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Are you mysteriously drawn to someone?

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

Have you ever met someone and felt like you already knew that person? Is there an individual who intrigues you, though there is no apparent reason for it? Does someone just stick in your mind? It is like there is some kind of magic pulling you to this person. You probably don’t even understand why.

This is very common. You are not the only person who has gone through this. What you might not know is that there is a paranormal element to this. Everyone is psychic to some extent. Some people are better at it than others due to natural innate ability. But every person reading this has psychic skills. You may not even be aware of it. Trust me. You do.

How is this relevant to being drawn to someone for some strange reason?

We are all interconnected through consciousness, so you can pick up when someone has a similar vibration to you. You may be drawn to someone because your consciousness is somehow already interacting with that person on another level. Our psychic minds are always scanning our environment for data and giving us feedback. If you are mysteriously drawn to someone, you may psychically be interacting already. You may be picking up on that person’s energy field.

The person may be a teacher for you. Maybe there is a lesson you need to learn, and this person can teach you this lesson. Our souls are always searching for growth, so we seek out what helps us move forward. Think of the times you met someone and knew this person would be instrumental in your life. You just knew. Then as time goes by, you find out you were right.

Sometimes you need healing, and a particular person is good for your soul. You sense this and are drawn to the person. Your soul is in need and searching for ways to heal. So, we can seek out those with the ability to mend us. You may recognize something about that person that you admire or have in yourself. The vibration is similar.

There is a possibility you knew each other in a past life. You could be old friends from another time. Then when you see your old pal in this life, your spirit recognizes it immediately. There is an instant comfort and compatibility. This happens quite a bit as we make our way through life.

You could be astral traveling at night while asleep and interacting with the consciousness of another person. If you are seeking something, and most people are, then you do this naturally as you sleep. Your psychic self actually goes somewhere else as you get some shut eye. Sometimes your dreams are more than dreams. Sometimes they are real. Your spirit explores while you sleep. These are not dreams but travels. They seem different from normal dreams and very vivid. You will remember them. When you astral travel in your sleep, you are searching for what you need.

When you use your psychic ability, you are connecting with something that is outside of yourself. Consciousness is limitless yet connected. You can do more with your mind than you know. There are many paranormal reasons that you are strangely drawn to a person. When you find yourself feeling pulled to someone for no reason, your mind is telling you that you are searching for something missing in your life. You want and need to grow. When you psychically connect with another who has a similar vibration to you, it helps restore you. It can even be healing. Your mind craves connection and learning. Behind the scenes, your psychic self is venturing out to help you get what you need. As you get older, you mind does this even more. The more you learn, the more you want to know. You will always be seeking out those with like vibration, teachers, old friends, and healers. So don’t worry if you find yourself in this position. Your psychic self is just doing what it naturally does: reaching out for connections.

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Spirits are on another frequency

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

You may wonder where spirits or other entities really are. After all, we generally cannot see or hear them. Occasionally we may get a glimpse of the afterlife or entities from somewhere else. Your deceased mother may appear in the hallway, or your son who passed may talk to you in your dreams. Still, where exactly is someone who has crossed over?

It appears as if spirits share the same space that we do. Yet they do so in a different dimension. They exist on a separate frequency, and the reason we usually cannot see or hear them is because we are not tuned in. Think of it this way. When you are in your car with the radio on one station, you know that there are other stations out there. You don’t hear them when you have the radio set to a certain station, but you know if you change the tuner, you will get another station. You simply will have changed to another frequency.

Some people have enhanced psychic abilities and can tune in to this other frequency. No one quite understands completely why some people can do this. Brain scans conducted while a medium is reading someone show increased theta waves. A medium’s brain can look as if he/she is asleep while doing a reading. In other words, it is like the medium is unconscious while conscious. The medium brain does change while talking to the other side. Likely this is why more people report psychic dream visitations than actually seeing an apparition. It is easier for spirits to reach out to us in our dreams.

So, there is something about being in this ‘unconscious’ state which allows mediums to connect to the correct frequencies. This isn’t made up nonsense. There is actually a physical change in the brain. This opens up so many possibilities. What if we all could somehow get ourselves into this altered brain state? Perhaps everyone could see and hear spirits. It could help open up doors to other dimensions. There are so many exciting potentials.

If you are in pain and missing someone who has crossed over, then please know that your loved one still exists. You have not lost those precious to you. They are right here but they live on a different frequency which you may have trouble connecting to. With time and practice, you can learn to reach out to the other side and get messages. To understand this can help bring peace to your heart. All is not lost. Realize that one day you will see your loved ones again.

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How spirits heal a broken heart

Copyright Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D.

Life is hard. We get knocked down again and again. Sometimes it is too much, and you may decide to close yourself off from the world and not open your heart again. Too much pain and loss can make you feel as if you can’t breathe. If your heart has been broken by the loss of a loved one, you may think you will never be happy again.

There are many ways to try to heal a broken heart. Support groups. Therapy with a good professional can be very helpful. Yet sometimes it is not enough. If you have been massively hurt, the pain can make you despondent.

I am a retired criminal profiler and worked many serial murder cases as well as doing volunteer work for parents of murdered children. While working with POMC, it was obvious that the pain these parents feel is crushing. You can see it in their eyes and feel it when you are around them. And they are the most likely to fall into the pit of despair. Often, they just cannot move forward and therapy does not help.

In such situations, I have seen people’s lives turn around when they get a message from their deceased loved ones. Sometimes it comes in the form of a sign, dreams, visions, voices, messages and synchronicities.

One mother named Muriel told me how her daughter loved ladybugs. After her daughter’s death, Muriel’s depression was too much to handle. She could not even get out of bed most days. Life had become meaningless with her totally broken heart. Finally, when she could take it no more, she begged her daughter out loud to show her a sign. Please show her a sign. 

Not really expecting anything, she forced herself to go out into the backyard.  She gasped when she saw ladybugs everywhere. They were all over the place. Beautiful, beautiful lady bugs! This had never happened before or since. Muriel dropped to her knees and began crying. She knew it was a sign from her daughter. Better yet, as she was sobbing, a ladybug flew over and landed on her hand. For the first time since her daughter’s death, she smiled. This was a clear sign and as Muriel said, it saved her life. Just that little bit of contact let her know her daughter was all right.

In another case, a widower’s son was murdered. Michael had lost his wife, then his son. And he was suicidal. He didn’t see any meaning in going forward. What was the point, he thought. He wanted to die to join his family. It got so bad, he was ready to commit suicide. He was set to take an overdose of pills and end it all. As he sat on the side of the bed with the pill bottle in his hand, he heard a tapping at his window. This was on the second floor of the home. At first he ignored it. Then it happened again. Intent on joining his family, he was ready to down the pills when he heard his son’s voice yelling “Dad!” Not once, but twice.

He turned with a start and saw his son standing there in front of the window. It was only a split second, but he saw his son. He was sure of it. His son had been there. It startled him so much he dropped the bottle, and the pills scattered everywhere. Michael got up and looked out the window, but no one was there. Just then he saw his pill bottle roll all by itself under the bed.

For a moment he stood there dumbfounded. In an instant, he began to cry. His son had come to make sure he didn’t kill himself. His son had saved him. His son showed him that he was not alone. His son had pushed the pill bottle away. The visit was more than enough to awaken Michael and get him going again. He was able to move forward and know his son and wife weren’t really gone forever. He said it was the best thing that could have happened at that moment, and it allowed him to heal. 

I’ve got tons of stories like this where spirits came at just the right time. The spirit visits were so powerful, they healed broken hearts and allowed those grieving to realize that they can go on. There is more to this life than we can see. And if we pay close attention, spirits give us signs all the time to remind us that they are here with us. 

My advice to you is: Listen to the spirits who are there to help you. They may come to you in a dream, and you will know it is real because it will feel very different than a regular dream. It will feel completely real.

Spirits may talk to you as a little voice letting you know you are loved. The voice is always positive. Never negative.

Spirits will show us signs. Lots of people will see feathers in strange places, a bird, butterflies, coins, or some other special totem which you know represents your loved one. 

When you realize that your loved one is still with you, you can begin the process of healing. You will be able to breathe again and heal your broken heart.

Don’t be surprised if after reading this you notice a sign from your loved ones.

How to talk to spirits

Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

We are all psychic. Whether you realize it or not, you have psychic abilities. Some call it intuition. Others call it a gut instinct. Whatever you personally want to call it, you do have this ability.

We all have spirits around us. Our loved ones who have crossed over come to visit us. Some of you out there have ghosts in your homes. And though it can seem scary, you do have the ability to talk to spirits.

It takes a lot of practice, especially if you are not used to it. But you can do it. Find a nice and quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Make yourself comfortable and take three or four deep breaths. You have to be in a safe place where nothing will bother you. If you can’t focus, you won’t be able to connect.

First you must ground yourself. You need to relax and clear your mind of all the stress and clutter in your life. Second, focus on the spirit you want to talk to. Make it clear in your mind that you ONLY want to talk to certain spirits. If you are a person of faith, ask to be protected as you contact the other side. That way no stray ghosts or other entities can come bother you.

As you concentrate on a specific spirit, try to picture that spirit. If it is your mother who has crossed over, remember how she used to look. Maybe you are trying to talk to your dog that died last year. Picture your furry friend in your mind. Perhaps you lost a child, and of course, you will never forget how your son or daughter looked. Whether it is a person or a pet, you can contact either one. Try to hold a picture in your mind as you relax and focus on that spirit.

Keep these images in you thoughts, relax, and ask to speak to your spirit. Don’t get upset if you don’t get results right away. It may take you a while to figure out how spirits are communicating with you. If your grief is too much, it may block your ability to communicate. So don’t give up. It may take a long time to get through.

Sometimes when you ask your spirit a question, an answer will pop in your mind. Yes, this answer is coming from your loved one. You can ask several questions, but what you will find is that you get tired quickly when focusing on getting an answer. That is because spirit is using your energy to talk to you. So be careful not to do too much at once. Naturally you can do this every day if you wish. The more you do it, the better you become. But don’t panic if you find yourself getting really tired while doing this.

While some people can get answers using this method, other times, nothing SEEMS to come through. In that case, your spirit may talk to you in another way. You may begin to see signs. If you mom loved blue jays, all of a sudden you will see blue jays. If your pet used to run down the stairs, you may hear that sound all over again. You could hear your child’s laughter. Children who have crossed over make a special effort to come to their parents when their parents are really suffering.

If you pay really close attention, you will start to see signs, things that meant something to your loved one. If you are not careful, you can easily miss these signs. You must watch for them. But I promise you, if you ask your spirit for these signs, your loved one will give them to you. They love you and want to make you happy.

There are other ways to communicate with spirits. There are spirit boxes and other mechanical methods. Some use spirit knocks (asking the spirit to knock once for yes and twice for no). And clever researchers are always coming up with new ways to get through to the other side. But the truth is that you don’t really need a device to talk to spirits, especially your loved ones. They will come to you in dreams and do their best to answer you in your mind or send you signs.

This doesn’t mean that ghost detectors don’t have their place in contacting spirits. It just means that for me, I prefer using psychic ability. And for my dear readers, I recommend using your own thoughts to contact spirit because it doesn’t cost you anything!!!

Keep the faith and keep trying. You will get through if you really seek to find a spirit. If your heart is sincere, they will come to you.

Demon Attacks: Evil Spirits & Serial Murder (Now Available in paperback!


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Warning: Disturbing accounts of serial killers and demons. What if the world’s worst predators worked together? Could evil spirits and human monsters act as one? Paranormal researcher and retired criminal profiler Dr. Deborah Kauflin looks into the frightening link between bad spirits and serial killers. Whether you love the paranormal or study serial murder, this book delves into the lives of serial murderers and their experiences with otherworldly entities.

After interviewing 25 multiple murderers for criminal profiling research, Dr. Kauflin found a disturbing link between these killers and dark paranormal activity. Based on the interviews with both killers and witnesses, she pieced together an eerie puzzle which shows that evil spirits really do interact with serial killers. Just who or what is stalking victims with these murderers?

Dr. Kauflin worked on hundreds of serial murder & sexual homicide cases for police departments. She taught thousands of homicide detectives, FBI agents, US Military, and created the profiles of female serial killers, sadistic murderers, and terrorists. Back in November 2008, Dr. Kauflin predicted that India would be the next big terror attack in her book Disturbed. Two weeks later, terrorists hit Mumbai and took 166 lives. Her most famous profile was of the BTK serial murderer, and she is known for being the first person to interview a group of female serial killers for groundbreaking criminal profiling research. Dr. Kauflin has appeared as a criminal profiling expert on ABC, CNN, FoxNews, The Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery, and the Seoul Broadcasting System. She wrote for Psychology Today Magazine online, did volunteer work for the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children, and has authored four other books.

“I’m not going to tell you what is hanging out with some serial murderers. You can call them thought projections, Djinn, demons, bad ghosts, parasites, aliens or other entities. However, there is something paranormal going on with certain serial killers.” Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

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Positive Spirit Contact: How the Other Side Can Help & Heal

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

For some people, the idea that spirits are around us is scary. They think of horror movies like the Exorcist and worry that any bump in the night is a monster trying to hurt them. Though there are some negative spirit contacts, there are many more good spirit visits.

Most spirits that I come across are pleasant, funny, and very helpful. They want to assist the living and prove that life goes on. As a psychic medium, I’ve seen first-hand how spirit contact can even save a life.

I am a retired criminal profiler, and for many years I worked with parents of murdered children. When they learned that I was a medium as well as a profiler, they told me wonderful stories of how their loved ones came to them after death just when they needed it.

A woman named Lucy* has lost her son when he was abducted and murdered by a serial killer. Her life fell apart after that horrible event. She ended up getting a divorce because all she and her husband could do was fight and blame each other for what happened. With all her emotional issues, she had difficulty holding her job and eventually lost it. Even family could not get through to her as she shut out the world.

She said that she really couldn’t see a reason to go on. She had lost her reason for living, and she just wanted it to be over. At her lowest point, she planned her own suicide. Many thoughts filled her mind as to various ways to take her life. After much thought, she decided on overdosing on medication.

On a cold February day, she went into her closet where she was prepared to end it. She had her pills and pictures of her son. She said she was shaking as she sat on the floor and cried. As she picked up her pill bottle, she heard her son’s voice. It was clear as day. She was sure of it. Then she heard it again. “Mommy, I’m here.” It was there; she had heard it twice. It was at this point that a bright light appeared above her head. It was roundish and glowing. She broke down in tears and laid on the floor looking up at the light which was hovering in her closet.

Right then, her phone rang, and it kept ringing. It wouldn’t stop. Eventually she got up and answered. It was her mother who was also crying. Her mother said she had heard her dead grandson’s voice telling her that Lucy was going to kill herself. Both women cried as Lucy admitted what she was doing and that she too had heard her son’s voice and seen a light. The women were overwhelmed. Through tears, Lucy’s mother told her that her son was obviously still here, and suicide was not the answer.

With all that, Lucy realized that she could go on. She knew, absolutely knew, that her son was still with her. Not only that, she knew that he was watching over her.

It was after this contact that her life turned around. That night when she went to bed, she dreamed of her son. He was beaming and all smiles. In the dream (which was obviously a spirit contact) he told his mother that she needed to live and make a difference in the world. He said he would be waiting for her, but she needed to live her life.

She said when she woke up, she hadn’t felt that good in years. Her pain had lessened, and she felt invigorated. As was typical, she went to make some coffee, and as she sat at the kitchen table to drink it, she about fell out of her chair. Standing right at her sliding glass door was a large lizard. Lucy lives in the Southwest and lizards are common, but this guy was big. Her son had loved lizards and kept them as pets. It stood there staring at her for several minutes, and she knew this was a sign from her son. She had never seen one quite like this one. It was so big and wouldn’t leave. Finally, she got up to refill her coffee, and when she turned around, it was gone.

Lucy truly was affected by her spirit contact. As she said, her son ‘saved her life.’ The contact allowed her to move out of her grief and start again. After getting herself together, she volunteered to foster animals for an animal rescue which was a life-long dream of hers. Though she misses her son every day, she knows he is still with her. And she knows that her spirit will go on once she crosses over.

Her story is not unique. A lot of parents of murdered children have told me similar stories. It shows how vital afterlife contact can be.  So not all things that go bump in the night are scary. Some occurrences are loved ones stopping by to say ‘hello,’ while other contacts may simply be spirits of people who had lived on your property.

Spirit visits can be healing and give you peace that you wouldn’t know otherwise. They literally can be the difference between life and death. For those of you who are afraid, don’t let fear get the better of you, for most spirits out there are friendly. And when life gets you down, remember that there is more than this life.

If you have had such contact, please contact me. I keep your information confidential. Email: deborahkauflin @ gmail.com

You don’t have to pay a psychic medium

I know this sounds strange coming from someone who is a medium. However, those of you out there grieving need to know that you don’t have to get a psychic reading to connect with your loved ones who have crossed over. Truly, you don’t need to pay a medium to do something you can do yourself. Too often when people lose someone they want to rush to a medium to ‘talk’ to those they lost. They want proof that we go on after we die. They want to know that those who have crossed over are all right. In short they are looking for comfort.

I have done readings for people who were desperate for any contact they could get with the other side, and I often did it pro bono. Though I explained that they could look for signs and try talking to the deceased themselves, they were bent on getting a reading no matter what I said. These people were looking for relief. The key question everyone wants to know is if their loved one is all right.

I have to say that I have never had a client’s loved one come through who wasn’t doing all right. Those who committed suicide were healing and often very happy. Those who were murdered were doing fine in the spirit realm and were more worried about their family left behind than anything. Those who struggled with long illnesses were pain free and all smiles. In summary, they were OK.

Despite positive readings and evidence of an afterlife, I noticed people would keep coming back. Over and over they would want more readings, and I had to explain to them that they needed to work on making contact themselves. Everyone is capable of doing this. Though grief can blunt your natural psychic ability, this won’t last forever, and eventually you can act as a medium yourself. You can do this all on your own. You don’t need anything to make you more psychic. You don’t have to have crystals or amulets or books. You don’t have to burn candles. You don’t need to pay someone. All you need is you. The more you focus and relax and let your conscious mind go, the better your likelihood of receiving messages.

Yes, there are classes you can take to learn how to better tune your medium abilities. Though I don’t do it often, I sometimes teach seminars for the die-hard people who are adamant that they want to learn more. These are usually people who want to read professionally. But you don’t have to take one of those classes. You really don’t have to spend one dime to learn to focus better and watch for spirit signs.

If you are worried about a loved one who has died, keep peace in your heart and know they are fine. You don’t need to pay someone to tell you that. You can contact your loved ones yourself. Often they will work hard to give you signs or signals that they are still with you. Through dreams , animals, electronics, and even sounds, they can make their presence known. I hate to see people waste their hard earned money when they don’t have to.

If you understand all this but still feel that you need a psychic reading, then take your time to find someone who has a good reputation. You don’t want to go to just anyone. A word of caution is important. Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean that person is any better than a local psychic who charges a fraction of what celebrities do. Sometimes you will find that your local psychic who charges very little for a reading will give you a much better experience than the TV psychic who charges four or five hundred dollars an hour.

The reality is that you can do this yourself. You’d be better served saving your money and using it on something for yourself to make your life easier. The more you take care of yourself and find relaxation, the more likely you will get messages. Sometimes it is when you stop looking that you find what you were searching for.

Psychic Mediumship In Law Enforcement

I recently retired as a criminal profiler after working on over a thousand serial murder and sexual homicide cases and creating the profiles of female serial killers. I trained thousands of police officers, CIA and FBI agents and interviewed twenty five serial killers and mass murderers.  I was famous for how accurate my profiles tended to be. Many, many times, shrewd detectives told me I was so accurate it was eerie. There was a reason for that, a truth that I kept secret. I kept this secret because telling the truth about this subject is often taboo. The truth is that I am a psychic medium.

From the time I was little, I had spirits around me. I didn’t think it was strange because I thought everyone did. My family was very open to psychic phenomenon, and my mother’s aunt was also a practicing psychic medium. But even though I experienced things first hand, like knowing people’s secrets, I was very skeptical. It became harder and harder to hide my abilities when working with police because I’d come up with things I had no way of knowing.  And more than one shrewd detective outright asked me if I was psychic.

In law enforcement, it is not something that is widely accepted. However, the majority of detectives who I worked with admitted to going to crime scenes and asking victims for help in solving their murders. I even know a homicide lieutenant who used a psychic to locate a body only to say he’d never admit that publicly for fear of ridicule. The interesting thing is that the best police officers are the most intuitive. They get gut feelings about suspects which later prove to be true. Some have prophetic dreams. How often have detectives pursued something ‘on a hunch?’

The reality is that people use their intuitive skills every day. You know when you meet someone, and your gut tells you that something is wrong even though the person looks normal.  Perhaps something tells you not to take a certain route to work, and you later learn by doing so you avoided an accident. I’m sure many of you have stories of where your intuition saved you from something bad.

When I released my terrorist profiling book Disturbed in November 2008, I predicted that India would have the next big terror attack. I knew for a fact that they would be hit and hit big soon. Within two weeks of releasing my book and making this prediction, the Mumbai attacks took place. I recently did a private reading for someone and kept hearing ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ playing in my head. It is like when you get a song stuck in your head. It kept playing until I told the client what I was hearing. She was shocked and told me that her daughter had texted this to her two days earlier for no reason.  She noted how her young daughter had spelled it correctly and how unusual it was at the time.  I told her that her mother in spirit kept showing me the pearl necklace and that she really wanted her daughter to have the necklace.  The client told me that when her mother died, she had gotten the pearl necklace but that her father had taken it and not given them back.

The reality is that psychic abilities do exist, and our loved ones who have passed are close by. Those who have passed over often will show themselves to those grieving. Why wouldn’t they be around those in law enforcement who put their lives on the line and put bad guys behind bars? I believe that those in police work have lots of protection from the other side, so it is not surprising that police can be some of the most intuitive people. Though not commonly accepted in police circles, psychic abilities are being used. With time perhaps people can be taught how to better ‘tune in’ to their own abilities and learn to trust their gut instincts. There is more to this world than meets the eye.



Autistic Kids Are Magnets For Ghosts

They are special, no doubt about that. They have their own ways of seeing the world and communicating. And though it can be trying at times, having an autistic child can make your heart grow.  These children have so many gifts and can teach us patience. But they have other abilities as well. Autistic children are magnets for spirits. It is like they are an open door that allows the unseen to come in.

If you have one of these special children, you may have noticed that things happen around your house. No, I’m not talking about the normal things in a child filled home. I’m talking about unusual things. Ghostly things.  Things that go bump in the night.

Unseen beings like autistic children. There is no escaping that fact. Because they process information and see the world differently, autistic children are more likely to see spirit activity. They often witness it way before anyone else in the home. They are more sensitive to such things, and they cannot lie. So when they look at the ceiling and react as if someone is talking to them, then you know you are dealing with truth. They really are seeing and hearing something. Naturally, you shouldn’t assume it is a ghost when such a thing happens. You must always consider the possibility of hallucination. Medications or mental illness certainly can have that effect. However, when others see and hear the same things, then you have to consider ghostly origins.

Take Melissa for example. Melissa is a single mom to 12 year old autistic Daniel. From the time he was little, Daniel would look up at the ceiling and react to some invisible being.  As he got older, Daniel would draw pictures of an old man in a cowboy hat and say things like ‘he here.’  He’d point to the picture, then at the ceiling. With time, Melissa became worried about her son’s mental health and took him to a neurologist who found nothing wrong but referred Daniel to a psychiatrist. Though Daniel showed no other signs of psychosis other than seemingly seeing something in the home, the psychiatrist said Daniel was psychotic. This was a real blow, and Melissa was devastated.

Yet, Daniel wasn’t the only family member to see the old cowboy. Even though Melissa hadn’t seen him, her mother had. And Daniel’s nine year old brother had seen and heard the man as well. It wasn’t until a neighbor saw the cowboy that Melissa began to believe there was more at work than a psychosis.

Living in Texas, it wasn’t a stretch that you might see an apparition of a cowboy. And Melissa began asking questions about the area where her family lived. She never did find out if anyone had died on the property, but after asking around, she found  there were other people in the neighborhood who had had strange things happening in their homes too. They talked about things moving on their own. Doors slamming when the windows were closed. Melissa is convinced that her family has contact with the paranormal. She is very angry that her son was labeled as psychotic when he clearly was not.  Since coming to terms with it, the activity has lessened.

Another case involved Billie and her husband Ray. Billie and Ray were at their wit’s end when their autistic daughter claimed to see people who weren’t there. Naturally they were terrified of bringing her to a mental health professional for fear of having their daughter hit with a label.  They took their concerns to their primary doctor who told them that it likely wasn’t schizophrenia and that they should not fear seeing a psychologist. Reluctantly they took Elle to the psychologist. Thankfully, this professional was not the type to jump to conclusions and didn’t find evidence of schizophrenia or psychosis. She did say that Elle was very imaginative and it was likely the product of an overactive imagination. Elle was given a clean bill of health, but the family was confused.  Elle really believed what she saw.  

Maybe it was their apartment, they thought. Maybe being there was too noisy. There was constant traffic and construction. Their lease was coming due anyway, so they decided to move. A change of scenery could help, they thought. But it seems that the spirit wanted to hitch a ride along with them.

 Elle didn’t let up in her behavior after the move, and neither did the spirit. In fact, now it wasn’t only Elle who experienced the vision of the Asian man. Billie began dreaming of him. Her husband Ray had the feeling of being touched when he was in bed. What was going on? Billie had a friend who knew someone who was psychic. She asked if the psychic could help, and the psychic agreed to do remote viewing of the home. Without telling the woman anything, Billie was shocked when the psychic talked about an Asian man who had been killed in a robbery. She said the man was named Ron and had followed Elle home when he saw her. She said the man meant no harm. He simply wanted to be seen and heard. The psychic told Billie that if she spoke to Ron and told him that he was scaring them that he would go away. Reluctantly, Billie took an afternoon when everyone was out of the home and had a ‘talk’ with Ron. She told him he was scaring them and that they wanted him to leave. Billie reported that she heard a loud bang after she told Ron to leave. Was it the neighbors? She wasn’t sure. However, after her ‘talk,’ the activity in the home decreased. Though Ron didn’t leave, he did tone it down, enough that the family could deal with him being there.

Many, many people with Autistic children seem to experience the paranormal. If you have had this happen, then you should know you are not alone. It is not unusual. But this can add so much stress to an already stressful situation. How can a family cope with strange happenings on top of dealing with a special child? First and foremost, if you have this happening, take a deep breath before doing anything. Don’t jump to conclusions.  If your child seems to be interacting with something that you cannot see, don’t automatically assume that it is paranormal. Always look for a physical or psychological cause for any unusual behavior. Check with doctors and check medicines. Always take care of your child’s physical and mental health.

At the same time, if you have ruled out other options and more than one person in your home is having strange experiences, you may want to consider the possibility that you have ghosts. This doesn’t have to be scary for you because you are in charge of your house. If you have an unwanted guest, tell him to leave. If you invited a friend over and he brought an obnoxious guest, then you would tell the guest to leave. Spirits are no different. If someone is unwelcome, then tell them. You are in control.

Finally, look at it this way. Once you realize that there is a spirit world, you can relax knowing that there is more than this life. This should bring you comfort, not fear. There are so many wonders in this world, and we will never know everything. Spirits are real. There are honest to goodness hauntings. Some may scare you, while others are helpful and comforting. Just know that your child is more special than you even knew! And if you are one of the parents living with a child who is different from others, please understand that you are special too. You must have a wonderful heart to have been given the chance to have a unique child.