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Aliens can abduct your pets

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

A retired police officer began having the strangest dreams. In the dreams, he was floating through his bedroom wall and then laying on a table without his clothes on. As he was laying on the table, unusual creatures stood around him. These creatures had skin that resembled that of a lizard. He had trouble seeing their faces, but when they touched him, he felt that their skin was rough.

During this first ‘dream,’ he could hear his two dogs barking. He became scared. As he looked around, he could not see his dogs. The detective got agitated and began struggling to get up. This made the creatures come over to him and touch his forehead. With that, he passed out.

When he woke up, he was in his bed at home with his socks missing from his feet. Usually his dogs greeted him and would wake him up, but not this day. Worried, he got out of bed and began looking around the house. Finally, he found his two schnauzers cowering under the kitchen table. Though the ‘dream’ had been incredibly weird, he didn’t give it a second thought. He was more concerned with his dogs. Eventually he was able to coax them out from under the table using treats. But they were upset all day, and one even had an accident in the house, something she never did.

The next night, nothing happened. There were no weird dreams, and his dogs happily woke him up the next morning. Again, he didn’t give much thought to his experience until several weeks later when he had the ‘dream’ once more. This time, he remembered being on a table, feeling a tingling sensation throughout his body, and awareness that something was being put into his mouth. He was kind of hazy, the way you feel when coming out of anesthesia after surgery. However, he heard his beloved dogs barking near him. This gave him a boost of energy. He started fighting to get up and managed to slightly push one of the creatures away from him. It was at this point that his dogs stopped barking. He looked to his right and saw the creatures holding his dogs. The detective remembered yelling and trying to lunge at the creatures just before everything went dark.

The next thing he knew, he woke up in his bed. He said he kicked his covers off because he was rattled. Then it dawned on him that his dogs had not awakened him. He ran out of his bedroom, calling for his pets. A whimper came from under the kitchen table where his two dogs were hiding. They were so upset that they were shaking, which was very unusual for the pair. His pets were quite brave. As the detective said “nothing ever scared them.”

He still didn’t think that anything was going on beyond having frightening nightmares. So he kept reassuring his dogs who suddenly turned from fearless animals into overly sensitive, scared dogs.

Two weeks later, the detective had the same dream. He found himself on a table with greyish creatures surrounding him. He remembered his heart racing and worried he might have a heart attack. This time he noticed that there was more than one type of creature with him. There were three smaller ones and two larger ones. The larger ones kept their distance while the smaller ones kept close.

In this ‘dream,’ he said he kept going in and out of consciousness. Time after time, he’d wake up and see the taller entities leaning over him while he felt something inside his stomach. It was as if he was being operated on. Each time he’d wake up, the little creatures would quickly come toward his head, and then he would pass out. And every time this happened, he fought like crazy to stop them.

When he woke the next day, he immediately noticed that his dogs were not there. He called to them but did not hear anything. He went searching for his pets, but to his horror, he could only find one. His other dog was missing. The doors and windows were shut and locked. There was no way that his dog could be gone. It just wasn’t possible.

This man was a high ranking detective in a major US city. His reputation is that of a no nonsense guy. Certainly, he is not the type to make up stories for attention. The man does not take drugs or drink. Everyone who knows him says that he is emotionally balanced and that he absolutely loves his dogs. They are like children to him.

He searched high and low, put out fliers, and offered a reward. Yet he could not find his dog. Once his dog disappeared, the ‘dreams’ seemed to stop. Yet, every now and then, he will have another abduction experience. It wasn’t until he was flipping through TV channels one night that he saw a program on aliens. After doing some research, he found other people who had had similar experiences. He came to me because of my background as a criminal profiler which gave him a level of trust. Even so, it took him years to talk about what happened to him. As a law enforcement officer, he just could not believe what had happened.

This man is not alone in his experience. Several other alien abductees have reported seeing their pets on what they deem alien craft during their abductions. Most of these people had their animals returned, and they were positive that they saw their pets during their encounters. Furthermore, like the detective’s dogs, the abductee pets also began acting strangely afterward. Confident pets turned into worried, stressed animals. One woman reported that her cat was missing a square patch of hair on its back one morning after one of these occurrences.

The one thing all these cases have in common is that the people involved felt powerless during and after alien contact. Some woke up with scars on their bodies that had not been there the night before abduction. Others shared their ‘dreams’ with family members only to learn that sons or daughters had the same ‘dream’ on the same night.

With the powerlessness comes fear, fear that the creatures will come back for them. And as the detective said to me “if they took my dog, what else will they take?”

copyright Deborah Kauflin



Evil E.T.’s call us ‘Primitive Apes’

By Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

It is astonishing but true. If you dig into this subject, you will find things that you really don’t want to know. They really are here. Visitors from outer space have been on Earth.

Though some people who have contact with these beings believe that they have been helped by aliens, others are not so lucky. This leaves us to guess that either there are different types of aliens or there is only one type who brainwashes certain victims. Those who think that their contact was pleasant may simply be under some sort of mind control.

There is no doubt that some who are taken by aliens are hurt by them. Whether these people suddenly have mysterious illnesses or suffer from ‘pop up’ scars, bad things happen to them. ‘Pop up’ scars are scars which develop out of the blue, with no explanation. Victims will wake up in the morning with big scars that appeared overnight. I’ve seen pictures of these scars. They are not small, tiny things. They are large, particularly the scars which are located on women’s tummies.

The after effects of alien abduction can be life shattering. Not only do people suffer post-traumatic stress, but they also know that very few people will believe them.

Abductions are very similar. These cruel E.T.’s stalk and take humans. Once they capture a man or woman, they do experiments on them. That is how they have gotten their knowledge of human physiology. Sometimes these abductees return; other times, the kidnapped never come back.

Many report in vitro programs. Basically, aliens are abducting women, doing modifications to them, and creating hybrids. Though some people may laugh at that, enough people have reported it to at least listen.

All of this is done against human free will. The abductees are terrified and told me that the E.T.’s spoke through telepathy. I have done research with over 100 abductees, and it startled me that a lot of them said that the aliens referred to us humans as ‘primitive apes.’

Whenever the abductees would try to ask questions of the aliens, certain E.T.’s would say ‘primitive ape.’ Their telepathic words were a put down. It was meant as an insult. The aliens were arrogant and had no regard for the feelings of the abductees. Abductees stated that it was like the words were ‘said’ in a snarky way. Clearly these entities do not think very much of us. We are merely lab monkeys to them.

The ‘primitive ape’ words are very important here. Why? Because I have had abductees from around the world report this to me. These people did not know each other and they spoke to me at separate times. I should also point out, that as they were trying to tell me more about their abductions, they would get spooked. They became afraid that the aliens would hurt them if they gave away any more secrets. This frightened behavior was common when abductees got to certain points in their stories. One wonders if the aliens do work some sort of mind control on humans. Or perhaps there was coercion/blackmail of some kind. Many expressed fears for their families’ safety.

We should ask, if there are good aliens out there, why aren’t they intervening and stopping the bad aliens? Why are these experiments allowed to go on? This is not the behavior of a friendly entity.

When I began investigating all this, I was very cynical. I did not believe it. However, after years of research and talking to many people who have gone through these experiences, I do believe that this happens. Too many upstanding individuals with no mental illness (or no medication/drugs) have talked to me and told me these stories. The stories match up well. Many abductees were in law enforcement and come to me because I am a retired criminal profiler. These trained observers know what they are talking about.

Over the years, we seem to be getting a drip, drip, drip of information about UFO’s and aliens. As more people feel comfortable talking about their experiences, we will learn even more. If you have had an experience, I’d be happy to talk to you. Your name is kept secret. Know that you are not alone in all this.

Contact me at: deborahkauflin @ gmail.com

copyright Deborah S. Kauflin

Are E.T.’s Tracking Us?

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

I’m sure you’ve heard of people having alien abduction experiences, and for most people, the concept is so absurd that they don’t give them a second thought. Yet, if you piece together the E.T. puzzle, there is strong evidence that suggests we are being visited.

  1. Reported E.T. abductions
  2. UFO sightings,
  3. Negative health effects associated with UFO’s & alien contact
  4. Negative effects on plant life and soil where UFO’s are witnessed
  5. Implant technology that appears to exceed our current scientific knowledge
  6. Paranormal activity

First, let’s talk about the alien abduction and contact phenomena. Worldwide people report seeing strange creatures either associated with UFO’s or in unusual dreams. While it would be easy to dismiss the dream claims as a product of an overactive unconscious mind or a neurological issue, there are things which suggest that the experiences are more than that. Abductees wake with fresh scars on their bodies, objects under their skin, clothes inside out, dirt on the bottom of their feet, as well as a feeling of not having slept. In their experiences, abductees with have flashes of memory where they see unusual entities taking them and then doing some types of medical procedures on them. Children have these experiences and describe being poked with large needles. More interesting is that there are many cases where more than one family member will wake up having had the same experience. If it were simply one person having a bad dream or seizure activity, others in the household would not share the experience.

Second, everyone knows that UFO’s are seen virtually everywhere. Pilots see them on a regular basis, and those in the military will often speak off the record about these unusual flying objects. Most people have moved beyond the point of disputing that UFO’s exist. We now try to focus on what they are, and if unexplained, what they want. Multiple witnesses will report these things appearing and then disappearing along with military aircraft in hot pursuit. A lot of times people hear unusual buzzing sounds when the UFO’s are witnessed. It is clear that something is going on in our skies.

Third, there are alien abductees who suffer from negative health effects as a direct result of their contact. Some have radiation poisoning while others develop health problems out of the blue. Scars develop overnight, and the abductees suddenly suffer from extreme anxiety. This anxiety is often centered on sleep and/or medical procedures. Because of this, insomnia becomes a problem when it wasn’t before. Now this isn’t the case for all alien contactees. It seems that there are different types of E.T. contact. The unfortunate ones are those who get taken by what we would consider the cruel ones.

Fourth, there are people who witness UFO’s hovering above a property or landing. After the fact, the land itself shows signs of distress. Grass and plants are burned, and few things will grow in that exact spot for a long time. Soil is changed and in some cases contains elements that are not found on Earth.

Fifth, Dr. Roger Leir was doing research on alien implants for many years. He would remove the objects, examine them under high power, and have them examined by labs. The Doctor reported that the objects contained carbon nanotubes before we allegedly had that technology. Further, Dr. Leir stated that he detected radiofrequencies coming from the implants. He was adamant that in at least one case the alien implant moved when he tried to take it out from the abductee.

Sixth, those who go through these alien contact experiences often go on to have paranormal activity in their homes. The activity resembles classic poltergeist commotion. Lights flip on and off by themselves. Apparitions appear. Things move on their own. And the experiencer becomes more intuitive if not outright psychic. Could the ghosts and demons people have reported through history really be aliens?

Some argue that E.T.’s are tracking our evolution by using alien implants. That is, it is said aliens place the objects in humans to keep an eye on how their genetic manipulation of us is proceeding. Of course this theory supposes that extraterrestrials are interfering with our DNA in order to change us. Basically, we are a genetic experiment.

Others say the alien implants are more like tracking devices such as those we place on wild animals in order to study them.

These ideas are not all that far-fetched. I hear so many people arrogantly proclaiming that we humans are the most intelligent entities…..period! There couldn’t possibly be anything more intelligent than us. That is preposterous and laughable on its face. I don’t think it would be surprising to eventually find entities that far exceed our intellect. Humans have proven themselves to be base, violent creatures who are basically narcissists. How much would it take to top that?

If aliens are visiting us, it is difficult to argue that they are all benevolent. After all, if you have good intentions, then why hide? Why take people when they are unconscious and erase their memories? This doesn’t point to an alien entity acting in good faith. As a retired criminal profiler who specialized in serial murder, it reminds me of the serial rapists who drugged their victims to force sex on them. It just wreaks of being wrong.

For whatever reasons, if E.T.’s are here, they are not showing themselves. Perhaps with time that will change. But we have to ask, do we really want to know them? After all, we can’t truly understand what could be out there. Just because they could be more advanced than us does not mean that they would be compassionate or have any emotions as we understand them. I don’t have concerns about humans learning that extraterrestrials could be here. For the most part, our world could adapt to that. My worry is what they are and how they act.

Please see the following for more. This is not nearly an exhaustive list, but some good references to start:

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***I am doing a lot of research and will not be posting for a while. No worries, I will return!

You may be giving permission for alien abduction (and not even know it!)

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Are you an alien experiencer? You may be and not even know it. Strange things have happened here to a lot of people, and they are afraid to talk about it. I’ve spoken with over one hundred abductees and contactees. This article focuses on those who are taken at night or against their conscious will.

Most of these people have spotty memories of being taken by alien creatures and being experimented on. The majority are terrified of these memories, but there is much more to this than witness recall.

A large number of abductees have physical evidence of their abductions. They wake with unexplained marks on their body. Scars will appear overnight. Sometimes there are areas of their bodies which have been shaved or their hair has been cut.

For others, all of a sudden, they will begin writing or speaking in different languages when they couldn’t before. At once, they become more psychic, and there are some who become healers as a result. Likewise, some will suddenly know information that they shouldn’t such as advanced math or physics when they never studied these subjects before.

While that part doesn’t sound so bad, there are many negative aftershocks for a number of abductees. They suffer from radiation burns, sudden health problems, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. There are no ‘gifts’ for these victims, only pain. This basically says that some aliens are benevolent while others are selfish and negative.

If you have had a good contact, there is always the looming question of ‘experience’ while you sleep or against your conscious will. Some experiencers have found that in hypnosis they are able to recall giving permission for their contacts while asleep. The aliens communicated that they are working with our unconscious to impact our consciousness in order to prepare us for the eventual reveal of what is out there.

However, it doesn’t matter if your unconscious grants permission if your life has been turned upside down. If your conscious has not granted permission, then it is against your will. It like the sex predator who gives the victim a date-rape drug which alters her ability to give consent. She cannot give conscious consent; therefore, consent is not given. This is the same type of situation.

Though some may feel it is all right if they give consent unconsciously, many more feel that it is invasive and unacceptable.

And we must ask the question, if visiting aliens were truly benevolent and have the ability to cure illness or stop violence, how could they sit back and allow such things as torture, rape, murder, cancer, and all kinds of horrors that infest this Earth. Furthermore, if they are simply kind beings, then why hide? The general rule is, if you are on the up and up, then you do not hide things. This raises serious questions about the alien agenda.

In cases where witnesses are able to recall communication, they report the aliens had said that they operate this way because they do not completely understand humans. We are a part of their research. This statement alone is frightening.

Now there are cases involving people who have very pleasant experiences with aliens. For these people, they get a sense of peace and even healing. Their lives are improved. For those people, this is a wonderful thing. But why don’t they heal everyone? Why not make everyone better? That is a very good question, and only the aliens could answer that.

What is clear is that there are some evil entities operating on Earth, and they are causing harm to humans. They may be using the excuse of ‘well you gave unconscious permission, so we can do what we want.’ Of course, if you are being harmed, then you know that you never gave permission for that.

If you have had such an experience, please contact me. I keep your information confidential. Email: deborahkauflin @ gmail.com

Alien Experience: When You Get Bruises From E.T.’s

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

People are obsessed with aliens, and it appears aliens are obsessed with us. There are those who say that aliens have taken them and used them for experiments. And there are countless numbers of witnesses who have seen UFO’s.

The alien phenomenon has been going on for a long time. Though the very idea is still widely mocked, there are definite patterns in the reports of those who say they were taken by E.T.’s. Additionally, these reports come from people of every economic scale and from around the world.

Individuals from remote villages have recounted their own abduction stories. These people in remote places did not require the use of hypnosis, and they could not have been influenced by media because TV and movies don’t exist where there. The fact that alien abduction accounts arise from places cut off from the mainstream lends credence to them.

The fact is that UFO’s are real. There are unidentified flying crafts that are seen by Military pilots and police officers. It isn’t simply a case of mentally unbalanced individuals claiming they saw extraterrestrials. Many witnesses are people who well respected. But a witness doesn’t have to be a trained observer or have a college degree to be a reliable witness. People from all walks of life have seen UFO’s and aliens. They aren’t all lying, and they aren’t all crazy.

The similarity in case descriptions is key. And there most certainly is a pattern to these stories.

First, aliens usually take people who are sleeping, people on vacation, or those who are isolated. Basically, E.T.’s take people when they won’t be missed.

Next, there is a strong affiliation for water areas, especially remote lakes. There are a lot of UFO/alien abduction cases near water. Many people suggest that extraterrestrials actually go under the water with their crafts to hide them. This points to the aliens not wanting to be seen, or only wanting to be seen on their terms.

Along with that point, some contactees have said that they were driving and found themselves taking wrong turns which led them to the place of abduction. It is like victims are corralled like cattle to a chokepoint where they can be taken privately.

For those who were awake when they were snatched, many saw an aircraft with a pulsating light. Often witnesses describe a white light and a red light, like a laser. It when they see the craft that some amnesias begin. For a certain group, there is no memory after seeing the UFO with the light. However, once they come to, they have physical reminders of what had happened as well as flashbacks.

Of those who did not black out upon seeing the UFO lights, there is a spotty recall of events. People will awaken from a full night’s sleep feeling as if they had not slept at all. They suffer from strange dreams which are highly upsetting. Their bodies will be drenched in sweat, and sometimes, they are shaking. The nightmares are surreal and have a huge impact on abductee lives. In the ‘dreams,’ the victims are typically nude in some kind of hospital setting where unusual looking entities surround them. There is no escape, making abductees panic. In fact, panic is a universal reaction to initial contact and abduction. As they lay helpless, victims describe a sensation as if their bodies were burning. Try as they might, they cannot move to get away.

The aliens show little to no concern for the victim discomfort. In fact, they purposely elicit negative emotions from abductees. We are unsure why, but it is obvious from accounts that extraterrestrials scare and hurt their victims. In some cases, aliens will give the abductee horrific images which are clearly frightening. Some view these images as warnings for Humanity, while others say that the aliens are simply sadistic. But it goes further than that. Victims are prodded and basically tortured, and it is not unusual for victims to suffer from health problem following the event. Seriously, abductees often have chronic health issues after the contact, and they question their sanity. To make someone wonder if he is insane or not is cruel.

Skeptics dismiss these accounts with the wave of their hands. However, it is important to note that there are multiple cases where more than one family member has been take at once. The family members go through the same thing at the same time. For example, a parent wakes up after an abduction dream only to find marks and bruises on certain body parts. One or more of their children will awaken with similar trauma to their bodies. Same morning. Same account.  This points to both being abducted at the same time. I have spoken with these people. They live in countries all over the world. Many are professionals, and some are in prestigious jobs in the Military.

What I’m saying is that the people who I spoke with were not raving lunatics. They live normal lives, raise children, are members of the PTA, and are very down to Earth. They don’t want fame, and they are not writing books about their alien/UFO contact. They simply want to find out what is really happening.

There are accounts of implants or some sort of tracking devices left in victim bodies after the abductions. I have seen these things when I interviewed abductees. I’ve seen the bruises and scars which formed overnight following abduction ‘dreams.’  Dr. Roger Leir is said to have removed such implants. He had the metals analyzed by laboratories for content. The implants appear to be of extraterrestrial origin, not of this Earth. Elements in the implants themselves are not molecularly made up as elements would be on this planet. Instead they were similar to meteorites  (see http://www.alienscalpel.com/research).

This most definitely calls for more research because Humans are going through traumas which are ruining their lives. Though it is far out to consider that aliens abducting people, it has to be considered.  We don’t know everything. In many ways we have only taken baby steps into space. To say that we are the only intelligent life out there is laughable. One could easily argue that Humans are not all that intelligent as a species. So it is not out of the realm of possibility to believe that there is other life out there that is comparable or more intelligent.

We don’t know how aliens would think, what they are composed of, or how they travel. We just don’t know. What we do know is that Humans have these contact experiences, and there is supportive evidence either on the victims or in their environment (i.e. changes to the land, implants, scars etc.).

I am doing more research with people who have experienced UFO encounters and alien contact, so I won’t be posting as often while I’m working. If you have had something like this, then know you are not alone. While it is scary, know that if aliens are here and they wanted us dead, we would be dead. So try not to panic if there is something unusual going on with you. My email is: deborahkauflin @ gmail.com if you want to talk. Please note there is no space after the n and before the g in the email.

Have You Seen An Alien? They Can Change Colors & Are Like Chameleons

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Do you think you have seen an alien? You may well have. There are increasing reports of witnesses who report encountering extraterrestrials. It appears as if there are more than one type of alien visiting our planet. Some look like us. Others resemble insects. And then there are reptilian and grey creatures.

I’m going to discuss the grey aliens in this article. Yes, I have seen them. However, I didn’t see them the way that you might expect. I have been interviewing people who have experienced alien contact and abduction. I should tell you that I am a psychic as well as a criminal profiler. I get visions and know things that I shouldn’t know. For example, I knew India would have the devastating Mumbai terror attack in 2008 and wrote about it in my book Disturbed: Terrorist Behavioral Profiles which was released a few weeks prior to that terror attack. I knew the first Ebola case in the US would be diagnosed in Texas, and last spring I predicted that police would shoot an unarmed Black person in St. Louis which would result in huge rioting. Sometimes I just know these things while other times I see mental images of events.

As I was talking to those who had alien encounters, I got images of what these people saw. I described what I was seeing and it matched with reports from these contactees. So I know exactly what these entities look like. As I was viewing these creatures I got the strong sense that they did not want me to see them. Plus I had great difficulty seeing their ‘faces.’

What I can tell you is that a lot of entities are short. Reports are that they are only a few feet tall, and that is what I saw as well. They have rubbery skin with thin bodies and extremities. It kind of reminded me of Stretch Armstrong (for those of you who grew up in the 1970’s). I also saw the creatures change color from a dull grey to a bright green, which is what several of the abductees had seen. It is like certain aliens have chameleon qualities. One wonders if they could blend into the dark as well which would explain why some people report these creatures walking through walls. Maybe they don’t walk through walls at all. Perhaps they were there all along in camouflage.

These beings seem intelligent and have purpose. Clearly they watch human beings and do not necessarily want to be seen. Think of scientists who study animals in the wild. They don’t really want to be seen because they want to catch animals in their natural state. Wouldn’t we want to watch aliens in their natural state if we found them? Of course! So it makes sense that they would do the same to us.

Those who come into contact with these beings report tingling running down their bodies when they get close to the creatures. This tingling is usually on one side. It is consistent that most who have these experiences are terrified and hurt by them. Yes, there are people who report positive experiences. However, the majority speak of negative contact which involves abduction.

Now while you may be rolling your eyes at all this, stop and think about how we have treated animals on this planet. We have not been the most benevolent of beings when it comes to animals. We have experimented on them. We eat them. We kill them. And some even torture them. So why would it be so hard to believe that an alien species would not do the same to us? It is likely that a species that could find its way here would be aggressive. If they viewed us as we view, say, ants, they would think nothing of abducting, experimenting, or even killing us. Even if you don’t believe in any of this, that is a frightening thought.

There is something out there, whatever you want to call it. These creatures are grey and can change to green. They are short with rubbery, thin bodies. They watch people but keep their distance. They do not want a face to face meeting. When they do interact, they want humans asleep or almost drugged in some way. This suggests that we could hurt them in a face to face encounter.

These reports come from credible people who are professionals and live normal lives. They are not seeking fame, nor are they selling their stories for money. I’m not getting paid for writing this article either. A lot of people want to find the truth about these encounters. What is certain is that the encounters do take place. We just need to figure out why and what these entities intend.

If you have had an experience let me know. I will be happy to talk to you, and I keep your name confidential.

Aliens Communicate With Clicking Sounds

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Aliens do speak. They talk just like you and me. Well, maybe not exactly like us, but they do communicate. While it has been widely reported that aliens have visited us and that telepathy is the preferred manner with which they ‘talk,’ there are many incidences where humans report aliens ‘speaking’ in clicks. I have heard the sounds when examining witness recordings, and the sounds are somewhat similar to dolphin clicks. However, it is not exactly the same.

It is important to note that those who have come into contact with extraterrestrials have had vastly different experiences. Though the majority report negative contact, there are a few who have had pleasant interactions. In either case, aliens did communicate. Telepathy was more common, but the clicking is widely reported too.

The hallmarks of these encounters are many. First, in the ‘clicking cases’ as I like to call them, witnesses report seeing UFO’s AND aliens. They usually go hand and hand in these types of sightings. Either witnesses see a UFO immediately preceding the encounter or right after.

Second, unusual creatures are seen, often by multiple witnesses. The entities are described as having skin that looks rubbery and varies from green to grey. The body is thin. Strangely, people have trouble describing the head. Some say they just couldn’t get a good look at it. Those who did said that the creatures had big ‘eyes’ which either were blackish or were glowing.

Third, witnesses reported that the aliens did not want to be spotted. In short, extraterrestrials would hide and peek around objects to watch humans. This type of thing happens outside more than indoors. Frequently, it takes place near or in a wooded area.

When people catch sight of these beings, the clicking sounds are heard. It is as if the aliens are surprised when caught and then ‘speak.’ Usually these extraterrestrials back off once seen, but they do come back. It is like they become fascinated with certain people and want to keep track of them.

Fourth, witnesses also report hearing these clicking sounds coming from electric devices which are unplugged and non-battery operated shortly after seeing UFO’s and aliens. It is not clear whether the entities are using these devices or if something else is going on. But enough people have reported it to note it.

Fifth, most clicking cases are associated with abduction. While people may not necessarily remember all of their abduction time, they remember enough of it. Plus, they repot having fresh cuts or scars following these events. The cuts are symmetrical as if done intentionally, like a surgery. Almost always, those who go through this report pain. These are not good contacts. Victims say that they observe aliens touching and prodding them while expressing little to no concern for comfort. Though there may be one alien that shows compassion, the others are basically without empathy, like psychopaths.

The few people who report good experiences say they were not abducted. They only saw extraterrestrials and UFO’s and heard the clicking sounds. They were not victims of experimentation. This could be the result of one of two things. Either there are different types of aliens who use the same clicking sounds or those who report positive experiences have not YET had abduction. Sightings suggest that there are more than one type of alien.

In summary, the clicking aliens appear to be observing us. They tend to keep their distance but come close enough to be heard and seen, but they never engage fully. The majority of contacts produce intense fear and leave witnesses shaken. Abductees refer to themselves as victims because they feel violated. Having been observed and even taken without their consent, they are rightfully angry and frightened.

Because there is so much social stigma, those who have these contacts are reluctant to come forward. They don’t want to lose careers or be painted with the crazy label. There are so many reports worldwide which are consistent that you have to question what is happening. There is no way governments can be oblivious. But still, the alien concept is mocked widely. One wonders if this is done on purpose to keep people quiet.

In any event, if you have had such an experience, please let me know. I keep your name confidential. I’m only looking to research these incidences and gather information.