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You don’t have to pay a psychic medium

I know this sounds strange coming from someone who is a medium. However, those of you out there grieving need to know that you don’t have to get a psychic reading to connect with your loved ones who have crossed over. Truly, you don’t need to pay a medium to do something you can do yourself. Too often when people lose someone they want to rush to a medium to ‘talk’ to those they lost. They want proof that we go on after we die. They want to know that those who have crossed over are all right. In short they are looking for comfort.

I have done readings for people who were desperate for any contact they could get with the other side, and I often did it pro bono. Though I explained that they could look for signs and try talking to the deceased themselves, they were bent on getting a reading no matter what I said. These people were looking for relief. The key question everyone wants to know is if their loved one is all right.

I have to say that I have never had a client’s loved one come through who wasn’t doing all right. Those who committed suicide were healing and often very happy. Those who were murdered were doing fine in the spirit realm and were more worried about their family left behind than anything. Those who struggled with long illnesses were pain free and all smiles. In summary, they were OK.

Despite positive readings and evidence of an afterlife, I noticed people would keep coming back. Over and over they would want more readings, and I had to explain to them that they needed to work on making contact themselves. Everyone is capable of doing this. Though grief can blunt your natural psychic ability, this won’t last forever, and eventually you can act as a medium yourself. You can do this all on your own. You don’t need anything to make you more psychic. You don’t have to have crystals or amulets or books. You don’t have to burn candles. You don’t need to pay someone. All you need is you. The more you focus and relax and let your conscious mind go, the better your likelihood of receiving messages.

Yes, there are classes you can take to learn how to better tune your medium abilities. Though I don’t do it often, I sometimes teach seminars for the die-hard people who are adamant that they want to learn more. These are usually people who want to read professionally. But you don’t have to take one of those classes. You really don’t have to spend one dime to learn to focus better and watch for spirit signs.

If you are worried about a loved one who has died, keep peace in your heart and know they are fine. You don’t need to pay someone to tell you that. You can contact your loved ones yourself. Often they will work hard to give you signs or signals that they are still with you. Through dreams , animals, electronics, and even sounds, they can make their presence known. I hate to see people waste their hard earned money when they don’t have to.

If you understand all this but still feel that you need a psychic reading, then take your time to find someone who has a good reputation. You don’t want to go to just anyone. A word of caution is important. Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean that person is any better than a local psychic who charges a fraction of what celebrities do. Sometimes you will find that your local psychic who charges very little for a reading will give you a much better experience than the TV psychic who charges four or five hundred dollars an hour.

The reality is that you can do this yourself. You’d be better served saving your money and using it on something for yourself to make your life easier. The more you take care of yourself and find relaxation, the more likely you will get messages. Sometimes it is when you stop looking that you find what you were searching for.


A brief overview to ward off evil spirits

I wanted to do a quick note about how to ward off evil because I have received many emails from people who are afraid. They worry about dark entities stalking their homes. They fear curses and the effects of bad mojo. They want to do something about their fear, but they feel helpless to protect themselves.

If this sounds familiar, then listen up. You need to know that you are more powerful than you think. You can repel negativity.There are many ways to go about it. Pick the method which feels right for you.

You can picture a bright white light which will engulf evil. This can be a very strong form of protection. The more you believe, the stronger it is. This really works, so don’t be afraid to try it when you feel scared.

If you are a person of faith, you can always call on a higher power to protect you. All you have to do is think it, and spirit protectors will be there to help you. You are never alone if darkness is near you. Positive entities will be near too. Remember you are not alone. You are not abandoned.

It is important that you control your fear. Evil feeds on fear. If you are afraid, it will make things worse. Your worry will give bad things power. So you must take your power back. Don’t be afraid. As difficult as it sounds, do your best not to react with fear when strange things happen. This can be one of the hardest things to do. However, it is important.

If you feel that you must have something in your hands to protect you, you can always wear religious items or get holy water. Some feel that burning sage cleanses the air. If that brings you comfort, then by all means, do it (but take precautions so you don’t burn your house!)  Whatever stabilizes you in a healthy way is fine.

For those who believe in the power of crystals, amethyst is said to increase intuition. Some may not know that it also can deflect negative energy. Amethyst is my personal favorite because it does so many things. It is the color of royalty. It absorbs bad vibrations, and it brings peace. Black tourmaline works well for protection too. Crystals are beautiful to look at and make wonderful decorations. This can help increase your positive vibration and deflect negativity. Most towns have rock shops or spiritual shops where you can purchase these inexpensively.

Along those same lines, some people report that having small fountains in their homes bring tranquility. Again, this can help you feel calm which will help you handle anything bad that is happening. Stress relief is key.

Additionally, listening to happy music is said to raise the vibration in the home and bring in light. Plus, happy music has been shown to have positive effects on the body. This is a win-win situation for you. You get to listen to good music and get rid of bad things that are bothering you.

If you feel it is really necessary, you can always get a blessing for your home. A holy person can come and help purify the property. You may be surprised at how many people will be happy to help you. But you have to ask. Don’t be afraid to ask.

You don’t have to buy items to protect you. Your faith is powerful enough to draw help to you. However, I have found that people in the midst of spiritual crisis like to have something they can hold in their hands for protection. It gives them a sense of calm which helps diminish their fear. But know that you don’t need to spend one penny to get rid of darkness.

The more you can bring happiness into your home, the less evil will be able to bother you. The point is that you must take care of yourself. You must find your smile in life. The more joy you bring into your heart, the less anything bad can bother you. I know it sounds simplistic, but you have more power than you think. And making sure that you get enough rest and relaxation is key to handling any difficult situation. Don’t let fear get the better of you.

**Update: While it is important to not let fear overcome you, evil spirits are nothing to be toyed with. I’ve worked with people who have not treated this problem with the seriousness it deserves. These things are real and can destroy you. The techniques I discussed above are basic tools. If you are facing an evil entity, it is important to get help if the basic tools do not improve the situation quickly. Always get yourself checked out by a doctor if you are seeing and hearing things, and you should get an environmental check for your living quarters to ensure there is nothing in the environment which could be causing the trouble. If you have ruled out other causes, then please reach out for help. Evil is ancient, and it will ruin you.

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Do We Create Ghosts With Our Minds?

Are ghosts simply thought forms? Do we make them up with our own energy? There are many scientists who theorize that ghosts are no more than a product of our own thoughts and energy. The hypothesis is that we create them ourselves. The idea is that if you make up a back story about a fake ghost and put energy into the belief, then an entity will form from people’s energy and unconscious thoughts that matches the back story.

For example, there have been experiments where groups of people set out to create a ghost. These research groups planned their ghost. They made up a list of characteristics of a fake person who was said to have died. They then try to make contact with the spirit they created. They held séances and asked questions in an attempt to get responses such as knockings or moving objects.

What these groups found was that they could get responses from their made up ghost. They would ask questions about things that they had written about the ‘ghost.’ In response, they got such things as knocking sounds. However, what they found was that the ghost could only respond to things which were put into the dossier when he was being created. He couldn’t answer questions about things that were not put into the fake bio.

But things get stranger from there. An unexpected outcome puzzled researchers. When they created these ghosts, there was more to them. That is, the ghosts they made up became independent and began to act on their own. The ghost would be there whether the researchers were at the location or not. In some cases problems arose and poltergeist activity picked up. Unwanted happenings would begin, and an entity which they believed that they could control all of a sudden became something that they couldn’t control.

Because of this, some researchers question whether it was ever a thought form to begin with. They suggest that it was another spirit pretending to be the ‘made up’ ghost all along. Are these playful or malicious entities that are using gullible researchers to manifest? Are there entities out there waiting for the chance to tap into group thought and energy so that they can act out?

We are not sure. However there are some troubling flaws in the ghost creation theory. Though it could account for some hauntings, it certainly does not explain all of them. In some cases, those who experience a haunting at a property have no knowledge of ghosts attached to the land. In fact people move in ‘blind’ to the history of the land. Then they experience apparitions and other ghostly manifestations when they have had no knowledge of those who once lived in the house. They can’t create it because they don’t know the history of the land. They only learn about the ghost once they have experienced dreams or apparitions which identify the ghost. When they investigate, they find out that the ghost’s identity matches what they have been seeing and dreaming about.

Basically the ghosts came first in these cases. Knowledge of the ghost came second. Though some may argue that someone could have ‘created’ the ghosts at some prior time, what about properties that have no history of hauntings? What about land that has no legends and no prior activity at all? What about these hauntings that spring up where owners have no prior knowledge and there is no known history of who has lived on the land? In these cases, the people didn’t create a ghost. No one before them made it up. It just happens.

Furthermore, there are paranormal researchers who question whether the scientists actually make up the ghosts at all in their experiments. They point out that it is possible that spirits or other entities imprint the information on the scientists’ unconscious. That the bio ‘created’ by scientists wasn’t fake at all; it was what spirits were communicating before the experiment.

Perhaps ghost creation isn’t creation at all but merely a method for spirits to manifest. We do know entities need energy, and what better way to get it than to feed off a group excited to do research? Maybe it is possible to have both. There may be both spirits of the dead and thought forms too. At this time we honestly can’t rule out either. However there is evidence which can point to both being true at the same time.

There is so much to learn in this fascinating field. And every day holds promise for us to open more doors and learn about the unexplained.


Gays in the Afterlife (you’re NOT going to Hell)

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

You are not going to Hell. You are not bad, and you are very spiritual. Nothing could destroy your soul, especially loving someone! There is nothing wrong with you. These are the messages from the Other Side. Listen to these words and take them to heart.

For so many years, Gays have been demonized in religious circles. And for this reason, many in the LGBT community have turned away from religion. They have felt the hatred from misguided people, and it has scarred them. Too many have been terrified of what awaits them in the Afterlife.

How many have turned away from their spiritual side or worried about where they are going when they die? How many are raised in religious homes and feel like they will burn in Hell because of their sexual orientation? How many have BEEN TOLD they will never get to Heaven because they are Gay?

For those of you out there who have been told such nonsense, I have some information for you. I am a psychic medium and a retired criminal profiler. I am a very well known criminal profiler and have worked on so many serial murder cases for police. I have been psychic all my life, and I take my work very seriously.

I can tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. An all loving entity (or Creator) would never cast you into a fire filled pit simply because you love someone of the same sex. So much research has proven that Gays are born that way. And if God made you this way, then how could you ever be anything but beautiful?

I regularly meditate and have asked my spirit guides about Gays on the Other Side. I ALWAYS get the same answer. Gays go to the light just like anyone filled with love. They enjoy happiness and are surrounded by the joy that many never got here. In fact, many Gays go on to become spirit guides because of the hardships they went through in this life. So they make great teachers with their compassion. I’ve been told that Gays come into this life as teachers. That is, they are here to further human rights, teach acceptance, and help this world progress.

Don’t ever worry that you will go someplace dark when you die. Know that you will be going to a wonderful loving place once you cross over. So enjoy this life. That is what you are meant to do! Embrace your spirituality and always follow your heart. Don’t be anything but yourself, and this goes for heterosexuals too. Be who you are and find your happiness.

How to Talk to Spirits

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

We are all psychic. Whether you realize it or not, you have psychic abilities. Some call it intuition. Others call it a gut instinct. Whatever you personally want to call it, you do have this ability.

We all have spirits around us. Our loved ones who have crossed over come to visit us. Some of you out there have ghosts in your homes. And though it can seem scary, you do have the ability to talk to spirits.

It takes a lot of practice, especially if you are not used to it. But you can do it. Find a nice and quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Make yourself comfortable and take three or four deep breaths. You have to be in a safe place where nothing will bother you. If you can’t focus, you won’t be able to connect.

First you must ground yourself. You need to relax and clear your mind of all the stress and clutter in your life. Second, focus on the spirit you want to talk to. Make it clear in your mind that you ONLY want to talk to certain spirits. If you are a person of faith, ask to be protected as you contact the other side. That way no stray ghosts or other entities can come bother you.

As you concentrate on a specific spirit, try to picture that spirit. If it is your mother who has crossed over, remember how she used to look. Maybe you are trying to talk to your dog that died last year. Picture your furry friend in your mind. Perhaps you lost a child, and of course, you will never forget how your son or daughter looked. Whether it is a person or a pet, you can contact either one. Try to hold a picture in your mind as you relax and focus on that spirit.

Keep these images in you thoughts, relax, and ask to speak to your spirit. Don’t get upset if you don’t get results right away. It may take you a while to figure out how spirits are communicating with you. If your grief is too much, it may block your ability to communicate. So don’t give up. It may take a long time to get through.

Sometimes when you ask your spirit a question, an answer will pop in your mind. Yes, this answer is coming from your loved one. You can ask several questions, but what you will find is that you get tired quickly when focusing on getting an answer. That is because spirit is using your energy to talk to you. So be careful not to do too much at once. Naturally you can do this every day if you wish. The more you do it, the better you become. But don’t panic if you find yourself getting really tired while doing this.

**As a warning I should tell you that if you think spirits are commanding you to hurt yourself or others, this is not spirit contact. This is mental illness or a medical problem, and you should seek professional help for this right away.

However if your contact is more pleasant, then you know that you have something real. Your loved ones would never hurt you or do things to scare you!

While some people can get answers using this method, other times, nothing SEEMS to come through. In that case, your spirit may talk to you in another way. You may begin to see signs. If you mom loved blue jays, all of a sudden you will see blue jays. If your pet used to run down the stairs, you may hear that sound all over again. You could hear your child’s laughter. Children who have crossed over make a special effort to come to their parents when their parents are really suffering.

If you pay really close attention, you will start to see signs, things that meant something to your loved one. If you are not careful, you can easily miss these signs. You must watch for them. But I promise you, if you ask your spirit for these signs, your loved one will give them to you. They love you and want to make you happy.

There are other ways to communicate with spirits. There are spirit boxes and other mechanical methods. Some use spirit knocks (asking the spirit to knock once for yes and twice for no). And clever researchers are always coming up with new ways to get through to the other side. But the truth is that you don’t really need a device to talk to spirits, especially your loved ones. They will come to you in dreams and do their best to answer you in your mind or send you signs.

This doesn’t mean that ghost detectors don’t have their place in contacting spirits. It just means that for me, I prefer using psychic ability. And for my dear readers, I recommend using your own thoughts to contact spirit because it doesn’t cost you anything!!!

Keep the faith and keep trying. You will get through if you really seek to find a spirit. If your heart is sincere, they will come to you.

Have a wonderful spirit day!

Blood Moon & Evil Spirits

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Beware the Blood Moon, for it has its secrets. It has power. The Blood Moon is a haunting reminder that we are not alone. It is a flashing red warning sign that something is different. The moon glows red. Maybe we should have paid more attention to it. It is of Biblical origin after all. The Blood Moon is said to usher in the apocalypse. According the English common Bible:

The sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. –Joel 2:31

So I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised when all hell broke loose on the night of the Blood Moon. But did people really know that planet positions could open up spirit doors?

People have used Astrology for a long time. We all know that the stars predict the future. We look up at the sky and wonder what is out there in space. The moon has always been especially powerful. Ocean tides can be affected by it. People are said to go crazy when there is a full moon. Werewolves come out when there is a full moon. It is only logical that the moon could affect the paranormal.

And something appears to have happened last night.

Apparently the Blood Moon acted as a doorway which let darkness come out from the other side. I’ve been working on a book about evil spirits and murderers, so I’ve had a lot of contact with people who have experienced bad spirits. I’ve spoken to exorcists and interviewed serial killers myself. Because of that, people know I study this, and they contact me when strange things happen. And I can tell you that since late last year, weird things have been going on around this planet.

There have been more UFO sightings. There has been an increase in spirit phenomena. There have been more sightings of the feared black eyed children. And there is much, much more. I don’t want to get into it because I just don’t want to scare you. Let me tell you that there is something strange happening.

When I woke this morning, I had over twenty five emails waiting for me in my inbox. These are people I know who live in haunted homes or are exorcists. Some have dealt with bad spirits, while others simply had friendly ghosts in their homes. Last night the Blood Moon acted like a magnifying glass. It made the dark large. It made evil spirits more powerful. In short, it acted as a source of power for dark spirits.

Scary spirit activity picked up once that Blood Moon was seen, and those who contacted me said that they couldn’t sleep at all because evil was taking over their homes. One family even had to leave and spend the night at a hotel because objects (including a knife) were flying around the house.

It is interesting that once the sun rose, the activity stopped. However these families are terrified. It was like the night had been electrified and spirit power was boosted. Perhaps this Blood Moon was more powerful than we ever knew. The problem is that the next Blood Moon is not to take place until 2032. If a spirit door was opened last night, did the entities that came through the door get to stay until then? What exactly came through that spirit door?

Right now, we don’t know. But I will keep you updated on what I hear. One thing is for sure. Something strange happened last night.

*The next set of Blood Moon events after the (current set) will be in 2032. Someone emailed and thought I didn’t know we will be getting more Blood Moons in this set. This is to clarify.
UPDATE:I have spoken with people who reported the strange happenings on the night of the blood moon. For most, events have calmed down. Could their anxiety about the Blood Moon have increased any telekinetic ability thus making bad things happen? Were these people only affected on that one night due to the moon circumstances? Did evil spirits come through a portal? These are questions that need to be answered. I can tell you that the family who had to flee from their home is still experiencing strange happenings. I will keep you updated on what I find out.

Update November 2014: This year has been a nightmare for those who experienced bad paranormal activity during the Blood Moon. The poor family who fled their home after the first Blood Moon has moved, but the bad spirits have moved with them. They are working with holy people to help them. However, the father and one of the children are resistant to receiving help now. It looks like evil has really gotten a hold on them. They hear growling and banging sounds on a regular basis. And they have been scratched by an unseen force. People should be aware that bad hauntings are not easily fixed. They can go on for a very long time and actually destroy families.

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Black Eyed Children: A Spike in UK Cases


Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

They have been haunting people for a very long time, these children of the night. These ‘children’ are out there stalking the darkness, waiting for you to make a mistake. They wear a mask to get your guard down. They know who you are. Whether it is your car or your home, these entities are after you. They mean you harm.

If you haven’t heard of the black eyed children, then you may wonder what I’m talking about. Some call them demons. Others say they are monsters. The wait in the night, watching. They are spying on you to see how to best get to you. Whatever they are, they are very real, and they are very dangerous.

These entities look for a way in. They want in your home. They want in your car. They want in your life. Since they know that if they show what they truly are that you would never let them in, they come to you in a way that is not threatening. The black eyed children look in your windows and call to you. They knock at the door and ask to be let in.They often appear to be in distress.

When you first see them, they look like little children. You’ll notice that they hide their faces at first. They don’t want you to know what they really are, for they are darkness. They use their devilish charms to trick you into inviting them in. At first they will be polite. They ask nicely to be let in. But as the encounter continues, they become aggressive and insist that you invite them inside.

If you make the mistake of letting them in, they wreak havoc on you. They want to destroy you. The really scary part is that you can call them unwittingly. You might not know it, but you can summon these creatures without even knowing it. When you are under stress or full of anger, you can call them unconsciously.

If you resist letting them in, you’ll get a good look at their faces and their black eyes. Black eyed spirits have been reported for centuries. And it is common knowledge in the paranormal community that evil spirits pose as children in order to get close to you.

There has been a rash of case reports in the UK. Right now it is not known why this is happening. However, there is a cluster, and it is going on right now. Several people in the UK have reported seeing these black eyed children along with a golden eyed dog. The dog is black with eyes that sparkle with a golden shimmer. Always, this dog is a bad omen. Reports claim that the dog walks in front of the children then moves to the side when the kids engage people. But the dog is always there watching. Some have said that they heard a low growl from the dog when they refused to let the black eyed children into their homes. Interestingly, when people refuse to let them in, the children and dog disappear right before their eyes.

What is even more frightening is that even if people don’t let them in, bad luck usually follows encounters with these beings. People meeting these black eyed children reported a run a very bad luck right after seeing these entities.

Though I am a psychic medium, I am also a retired criminal profiler, and so I don’t just believe anything someone tells me. I interviewed people reporting these phenomena, and they are very credible. They were very specific in what they were telling me. And the stories were similar though the people reporting didn’t know each other.

We are talking about doctors, military personnel, and even psychiatrists who have seen the black eyed children and black dog. What I noticed is that the people experiencing this were skeptics prior to this encounter. They were not believers in the paranormal. Then they came across these dark spirits and wanted to know what is going on.

Whatever these entities are, they clearly have a negative energy to them. Bottom line is: don’t let them in if they come for you. It is not known why the UK seems to be targeted at this time; however, there is something going on in that part of the world.

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