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Grey ET’s sell knowledge

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

Greys are highly intelligent extraterrestrials. They are cunning, thoughtful, planners who know how to look at a situation and see all sides. In fact, the Greys never put all of their eggs in one basket, so to speak. They investigate every species and learn what makes them tick. Greys are master manipulators who look out for their own best interest. Because of that, expect that they will always be working every angle to preserve themselves.

Psychics complain that the Greys are stingy with information. Unlike some other entities, the Greys often remain silent when asked questions. I can tell you from my own psychic work that Greys hate giving their thoughts away. Instead, they sell knowledge. They do so because they understand that knowledge is valuable.

If you understand the thoughts of any entity, you can figure out its weakness. Yet I do not think the Greys are concerned about this. They are so far advanced from us that we do not have the psychic ability, psychokinetic skills, or technology to harm them. Still, they remain mostly quiet about themselves as a strategic move. Some say they share so little because they do not want to interfere with our evolution. However, by abducting humans, they are more than interfering. You cannot say that they are taking a hands off position. It is just the opposite. So that excuse is bogus. From doing psychic work and talking to people in government, it is cleat that if you want information from the Greys, you must give them something.

This demonstrates that these creatures are not dumb. They play a long game and know how to manipulate all sides. If you are dealing with Greys, then understand that they are also dealing with someone else. In other words, they are not on your side exclusively. If it benefits them, then they will be on your side for a short time. When others are more beneficial to them, they will be on their side. They do not view this as being deceptive. It is practical, nothing more.

It is said that they have a hive mind. Greys share thoughts with each other. They do it instantly and effortlessly. If you are interacting with a Grey, this ET is gathering information from you to share with the others. The word share comes up a lot with these creatures. This is a key aspect of their culture for themselves.

They are also very protective when they want to be. The Greys will fiercely defend something if it is important to them. Even other very powerful ET’s will not intentionally provoke the Greys. When it comes down to it, remember that Greys are very self-interested. If they are protecting something, it is because it has value to them.

If you speak to anyone who knows something about the Greys, that person will tell you that they do not share information outside of their species without some benefit to themselves. They are clever and secretive. Though they have a hive mind, there is some individualistic nature to them. It is like the individuals act like detectors to gather information, much like our senses do for us.

They will take all information they can get but are very stingy and give little in return. Though some abductees do seem to get gifts from these ET’s, we do not know the motivation for this. It could be a simple experiment to see how humans use those gifts. On the other hand, it could be another type of Grey who gives gifts. Notice that very, very few abductees get gifts. Too many have their lives ruined by contact. Since it is so difficult to get information from these creatures, we are left to speculate as to their motivations. As a retired criminal profiler, I always look at behavior. Behavior reflects personality. And the behavior of the Greys is concerning. There are too many questions left unanswered, and information mainly goes one way.

What we do know is that any information that came from a Grey had a price. Those in the know will say that these things have an agenda. What that agenda is, we do not know. All we can say for sure is that so much secrecy surrounds ET’s. They leave breadcrumbs for us to follow, but too often, the trail grows cold and leaves us with even more questions.

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UFO contact & energy blast

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When examining people who came into contact with UFO’s, there are lots of commonalities. Though such people may not remember any abduction experience, they do remember circumstances of the contact.

The typical situation goes like this. It is most common for contactees to see a bright light in the evening or at night. They suffer from missing time during which they do not have any memory. And there are physical manifestations, evidence that something happened.

In this article I am focusing on those who see a UFO or a bright light in the sky at dusk or at night. These specific cases occurred when a person is alone or in a small group. Furthermore, this person or small group is isolated or in a remote area.

An unusual event will happen which captures the attention of the contactee. There is something amiss. When looking around, there are things out of place or out of the norm. Invariably there is a light involved. Usually, it is a bright light. Mostly it is in the sky. However, it can be indoors.

More often than not, the contactee will see something wrong and go to investigate. It is like the person feels compelled to look into what is happening. These people do not give much thought to walking toward something strange. It doesn’t occur to them that it could be dangerous.

As they evaluate their surroundings, a light will appear which is extremely bright. It is most described as blinding. It is here that contactee experiences differ. However, the cases all appear to involve some blast of energy.

Whereas some experience the blast of energy before their minds go blank, others will experience some kind of amnesia and then recall the energy blast occurring later. Contactees describe the energy blast as being extremely intense. Most say it hurt and burned. For several, it knocked them off of their feet.

The contactees did not know what the energy blast was, but many said they thought it was some kind of weapon. All of the contactees I interviewed were hurt by this blast. They suffered some injury as a result.

The most common results of the blasts were:

  1. Burns
  2. Internal injuries
  3. Concussions
  4. Neurological problems
  5. Nose bleeds
  6. Ear bleeds
  7. Eye injury

In other words, these things hurt people. To this day we do not know what the energy blast comes from. It could be some kind of radiation as contactees suffer radiation or radiation-type burns. The scary part is that it is not a one time thing. Contactees suffer from these effects for years after the event. The exposure, whatever it is, causes lingering effects.

The fact that these people had no fear approaching a scary situation is significant. It was like they were compelled to go toward something. Was it simple curiosity or something else? Were they lured? While we do not have the answers, we do see so many similarities worldwide. What is the energy blast? Who is behind it? Open the door to this phenomena, and you open Pandora’s box. There is more than meet’s the eye here.

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Paranormal lights & hauntings

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

If you are a paranormal investigator, then you are familiar with these things. In some of the most haunted locations worldwide, investigators capture a particular form of paranormal phenomenon, especially when there are physical manifestations. This phenomenon looks like a small moth or lights which streaks across the room. Some say they look like small comets with light tails. When the small lights go around the room, it is common for them to actually enter a person in the room. At that point, the person will experience headaches, dizziness, and nausea. They also will feel cold and sometimes out of sorts. In other words, people touched by these things can almost feel drugged.

The lights are some sort of paranormal contact. There are several theories as to what they are.

  1. Alien
  2. Ghost
  3. Interdimensional entity
  4. Biophoton produced by people

First, the lights could be aliens who are foreign to our planet. The truth is that we don’t know what an alien would look like. They could literally be anything. Why not a form of light? Though the lights are more commonly associated with a haunting, there have been recorded cases where alien abductees have video of themselves with the lights circling them. This happened after the abductions.

Could it be ghosts? Do those who have crossed over present as the moth-like lights. These tend to be highly active cases. Perhaps those who die change into this form of a light energy which can be seen by our cameras.

Another option is an interdimensional entity. Much like an alien, they could look like just about anything. Maybe there are times that something from another plane of existence makes its way into our world and causes havoc. Some theorize that when we first used the atomic bomb, we ripped a hole into another dimension. There is nothing to say that an interdimensional creature could not be here. And again, we would have no idea how it would look.

Then we have the idea that it is a living agent causing the lights. Researchers are studying biophotons which are produced from human energy. Cameras can capture this light energy. Since these phenomena present as forms of light, maybe it is just us projecting our unconscious outward. People may not even know they are doing it. However, given the right conditions, poltergeist activity can manifest along with the lights. Who is to say that it couldn’t be us putting out biophotons? If you want to get really creative, you could argue that all of these answers are true. Different locations which demonstrate a variety of paranormal phenomena may be caused by different things.

I have interviewed and studied over 150 alien abductees from all around the world who have had remarkably similar experiences. In these cases, there was physical evidence left behind in the form of body implants, missing fetuses, radiation burns, and more. This alien abduction phenomenon leads us to the doorstep of ET’s.

Dr. Julie Beischel has done fantastic research into afterlife communication from the deceased which points to spirits being involved. Dr. Barry Taff is famous for his exceptional work into poltergeist phenomena with humans as the living agent. This could mean that we are the culprits. And Paul Eno has done much research about parasitic interdimensional entities who feed off of our fears. Anymore, not one of these theories is far-fetched. All of this interesting research points to the existence of a multitude of suspects. It is a strange world that we live in, and as we learn more about the invisible world around us, it gets even weirder.

I’m always open to hearing theories or if you have experienced this. It may take a while for me to respond because I get so many emails. But I do respond if I receive it.

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The Absorbing Extraterrestrial blob

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

I’ve remote viewed it. Other psychics have seen it too. What it is, none of us are sure. However, it is something that can exist in space, other dimensions, and here on Earth. None of us who have seen it feel very good about it. It is something alien, and it is not benevolent.

This thing is a large amorphous figure which has the power to absorb things.

It is destructive.

It is unfeeling.

It is powerful.

I was told by a psychic (he worked for what must for now be an unnamed agency) that several of the psychics had seen this thing, but none could actually connect and talk with it. They couldn’t tell exactly why it is here, but they knew it was not friendly.

I picked up on this thing years ago and have asked my friends who are psychic what they thought. Every one of them was able to see it, and they also could feel that it was hostile.

What I discovered about this thing is that for the most part it does not have feelings like we do. It is highly intelligent and plans its moves. Other ET’s avoid it because it can hurt and even kill them. This includes the greys. It hasn’t touched down on Earth, so to speak. It has hovered in the atmosphere, and it can hover in space. It is very difficult to describe.

While it is reclusive, I did sense that this thing had some kind of bad feeling toward other ET’s. It is a very old creature and can absorb pretty much anything. It can travel through many times at once which makes it dangerous. It does not have the burning curiosity that other aliens demonstrate. It has no desire to tinker with other species. Strangely, it does seem to let psychics see it. Perhaps that is because it has no fear of us.

While it lets psychics view it, it rarely speaks to them. It is almost like a machine, but it is not. This thing is living.

I will say this creature feels as if no other alien or entity is a match for it. It is like when an orca shows up and sea creatures scramble away. I will be doing more research into this as it is very mysterious and raises a lot of questions. If you have viewed this entity, let me know. The consensus I get from psychics is that if this thing comes here, it is game over. It can destroy what it wants to destroy.

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ET abduction case

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

I have been studying alien abduction cases for ten years now. I’ve interviewed many abductees, formed profiles of the abductions and after-effects, and have a blueprint for how these things occur. One of the more interesting cases I studied was that of a man named Ben. He lived in the northeastern United States in the 1970’s. It was there and then that he was taken.

Ben was alone driving on a back road at dusk in the late spring. This was along his daily drive to and from work. His was a mechanic. As it got darker outside, he noticed a small light in his rearview mirror. At first it seemed tiny and not big enough to be the headlight of a car behind him. Yet as he drove, he noticed that the light got bigger and disappeared. He wasn’t sure what to make of that but wasn’t overly concerned.

As he rounded a curve, he began having trouble with his car. It sputtered and came to a stop. When he got out to see what was wrong, he saw the light again in the distance. Ben thought it was another car and put his hand to partially cover his eyes. The light was so bright. He remembered that when he looked at it, his eyes burned and watered.

The next thing he remembered he was trying to run from something. He began to sprint away but found that he couldn’t move. Something was preventing him from running away. Nothing was touching him, but he couldn’t move.

His mind went blank.

He awoke in a very bright room laying on a cold table. It reminded him of the doctor’s office, only there wasn’t a sheet on the table. He was directly on what felt like metal. He heard what sounded like cicadas chirping, followed by another sound that he described as clicking. He didn’t see anything because the lights were so bright. Completely confused, he tried to move but couldn’t. The chirping sounds got louder, and then he saw the “monster.” This thing got close, laid on him and put its face right up almost against his. The thing was staring into Ben’s eyes. It was ugly. Ben described it as looking strange with yellow eyes. It “kind of looked like a huge mole face or something like that.” The skin was brownish-grey.

Ben described the creature as being irritated. It seemed like it was angry, and it was laying on him to scare him. As Ben said, “it worked.” During this entire time, he couldn’t speak. He couldn’t move. The thing kept right up on him staring into his eyes and chirping.

The next thing Ben knew, there was some kind of device pulling his eyelids apart while another creature did something to his eye. He doesn’t know what was done because he thinks he passed out. The next thing he knew, he was awake again, and he was still on the table. This time he could feel pain in his ear. He felt like someone had stabbed him in his ear canal.

The entire time he felt as if he had been drugged. Though he felt drugged, he was very clear on the things he did remember. One strange aspect he talked about was how the creature pulled out some of his leg hairs. It hurt but was not as bad as his ear pain. This whole thing was like a nightmare.

His description of the creatures was a bit fuzzy. Yet Ben remembered long grey/brown fingers. However, their fingers were not like ours. They only had a few fingers, not five. And again, Ben stated the fingers were very long.

While it had been very cold in the room originally, when the creatures were pulling his leg hairs, the room got hot. He recalled sweating profusely. The next thing he remembered was in the woods to the side of his car. He was on his knees. Ben was soaking wet with sweat. His clothing was wet too.

At that time, he was totally convinced that he had a nervous breakdown. He thought he had simply passed out and imagined the whole thing. The problem was, he had scratches around his eye, trouble seeing, and terrible pain in his ear. When he got home, there was dried blood around his ear. There was a red spot on his leg where he recalled having his leg hairs pulled. He had to go to the eye doctor who told him something had irritated his retina.

For a very long time, Ben kept this to himself. He never wanted to speak of it. With time, the nightmares became unbearable. He would sleepwalk at night if he could get any sleep at all. His wife told him he would scream in his sleep. He refused to sleep by the bedroom window but could never explain why.

Years later, he began having flashbacks. As the images became more clear, he could no longer ignore what had happened. He finally came forward and had a regression session. While he still has not been able to fill in all of the blanks, he did recall seeing a large flying object near his car before the abduction. He also remembered seeing the object seemingly turn into a large light and zip away at high speed.

He told me he cannot forget the face of the creature. He said that though popular media portray the image of an ET as the usual grey, the ones who took him looked different. He swears the mean one looked like a tall, human sized mole. He said he has never seen another ET picture like what he saw.

For so long Ben kept silent. Not only was he worried that people would think he was insane, but he was a practicing Catholic. He was terrified that somehow he had done something wrong. There was worry about how the church would view his experience. While he tried bringing up the experience to his family once, it didn’t go well. They made fun of him and told him he needed more sleep. This, of course, made matters worse. He did not pursue any more regressions after the one because he said it made him upset. He still doesn’t sleep well and suffers ear problems to this day. Ben was very down to Earth and said he doesn’t know what really happened to him. Yet he remembers it vividly. He spoke to me because he said he wanted others to know they are not alone if they experience this. He said no one should ever go through what he went through afterward. No one believed him, and it ruined his life.

This is a case example of an abduction. There are blanks and missing time. There is no neat little bow to wrap it all up. Ben had a good mental health history and was not a big drinker. He had not been drinking that day. He was coming home from work. Prior to the event, he had been sleeping well. No unusual stress. There was nothing to point to which would explain away the abduction. No history of mental illness in his family or any medical condition at all.

As you see, these cases bring up more questions than answers. Those affected can have their lives destroyed, and they live in fear that the creatures will come back. Some ET contact is benevolent, but too many are not.

If you have experienced ET contact, please contact me. I’m working to bring awareness and create profiles of these contacts to help victims.

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Alien abductees feel dirty after contact

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

Et abductions can leave you with nasty scars. They can cause abductees to go insane. Abductions can ruin people’s lives costing them their jobs, relationships, and children.

Hearing this, it is no wonder abductees feel dirty after their experiences. It is very common for those who are taken to want to throw away their clothes or bedding once they realize what has happened. They take multiple showers and examine any scars and injuries over and over. If they do keep the clothes they wore during abduction, they will run them through the washer multiple times. It is the very rare abductee who keeps clothing from the experience. More of them want to erase any trace of the experience.


Abductees cannot believe what occurred. Not only were they taken, but they were taken by something not of this world. Think about that for a moment.

At first, those who were taken may feel like fools for even believing in such nonsense. After all……aliens? Who is going to believe them? Everyone will think they are nuts. For the record, it is not uncommon for abductees to think they are losing their minds. The totality of the experience can be too much for the human mind to process. It is so far-fetched that some abductees have breakdowns.

However, when there is physical evidence tied to the event, it becomes hard to dismiss. The scars that appear overnight are hard to ignore. Weird rashes suddenly occur. Radiation burns appear. No matter what you think, you cannot dismiss radiation burns. SOMETHING happened to these victims. You can argue whether the abductors come from outer space, but you cannot say that nothing happened.

So, there is physical evidence in these cases. There have been reports of a sticky substance left on the skin of abductees. The substance is only seen under fluorescent lighting. Again, those taken by ET’s want to get rid of this. They wash and wash over again in an attempt to forget what happened, even when their conscious minds do not recall right away.

For those out there who think this is comical, you do not know everything. As ET researcher Mary Rodwell says “we don’t know what we don’t know.” Sounds simple, yet it is true. We don’t know what is out there. And we certainly don’t know what we don’t know. However there have been enough of these cases with physical evidence to raise an eyebrow.

The thing is that those who are taken by what appear to be ET’s suffer bad effects. While some claim healings occurred afterward, the greater number have lots of problems stemming from the experience. There is no happily ever after for them. They live in torment as any victim would. What is worse here is that no one believes them.  That is why they want to forget. Yet they can’t forget. It isn’t fair to them, and they live out their lives suffering in silence.

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Allergies after ET Abduction

Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

After taking another year to interview alien abductees, I have found more detailed patterns after abduction. Abductees go through all kinds of emotions and experiences. Upon realizing what has happened, the shock alone can be devastating.

Why me?

What actually happened to me?

How will this impact my future?

Is my health damaged?

There are so many questions. Fear is overwhelming. But what can scare abductees more than anything is the development of health problems.

Often those taken by ET’s develop health issues. These illnesses do not run in abductee families, and the abductees never had such problems prior to the abductions. In other words, it is clear that the health issues arose because of alien contact.

One of the lesser discussed health problems is the development of allergies. All of a sudden abductees will become allergic to foods they never had problems with before. Perfumes or blooming plants will bother them severely. Their skin will break out with welts and rashes. Though abductees go to doctors, the physicians can’t seem to help them. The allergies won’t go away. If they do, they come back. Any reprieve is temporary.

It is common for alien abductees to have scars from the ET experimentation. However, what people don’t know is that abductees will get scars from terrible skin allergies which develop after contact.  Often these skin allergies are very bad. The abductee’s skin will feel as if it is burning. Sometimes just the burning sensation alone leaves scars. This is not to be confused with radiation burns which are sometimes present after UFO/ET exposure. The allergies are confirmed to be something different.

Other times abductees itch so badly that they can’t help but scratch too hard.  The scars and red skin act as reminders of the most traumatic experience of their lives. This messes with their heads and increased their anxiety. There is a blatant physical reminder of something so bizarre few believe. Everyone can see the skin allergies, but no one can understand what happened.

Those who were abducted decades ago will speak about how the allergies got worse with each passing year. The problems don’t get better. Doctors cannot explain the allergies which only makes abductees feel worse. They do not feel like others can relate to them which makes them more isolated. Yes, people are interested in their stories, but other than that, people can push abductees away. So on top of being abducted and having health problems, abductees feel shunned. They can feel abandoned. And the cycle of worry and fear continues. Psychological trauma can actually increase the more time an abductee has to think about what has happened.

New allergies are a piece of the puzzle in this complex situation we are trying to put together. Why do some abductees suffer so much? Why the bizarre allergies? Why do they get worse with time? We don’t have the answers yet, but the more we learn about patterns, the more likely it is that we can pinpoint what is happening.

If you have experienced something like this, please feel free to contact me at  Deborahkauflin  @  gmail.com

Aliens without bodies

Copyright Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D.

When you think about aliens, chances are you picture a little grey creature with big black eyes. Lots of people who have had alien abduction experiences point the finger at these little grey creatures as being their abductors. We see them in TV and movies when they snatch an innocent human.

Perhaps there is more than meets the eye with these cases. More often than not, abductees discuss seeing a little ball of light floating around at the time of their experiences. So many talk about this small light which moves around quickly. The light seems to appear out of nowhere, and it zips around fast and furious. It can stop and hover. People state that they see faces in the balls of light.

There are reports of this light being blue and sometimes white. To some degree, you could think of it like that of Glinda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. It floats, and someone seems to emerge from it.

After people witness the little ball of light, then other things occur. Abductees will see the ‘Grey’ aliens emerge from the circle of light. Then the whole abduction sequence takes place. It is at this point that the human memory becomes fuzzy.

The interesting thing is that some who are taken will have scars which appear overnight. Their clothes will not be on properly when they wake up. Their shoes or one shoe will be found outside instead of where the shoes were located the night before. In certain cases there is documented radiation exposure.

In other words, something physical takes place. Do the Greys emerge from these balls of light? Do they travel in the light? Are the Greys the little balls of light themselves? Are the Greys separate from the light beings? There are no concrete answers at this time. I have seen enough cases of ‘abductions’ that occur when people never leave their homes, at least physically. Mentally they may have left, or the ET’s have a way of making you think you left. Some abductions appear to take place in a person’s mind only.

There are some who theorize that all ET’s are simply these non-physical entities. The theory goes that the physical ‘abductions’ are conducted by militaries and governments. The supposition is that ours and other governments have been conducting abductions for experimentation on the population and to prepare for a fake alien invasion. The goal: to take away more of our rights. I don’t put anything past any government. And I do believe they are involved in some of this. However, that does not preclude some type of dimensional beings or alien entities from engaging in human abduction as well.

Some entities may be non-physical. In fact, I believe that is the case. Yet I also know that where there is one, there is more. So while one type may be non-physical, others may very well be quite solid. As always, we are left with more questions than answers. And as I repeatedly point out, the beings, whatever they are, are not talking. They are very secretive. The entities are not transparent in their motives and goals. So we are left in the dark to speculate. 

I also believe that governments are playing with fire when it comes to this topic. They may not believe that there are aliens here but simply want to pretend that there are so they can gain more power and money. There is enough evidence to show that something is here, and our government cannot control it. The arrogance displayed by people in power is breathtaking. You have to remember, these things are from someplace else. They don’t bow to elected officials on this planet. And none of us truly know what they can and cannot do. For all the government knows, these beings are manipulating them. Humans may believe they are in control. Remember, these entities appear to be able to influence the human mind. Those who think that they can play alien invasion may be in for a big surprise. 

I will say that as a psychic, I communicate with non-physical beings. They very well could be these ball of light aliens or entities. I am not sure. We are surrounded by things we cannot see. Whether they are here to help or hurt is up for debate. However, it is clear: they are here.

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ET Abduction and Blue Gel Substance

Copyright Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, PhD.

There is a common factor in many alien abduction cases. It is the blue gel like substance. I have interviewed over 130 ET abductees in depth. These are credible individuals whose jobs ranged from mail carriers, truck drivers, warehouse workers, prosecutors, judges, and even celebrities. All had been evaluated by doctors to ensure mental fitness. There were no signs of deception, and I can tell you these people truly believe that they were taken by entities. I believe them as well.

During these instances, abductees encountered all kinds of strange things.  These people remembered a blue gel like substance. The substance was described as being light blue in color, almost glowing. Very bright. It was something they were not supposed to touch. The interesting thing is that people described it as performing different functions in the alien craft.

  1. It acted like a TV screen
  2. It seemed to be used to hold bodies in suspended animation
  3. It was used as a form of energy
  4. It seemed to have a life of its own

For those who said it was used like a TV screen, it was there for a the purpose of showing them things. Abductees stated that they looked into a screen which had the substance in it. They could then view the past, current, and what they were told were other dimensions. This was communicated to them telepathically.

Others were terrified when they saw human beings or other creatures in tubes which had this gel like substance in the tube from top to bottom. Was it a preservative? I do not know. I had many people independently discuss seeing this during their abductions. It horrified them. In some cases the bodies seemed like shells with no life. Others moved and eyes blinked.

A large number of abductees discussed the ET’s showing them that this substance propelled the craft and was itself a form of energy. It was not explained to the people how it worked. But they were repeatedly warned not to touch it. Those who did suffered severe health problems afterward.

Finally, and to me very interesting, abductees described this blue gel like substance moving and forming things on its own. For example, more than one person did touch the gel. It moved from their hands and flew up in the air, then formed different shapes. It defied gravity. Then it went back to where it was originally. Was it alive? Did the aliens move it with their minds?

I have heard about this blue substance from enough people to believe it is real. What it is, I do not know. I am learning right along with the rest of you. I continually do research and am interviewing more abductees as I write this. If you have any knowledge about this or have an ET case, please contact me. Like you, I want the truth. I want to learn about what is out there and share this with everyone. 

You can contact me at: deborahkauflin @ gmail.com  http://www.spiritsmile.com

The ET stare: How aliens control people with their minds

copyright Deborah Schurman-Kauflin

This article was written a few years ago, but once again, I am getting a lot of emails about this happening. So I’m reposting.

Do you believe in aliens? How hard is it to think that another species has visited our planet? The possibilities are endless if you think about it. Many say that they have had some type of contact with extraterrestrials. The reported contacts involve everything from the dreaded abductions to quite pleasant, loving experiences. Everyone from farmers in the fields to judges out for a Sunday drive have reported the phenomenon. And stories come in from around the planet.

Of course we have to consider all explanations when listening to these accounts. Are those who claim to go through these experiences simply lying, or are they mentally ill? Is this nothing more than a case of mistaken identity, where people have night terrors and nightmares which they wrongly believe actually happened to them? Maybe it is a hallucination produced by physical illness, medication side effects, or massive stress. There is also research which shows that weak EMF fields can cause people to hallucinate (Persinger, 2016). Perhaps these experiencers had been exposed to weak EMF fields which acted on their brains. Those are certainly plausible explanations which should always be considered when someone comes forth with such tales.

But what if is something else? What if entities are visiting us and making contact? It is a worthy topic to study, no matter what the naysayers claim. If aliens are here, then we must investigate. We have a duty to look into topic. After all, who wants to be in the dark about creatures from other worlds, creatures who are watching and perhaps intervening in our lives? Putting our heads in the sand won’t make them go away.

Those who have come forward with accounts of alien abductions have been laughed at and even ruined professionally and financially. The cynics drip with hate as they attack witnesses for simply telling their stories. However science involves investigation and questioning. If people make up their minds before even glancing at a subject, progress will never be made. After all, how can you learn if your mind is closed?

We owe it to contactees to listen because if even a bit of their stories is real, then we would be putting ourselves in peril by ignoring them. By listening and investigating, we can learn not only about the human psyche, but potentially open up whole new worlds.

Let’s face it, if aliens are here, they have abilities that are way beyond our own. This by itself is scary. Yet they aren’t killing all of us. We aren’t slaves to some reptilian E.T. overlords. If they had the means to kill us and wanted to do so, then we would be dead. So either they aren’t here, they don’t have the resources to kill us, or they don’t want to. That doesn’t mean that they do not do present a threat to us. There are plenty of stories involving violent abductions which resemble something out of a horror movie. Yet, overall, we haven’t been overrun by little grey men with ray guns.

I can tell you that the alien contact stories I hear are very similar, whether abductees come from Australia, Africa, The Netherlands, or the U.S.A. There is definitely a pattern to how these cases unfold. Abductees tell tales of seeing lights in the sky or in their homes (red or blue). After seeing the lights or a ball of light, creatures appear. The descriptions vary from greys, reptilians, little furry creatures, tall whitish humanoids, blue eyed beings, Asian looking entities, balls of light, and more. *As a side note, based on the people I have talked to, if these things are real, I believe that E.T.’s can make you see what they want you to see.

And here is where the mind to mind contact comes in. From what abductees have told me and other researchers have found, there is a great deal of telepathy and mind connection. That is, experiencers will just know what the E.T.’s are communicating without ‘hearing’ it. Then there is the alien stare. A lot of abductees speak of having a strange looking creature stare into their eyes to get information as well as to control the abductees. They recall being incapacitated by the alien staring into their eyes. Further, the stare seems to act like a knock out drug. When abductees resist, an entity inevitably comes close and locks eyes with the human. This produces immobility and then grogginess, if not sleep.

As I’ve written before, it may be that extraterrestrials know how to activate the pineal gland to produce melatonin and thus sleep. Clearly, they seem to be able to effect the human nervous system and have perfected a way to knock us out without landing a punch.

Along the same vein, abductees report having an alien stare into their eyes and absorbing information. People often refer to it as a mind scan. It like they can look into our minds through our eyes and see whatever we have seen. Wouldn’t that be an interesting skill to have?

Though this part is even harder to believe, some abductees report sexual behavior or touch during their abduction experiences. Aliens appear to be interested in human sexuality and reproduction. For that reason, abductees tell stories of E.T.’s touching them in a sexual manner in order to produce orgasm and/or collect sperm. When orgasm is reached, aliens will often rush over to stare into the human’s eyes. Does that suggest that E.T.’s ‘feel’ human emotions or body sensation when they gaze into people’s eyes? Do they stare into the eyes during a period of great pleasure in order to capture that pleasure for themselves or to somehow study the neurological process going on in the brain at that moment?

The very well- known and respected Derrel Sims has been studying aliens for decades, and he has come to the conclusion that E.T.’s see in infrared, ultra violet, and x-ray type vision. So when they stare in the eyes, they actually could be doing an x-ray on your brain!

I know all this sounds way too weird to believe. I totally understand that. Yet you have to remember that these stories come from around the world and often from multiple witnesses at once. While I certainly cannot rule out EMF and geomagnetic factors acting on the brain to produce hallucinations, I also cannot rule out the possibility that aliens have been here. The similarity of the abduction stories warrants our attention, whether you believe in extraterrestrials or not. Something is going on. Perhaps someday we will be able to put the puzzle together so we can understand more about ourselves as well as the E.T.’s who I believe are here.

If you have had an experience like this or it rings a bell, feel free to contact me. Your story can really help in researching this grand subject.   Email: deborahkauflin       @  gmail.com



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