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Epileptics & ET’s: Do seizures explain alien abductions?

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

In the paranormal world, it is well known that in poltergeist cases, the agent is either seizure prone or has seizures. Even small focal seizures count. There is something about the epileptic brain that allows people to tap into a hyper-charged environment.

Because of this, I looked at alien abductees who had epilepsy or were seizure prone. I’ve been researching the alien phenomenon for 10 years now, and I have interviewed a little over 150 abductees. When I looked at the backgrounds of those involved in the phenomenon, I always examined the medical history. I included questions about epilepsy and seizures during my interviews. Interestingly, few abductees did have seizures. Around 20% of the abductees I interviewed fit into this category.  This is not a large number and a bit different than one might expect.

The other 80% of abductees did not have any history of seizures or epilepsy. This is very important since epilepsy plays such a big role in other paranormal activities. Whereas we can blame a seizure prone epileptic in a lot of poltergeist cases, we cannot necessarily do that in ET cases. It appears as if an agent is not involved in extraterrestrial abductions. This helps remove the potential of a human element as the cause of the abduction. If the human is not creating the activity, then what is?

Many do not realize that there is physical evidence in alien contact cases.

You will find:

Radiation burns.

Scars which heal overnight.

Unusual gel like substance which is seen under fluorescent light on victim clothing or victim skin.


These physical traces are left behind after abductions. Additionally, many cases have more than one family member experiencing the abductions at the same time. Thus, there are multiple witnesses. Pets react and will hide on the nights of ET contact. In some cases, pets disappear. What we know about alien abductions does not simply come from a person recounting the experience. There is other evidence.

Though governments are disclosing information about UFO’s and those who come into contact with them, alien abductees still feel embarrassed about their experiences. In general, they do not trust the government and will not talk with anyone affiliated with it. Who can blame them? Abductees have been ridiculed for ages, and their lives have been left in a shambles. These people should be taken seriously because something does happen to them. Sadly, they have been mocked. Society failed them.

The fact that we can begin to rule out things such as poltergeist agents being involved in ET abductions moves research forward in this field. It helps us develop an understanding of alien abductions and human physiology. It also helps to point to the legitimacy of ET contact.

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ET abductees miss their star home

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ET abductees definitely tend to all into one of two camps. Either they suffer from the after-effects of abduction, or they feel blessed and happy. Those who do not have the bad effects are those who receive gifts from the aliens.

Such people suddenly feel like they can manipulate time. Those who feel this way will state that they can slow time. They also receive healings and have a sudden knowledge of something they knew nothing about. Out of the blue they will understand advanced mathematics or physics. They know things they shouldn’t know. These abductees are the lucky ones. But they aren’t so lucky in one way. After contact, they have a deep longing to “go home.” Home is with the star people, and the longing can sometimes cause depression. Many such contactees feel as if they do not belong here on Earth. Being here never feels quite right.

Such people will find themselves looking at the sky, especially at night. Sometimes these contactees will spend hours just sitting outside in the dark looking for their star friends. They tend to spend their lives searching for more contact. These people will immerse themselves in all things ET, and often begin using art or writing to express themselves. They will draw the aliens and create fascinating pictures of these entities and other worlds. Some write and document their experiences. It is not uncommon for contactees to teach and sometimes lecture about the subject.

When you come across one of these individuals, you will notice that they radiate a peaceful aura. They have contentment and a deeper knowledge of spiritual and other worldly matters. This removes a lot of anxiety which humans normally experience. The only drawback is that they long for their star home. They miss their other world and the entities which inhabit it. I’ve spoken to many contactees who have told me that this does nag at them. They always feel like they don’t really belong here; Earth isn’t their true home. Yet they do feel a responsibility to investigate and spread the word about their experiences. I’ve found these people to be very open and willing to share what happened to them. They are pleasant to be around and truly want to soothe any fears people have about ET’s.

The dichotomy between the two alien abduction groups is fascinating. Some suffer. Others get gifts. You have to wonder if there is more than one alien group doing the abductions or if it is some kind of psychological experiment to see what happens when you treat one group well while hurting another group. At this point we do not know. As Mary Rodwell says “we don’t know what we don’t know.” We can only speculate and say that some people come out of ET contact with much better lives and more knowledge. We definitely need to learn more about this phenomenon. It can be the key to unlock the mysteries of our world and all worlds.

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You can call ET’s

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

There are many dimensions, many galaxies, many universes, and many planes of existence. Do you really believe that we are the only ‘intelligent’ form of life? There possibilities are endless. This means the possibilities of all kinds of life are endless.

Paranormal research does show evidence of something existing outside of us as humans. The ET abduction phenomenon shows us some creatures are secretly here interacting with us. Apparitions demonstrate some kind of view into another time. Ghosts haunt us. Demons, parasites or interdimensional entities can wreak havoc in our lives through psychological and physical traumas. These things are real, whatever you want to call them. People truly do have serious problems when they encounter such things.

In short, something is out there interacting with us. So you may wonder why anyone would want to call any of these things. Really, you probably do not. However, there are instances of ET contact which are good. They help people. This can point to more than one alien species being here because so many contact cases are negative.

The difficulty comes in finding the right ET’s. My own research into abduction cases leads me to believe that there are extraterrestrials who can play with our minds, neurological systems, and endocrine systems. They can also make us forget things. Talk about an unequal balance.

At the same time, I know people who have been cured of illnesses or disabilities after being in an alien’s presence. One woman who researches this phenomenon was cured of her endometriosis after reaching out psychically to these beings. Another who had suffered from meniere’s disease had it totally go away after an abduction.

One can call these beings. They are psychic and will hear you. Why they respond to some people and not others is a mystery. But you can always try. If you get on the right channel and connect with the right ET’s, you may find relief from a problem. It is clear that some want to help.

The best way to initiate contact is to find a private place which is quiet. Calm yourself and try to clear your mind. Focus on the feeling of being happy to ensure you are connecting with the right ET’s. Say out loud that you only want to reach benevolent aliens. Fix your mind on the good aliens and tell them who you are and why you want to talk to them. Some people will have a feeling of calm and a strange buzzing sensation in their bodies. Usually this means someone is listening to you. It is important that you enter this mindset with a pure heart. If you have bad intentions, it won’t work.

With time and practice, you can actually call these ET’s to you. When they see that you want peace and are not looking for trouble, they will come. This kind of contact enhances your sense of well being. It makes you feel better. And this is how you can tell if you have the right entity. If you feel worse after reaching out, then you got the wrong one. You want to disconnect from that and ask the positive to intervene to remove the negative. This does help.

You will know if you make contact because you will get a physical feeling which you have never felt before. They can manipulate our neurological systems and create sensations which are very pleasant. This is a way for an alien to initiate positive contact with us. There are good extraterrestrials which change people’s lives for the better. They actually vibrate, and your body will pick up on the vibration.

Protect yourself if you try this by only asking for contact with good. Meditate and focus your energy and thoughts. The more you do this, the better you will become at it. They will appear; it just takes time.

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How alien abductions make people sick during and after the experience

By Deborah S. Kauflin

It probably won’t surprise anyone to hear that those who have been abducted by aliens experience a number of physical problems when they come into contact with ET’s. Almost every part of the abduction experience can produce a sickening feeling in humans.

Abductees talk about feeling as if being on a roller coaster when first coming into contact with UFO and/or alien beings. It is a nausea feeling, like the stomach is doing flip flops. This feeling is usually temporary and goes away once the experience is under way.

Some experiencers talk about feeling a tingling sensation all over their bodies when ET’s are near. It is almost like an electrical sensation on the skin. Think about when you get a light shock or if something touches you and sends tingles all over you. That’s what abductees feel. This suggests that aliens can impact our neurological systems just by being close to us. Whether they do it on purpose or not is unclear.

Another interesting sick feeling that abductees have is difficulty breathing. It is as if the air is very thick. For this reason, many abductees have coughing fits AFTER their experiences. It is as if their lungs and throats were irritated.

Along the same lines, some abductees recall being made to breathe a liquid which was very stressful and hard to do. Eventually they were able to do it, but it caused them great anxiety and worry. The memories of this bizarre situation are usually spotty. They can remember part of this experience, but not all. They talk about blacking out during parts of it because it is so upsetting. After having lived through this, abductees will have issues with scratchy throats and coughing.

When it comes to hearing, abductees often talk about a low-level humming sound right before they are taken. It is not uncommon for these people to then have issues with their ears afterward. Pain in the ears. Ear infections. All kinds of ear problems come up after contact. Some even develop tinnitus, a terrible illness that causing ringing in the ears and more.

Then there are some abductees who talk about having trouble when they are removed (initially taken) or when the craft moves once they are on it. In those situations, abductees feel dizzy, like things are spinning. This settles down after a while. But it is clear that ET’s seem to be able to handle situations that upset our vestibular systems. Some suggest that abductees are traveling through dimensions, and that is what causes the dizziness.

There are so many abductees who are interesting to talk to because their experiences are literally out of this world. What is most compelling is that over and over, abductees tell the same or very similar tales. More people are coming forward to talk about what has happened to them. What they find is that they are not alone. Others out there have gone through what you have gone through. If you have anything like this happen to you, don’t worry. There are people just like you. I’ve spoken with very famous people and professionals who have had it happen to them too. Don’t keep it bottled up. Be sure to get help if you are traumatized by your experiences. Contact me at deborahkauflin   @ gmail.com if you would like to talk about this. I try to get back to everyone but sometimes it takes a while due to my schedule.