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How spirits heal a broken heart

Copyright Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D.

Life is hard. We get knocked down again and again. Sometimes it is too much, and you may decide to close yourself off from the world and not open your heart again. Too much pain and loss can make you feel as if you can’t breathe. If your heart has been broken by the loss of a loved one, you may think you will never be happy again.

There are many ways to try to heal a broken heart. Support groups. Therapy with a good professional can be very helpful. Yet sometimes it is not enough. If you have been massively hurt, the pain can make you despondent.

I am a retired criminal profiler and worked many serial murder cases as well as doing volunteer work for parents of murdered children. While working with POMC, it was obvious that the pain these parents feel is crushing. You can see it in their eyes and feel it when you are around them. And they are the most likely to fall into the pit of despair. Often, they just cannot move forward and therapy does not help.

In such situations, I have seen people’s lives turn around when they get a message from their deceased loved ones. Sometimes it comes in the form of a sign, dreams, visions, voices, messages and synchronicities.

One mother named Muriel told me how her daughter loved ladybugs. After her daughter’s death, Muriel’s depression was too much to handle. She could not even get out of bed most days. Life had become meaningless with her totally broken heart. Finally, when she could take it no more, she begged her daughter out loud to show her a sign. Please show her a sign. 

Not really expecting anything, she forced herself to go out into the backyard.  She gasped when she saw ladybugs everywhere. They were all over the place. Beautiful, beautiful lady bugs! This had never happened before or since. Muriel dropped to her knees and began crying. She knew it was a sign from her daughter. Better yet, as she was sobbing, a ladybug flew over and landed on her hand. For the first time since her daughter’s death, she smiled. This was a clear sign and as Muriel said, it saved her life. Just that little bit of contact let her know her daughter was all right.

In another case, a widower’s son was murdered. Michael had lost his wife, then his son. And he was suicidal. He didn’t see any meaning in going forward. What was the point, he thought. He wanted to die to join his family. It got so bad, he was ready to commit suicide. He was set to take an overdose of pills and end it all. As he sat on the side of the bed with the pill bottle in his hand, he heard a tapping at his window. This was on the second floor of the home. At first he ignored it. Then it happened again. Intent on joining his family, he was ready to down the pills when he heard his son’s voice yelling “Dad!” Not once, but twice.

He turned with a start and saw his son standing there in front of the window. It was only a split second, but he saw his son. He was sure of it. His son had been there. It startled him so much he dropped the bottle, and the pills scattered everywhere. Michael got up and looked out the window, but no one was there. Just then he saw his pill bottle roll all by itself under the bed.

For a moment he stood there dumbfounded. In an instant, he began to cry. His son had come to make sure he didn’t kill himself. His son had saved him. His son showed him that he was not alone. His son had pushed the pill bottle away. The visit was more than enough to awaken Michael and get him going again. He was able to move forward and know his son and wife weren’t really gone forever. He said it was the best thing that could have happened at that moment, and it allowed him to heal. 

I’ve got tons of stories like this where spirits came at just the right time. The spirit visits were so powerful, they healed broken hearts and allowed those grieving to realize that they can go on. There is more to this life than we can see. And if we pay close attention, spirits give us signs all the time to remind us that they are here with us. 

My advice to you is: Listen to the spirits who are there to help you. They may come to you in a dream, and you will know it is real because it will feel very different than a regular dream. It will feel completely real.

Spirits may talk to you as a little voice letting you know you are loved. The voice is always positive. Never negative.

Spirits will show us signs. Lots of people will see feathers in strange places, a bird, butterflies, coins, or some other special totem which you know represents your loved one. 

When you realize that your loved one is still with you, you can begin the process of healing. You will be able to breathe again and heal your broken heart.

Don’t be surprised if after reading this you notice a sign from your loved ones.