is one of the top effects after contact. Abductees become terrified of several things. At first, they may not consciously remember what happened. The ET’s can erase memories. Yet, abductees know something is not right following the incident. Their anxiety is off the charts. This anxiety interferes with their lives, and it opens the door to questions. Abductees know something is off and want to learn what happened. But where do they turn?

While they struggle with their questions, they develop a terror which aligns with the location and time at which they were taken. Most often, abductees are snatched at night. Because of this, sleep is very difficult. In fact, many victims report that they will not sleep by windows or even in their beds. They can’t do it. Their fear is so terrible that they sometimes sleep in closets with the doors shut. Those who have firearms keep them close by. Some even hide under the bed. Remember, these are adults I am talking about.

Abductees struggle with the massive anxiety of feeling as if something is coming for them. After a while, they will get flashbacks which help fill in the blanks. They may even have a regression. When they do remember what happened, the fear gets worse. They are afraid that the aliens will come back.

Those around them do not understand the seeming irrational fear and subsequent behavior. After all, the abductees typically were normal people doing everyday activities when they were taken. Then, something changes. They become jumpy and will not sleep in the bed. They stay away from windows at night. They stare at the night sky for long periods of time. In short, abductees change dramatically. Family and friends see that something is different. Too often, abductees are told they are just upset or need therapy. However, traditional psychological interventions will not help in these cases. This is something of another world or dimension. Alien means alien; it is foreign to us. It sounds so crazy yet consider the possibility. Imagine that you are taken by creatures from somewhere else. You are experimented on and then left with a hazy memory of what happened. You have new scars or dried blood which show something really did happen. At the same time, you can’t tell anyone because they will think you are nuts. This is a horrible fate.

Naturally this increases abductee anxiety. Even today the idea of aliens snatching humans is considered the product of mental problems or someone making it up. People ask me why I even look at these cases, often with raised eyebrows and stern looks. Basically, even the researchers are considered strange, so what hope do actual abductees have of being believed?

It creates a perfect storm of massive anxiety and confusion. Coupled with the new feeling of constant terror, the abduction experience can ruin victims’ lives. I hate to see the dismissal of this phenomenon, but even with the government admission of UFO’s, people still do not believe. Yes, just because there are UFO’s does not necessarily mean we have ET’s. However, there is nothing to exclude that possibility either. I ask people reading this to open their minds and simply consider the possibility that abductees are telling the truth. What if they are? Read more about this subject, and you will find out that something is going on.

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You can call ET’s

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There are many dimensions, many galaxies, many universes, and many planes of existence. Do you really believe that we are the only ‘intelligent’ form of life? There possibilities are endless. This means the possibilities of all kinds of life are endless.

Paranormal research does show evidence of something existing outside of us as humans. The ET abduction phenomenon shows us some creatures are secretly here interacting with us. Apparitions demonstrate some kind of view into another time. Ghosts haunt us. Demons, parasites or interdimensional entities can wreak havoc in our lives through psychological and physical traumas. These things are real, whatever you want to call them. People truly do have serious problems when they encounter such things.

In short, something is out there interacting with us. So you may wonder why anyone would want to call any of these things. Really, you probably do not. However, there are instances of ET contact which are good. They help people. This can point to more than one alien species being here because so many contact cases are negative.

The difficulty comes in finding the right ET’s. My own research into abduction cases leads me to believe that there are extraterrestrials who can play with our minds, neurological systems, and endocrine systems. They can also make us forget things. Talk about an unequal balance.

At the same time, I know people who have been cured of illnesses or disabilities after being in an alien’s presence. One woman who researches this phenomenon was cured of her endometriosis after reaching out psychically to these beings. Another who had suffered from meniere’s disease had it totally go away after an abduction.

One can call these beings. They are psychic and will hear you. Why they respond to some people and not others is a mystery. But you can always try. If you get on the right channel and connect with the right ET’s, you may find relief from a problem. It is clear that some want to help.

The best way to initiate contact is to find a private place which is quiet. Calm yourself and try to clear your mind. Focus on the feeling of being happy to ensure you are connecting with the right ET’s. Say out loud that you only want to reach benevolent aliens. Fix your mind on the good aliens and tell them who you are and why you want to talk to them. Some people will have a feeling of calm and a strange buzzing sensation in their bodies. Usually this means someone is listening to you. It is important that you enter this mindset with a pure heart. If you have bad intentions, it won’t work.

With time and practice, you can actually call these ET’s to you. When they see that you want peace and are not looking for trouble, they will come. This kind of contact enhances your sense of well being. It makes you feel better. And this is how you can tell if you have the right entity. If you feel worse after reaching out, then you got the wrong one. You want to disconnect from that and ask the positive to intervene to remove the negative. This does help.

You will know if you make contact because you will get a physical feeling which you have never felt before. They can manipulate our neurological systems and create sensations which are very pleasant. This is a way for an alien to initiate positive contact with us. There are good extraterrestrials which change people’s lives for the better. They actually vibrate, and your body will pick up on the vibration.

Protect yourself if you try this by only asking for contact with good. Meditate and focus your energy and thoughts. The more you do this, the better you will become at it. They will appear; it just takes time.

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If you think you have a ghost, ask what it wants

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The lights in your home go on and off. Doors open and close by themselves. People sense something strange in your house. There is unexplained knocking. Things move on their own. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a male figure stroll down the hallway and through the wall. Through the wall! What in the world is happening?

At this point, you probably are scared out of your wits. Who wouldn’t be? After all, you have a spook in your home. You don’t know who this is. You don’t know WHAT this is. Does it mean you harm? Is it out to get you? Was this his home? Why is he there in your home?

This is a lot to take in during your already hectic life. You’ve got a job, relationships, family, friends, and responsibilities. Who has time for a ghost? Unfortunately, if you have one, then you have to deal with it. These things can become obtrusive and downright scary. Just being startled by something moving by itself could make you jump or trip. You could get hurt by that.

While you could call a psychic or paranormal team to help you, the most east way to handle this is to talk to the spirit. If you have never done this before, it can seem scary. Really scary. But don’t worry. Remember a ghost is just a person in spirit. If you saw a friendly old man walking down the street with his cane, would you turn and run away screaming from him when he smiled at you? Chances are you don’t. Well at least I hope you don’t.

So, if you see a figure of an old man walking down your hallway along with other strange happenings, consider talking to him. Introduce yourself and politely ask him who he is and why he is there. You may just get an answer. Also, it may help if you ask what the ghost needs. It may simply be that the spirit wants to let you know he is there. He may be worried about the house or even you!

There may be a perfectly innocent reason for the ghost to be there. In fact, he probably doesn’t want to harm or scare you at all. He may be surprised he has caused you stress. It is for this reason that you kindly but firmly tell the ghost that you need peace and quiet. Tell the spirit that he or she must let you sleep and not frighten you. Chances are, this will greatly help your situation.

You will be amazed how well this works. More often than not, it does help. If it does not, you can always call a paranormal team or psychic. But before you do that, try this simple step. It won’t cost you anything, and it could solve the problem.

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Do you have a hole in your heart & life?

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Is there something missing from your life that you just can’t put your finger on? Do you do things in excess? Have you gotten yourself into trouble by going overboard trying to get a ‘high’ or a good feeling? Is it possible that you have wrecked good things in your life when life was going smoothly?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, then you definitely have a hole in your heart and life. You are acting out because something is missing. You can feel it, that void that just can’t be filled.

Because something so important to your core is missing, you try to fill it with the following:










Though some of these things in excess may not seem so bad (i.e. money, exercise), these actually can be very damaging if nothing else matters. That is, if you do anything for money all the time, and money is the only thing you care about, then this will have a horrible impact on your well being. Same thing goes for exercise. Exercising is great, but if you drive yourself too hard, you will actually harm your body. Again, I am talking about excess.

When people go overboard, they are looking for a distraction. They want an escape. Let me tell you folks, if you need an escape from your life, then something is not right. There is a hole you are trying to repair, but you are looking at the wrong things to help.

You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. In other words, you can do all the drugs in the world, but it won’t make your core problem go away. Same with food, sex, spending etc. You can do these things all day long, but your inner struggle will still be there. Have you noticed that you repeat these behaviors over and over? You repeat because the behavior did not solve your problem. Most times, the problems become worse.

People use excess to hide from reality. I know, sometimes reality sucks so bad that you need a break from it. But using distractions too much will backfire on you. You have to address the real issue that is eating at you.

Are you missing real love in your life?

Did someone you love die?

Did your beloved pet pass away?

Were/are you abused?

Do people not appreciate you, the real you?

Is there something so painful in your heart that you just can’t bear to face it?

Do you feel ashamed of what you have done?

The list can go on and on. But it doesn’t matter which questions you answered ‘yes’ to. In fact, you may have answered ‘yes’ to all of them! The key is that there is something hurting you so badly that you are acting out to get away from it. In order to overcome these demons, you have to allow yourself to love yourself. This may sound hokey, but it is true. If you don’t love yourself, you will not be truly good to yourself. You won’t be any good to others either. When you don’t love yourself, you abuse yourself and allow others to abuse you too.

In order to love yourself, you have to be honest with yourself and take steps to get help. Help can be spiritual, psychological, or both. Sometimes we need a little assistance when things get too hard. Don’t be ashamed of that. We all struggle at times. You may be so overburdened that you don’t think you can take time for yourself. Remember that you are a worthwhile person who deserves help. Reach out for it if you are doing something in excess which is not good for you. No one will do that for you. You have to take the first step.

You may think that no one could ever understand you or that your pain is too deep to heal. It could be that you would never feel comfortable telling another human about your true pain and suffering. If that is the case, start by turning to the other side.

Connect with spirit. Meditate. Ask the other side for guidance. You may not have a spirit tap on your shoulder and say ‘hey bud, I’m here to help!’ But if you are sincere in asking for help, you will get it. You will be hit with inspiration or think of an answer to a problem you hadn’t thought of before. New people will cross your path who can assist you. You will begin to have spirit contact in dreams. This will put you on the right path so you can begin baby steps to improve. You have to learn how to train your brain to respond to stress and hurt. Spirit can help you do that. The other side can help bring you peace so that you are not hurting so much. Just realizing that there is more than this life can help you heal. It can quiet those painful thoughts you have in your head. Opening yourself up to the other side can save your life if you let it.

The point is, if you are struggling with out of control behavior, you are not alone. Everyone reading this currently has or has had a hole in their hearts at some point in their lives. This pain can drive you to make mistakes. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how jaded you have become, you can take steps to repair that broken heart. It takes time and small steps to push yourself, but you can be better. You have to let yourself receive assistance. Whatever you do, reach out for help. There is someone with a helping hand waiting to lift you up. You can be better if that is your sincere desire. You don’t have to be who you used to be. When you are on the right path, you do not feel the need to escape. You will feel comfortable and at home.

Spectral shadow man talking to victims

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In the world of the paranormal, most people are familiar with the shadow man. This thing is a dark entity that looks like a living black shadow. People who encounter this creature are terrified by it. It is never positive. Those who have seen it felt drained afterward, as if it fed off of their fear.

It will appear when you are alone, often beckoning you to come outside. People will see it in their bedrooms and even their closets. He really seems to love basements, probably for the scare factor. He is darker than night, and you can see him even in a dark room. Many say that has a smoky appearance.

Over the years, I’ve had witnesses tell me about their experiences with shadow man. There are a lot of common factors in contact situations which lends credence to the stories. Shadow man seems to talk telepathically. Messages may vary, but many people report hearing the same phrase. When witnesses saw shadow man, they heard a specific phrase in their heads. I have no idea what this phrase means.

“F*** them all but six.”

You can speculate as to what this creature means because I do not know. Who are the six? Are they human? Are they something else? What does the phrase mean?

I wanted to put this out there to get feedback and your ideas. Have you heard of this before? If not, what do you think it means? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. It was such an unusual phrase that I had not encountered previously. It has to mean something. Feel free to comment. I would love to hear your theories.