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Vibration feeling when paranormal is close

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

People have described it as the feeling you get when a tuning fork is used. Others say it is like when a motor is running nearby. Some liken it to sitting in a massage chair. However you may describe it, there is a feeling people get when the paranormal is close by. This is true for aliens, ghosts and other unusual manifestations.

If you have visited a haunted location, you may have noticed that right before activity will manifest, a few things may happen. Some people will get goosebumps. Others get a cold feeling. Headaches or dizziness can strike suddenly. Along with this, people report a vibration sensation. It is strong, and you cannot miss it.

Obviously, the vibration sensation has something to do with paranormal activity. There are theories that say entities use energy of people, batteries, and other power sources to manifest. Perhaps this is why people will feel cold, vibration, headaches, dizziness, goosebumps, and other unmistakable sensations. Could it be that bodies react when energy is drawn from them?

It also might be that a door is opening to another dimension which creates the vibration. Paranormal researchers look for spikes in EMF activity during activity. Cells in our bodies can actually detect electrical activity. The body reactions may just be our cell responses to the spike in electrical activity caused by the opening of a portal or entity giving off high EMF.

An entity could be directly interacting with your mind, and that action can create a certain sensation in your body. Maybe entities use our minds to manifest, and in doing so, the side effects include neurological sensations, vibration being one of them.

This also points to the potential of sound waves being part of the equation. Various tones can make us feel like we are vibrating. The paranormal may operate on a sound decibel which directly impacts our neurological systems. There has been research into infrasound being connected to paranormal activity, and infrasound can impact us neurologically.

Perhaps all of these scenarios are true in some way. It does seem that certain entities can control how they use this phenomenon. When they want to inflict a certain feeling, they may be able to use the electrical activity they produce (or surrounds them) to cause headaches, dizziness, vibration, and other sensations. One thing is for sure, and that is that there is a correlation between vibration and the paranormal.

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Do we really have free will?

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

Free will may be an illusion. Oh, we think we are in charge of everything in our lives. We make choices. Some we regret, and others we love. As we go through life, we make tons of decisions every day. All of us share the belief that we make our own paths. What if that isn’t true? What if you learned that the future is predestined, no matter what you do?

It may seem ridiculous, but please hear me out. Psychics have the ability to see the future. I’ve done it. I know others who have done it. You may have seen the future when you have a flash in your mind or a prophetic dream. Have you ever dreamt of something only to later have it come true? This isn’t unusual. Many people get glimpses of the future. A lot of times it happens when you least expect it. Some people even predict the timing of their own deaths or simply know they will die young. And that is exactly what happens.

I know of psychic circles where people get together and attempt to make predictions about the future. Some of us psychics will do this just when we are hanging out as friends. The results can be amazing. There are cases where the predictions are eerily accurate.

To give a basic example, I did a reading for a friend and told her she was going to win some money within two weeks. I said it was not huge lottery jackpot money, but it would be a few thousand dollars which would help her. What she hadn’t told me was that she was planning a trip to a casino that weekend which was in two days. When she returned, she contacted me because she had won $3000.00. I have psychic friends who have predicted when a body would be found in a homicide case. These predictions came true as well. People have predicted plane crashes and other tragedies. I’ve predicted specific terror attacks and the when/where/who would be involved.

We see these things before they happen, or is it truly BEFORE? If we can see the future, does that mean it is written in stone? When we preview what is to come, are we influencing it? How can we see it if it has not already been written?

You can argue that if we see what is going to happen, then it is predestined. If it is not predetermined, how can we see it? When psychics or anybody sees the future and it unfolds as predicted, it appears as if choices don’t matter. This leads to a lot of questions. How in control are we in our lives? If life is predetermined, who predetermines it? Do we have a simple illusion of free will?

If time occurs all at once, does that mean time is folded on itself (past, present, future) and maybe a psychic can see different times which occur simultaneously? Still in order to view another time, it has to have happened. You would have nothing to examine otherwise. You cannot see what isn’t there.

Are we viewing the future in another dimension where it has already occurred? Again, to read it, it has to be written. One could say it was only a potential future that psychics see, but when that future happens, it is no longer a potential. It took place. So when you psychically view it, you have viewed something already written. You can argue that it was only a potential future which was brought about by personal choices. Yet, in order to see it, you have to have something to see. You saw something that was already there. Somehow, it was already there to view. This topic can spin you around in circles.

Dr. Barry Taff did a lot of research on this and said we may not like the answers once we discover what is really happening. When we unravel all these mysteries of the paranormal, we may not be fond of the truth. We may be less in control than we think. In fact, we may have no control at all. It could all be an illusion of free will.

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Paranormal evidence disappears

Copyright Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D.

If you are a paranormal investigator, then you likely have come across the phenomenon of evidence disappearing. I have had this happen, and I know others who have noticed the phenomenon too.

Personally, I have had evidence regarding ET’s disappear from my computers, hard drives, and other storage. For me it never happens with ghost, poltergeist or other cases. Yet I know people who have had pictures of a Bigfoot, a spirit, a demon, and video as well. All of them have had their evidence mysteriously wiped from phones, cameras, storage etc. Many of us have redundant backups. In other words, we don’t save in just one place, and we verify when it is saved to make sure it is there.

What may be a bit scary is when hard copies of pictures and documents have gone missing too. Even though in locked cabinets or safes, evidence still evaporates without explanation. There have been no break ins. No one has been near the evidence. It is just gone without a trace.

It seems like the more consequential the evidence, the more likely it is to disappear. Naturally this makes things more frustrating than they already are. The paranormal is evasive enough. Add in disappearing evidence, and it becomes even more difficult to study.

Of course we all know that the paranormal is unexplained in so many ways. The more you study it, the more weird it gets. When you see evidence disappear first hand right in front of you, you really begin scratching your head. I’ve had cases where recorders will capture a voice, be played, and then when that recording is replayed again the voice is gone. Multiple people have witnessed this. Same recording with other background noises still there, yet the voice is gone.

Some say investigators are hearing a real time voice or seeing a spirit in real time on a video recorder. This could be so, however sometimes activity is on video, and it is played for several people. Then the fifth person who sees it will say there is nothing in the video. The four before him saw it. Yet the fifth and those after see nothing in the video from then on. Same video. Same background. But the image or activity is gone.

There does not appear to be any rhyme or reason as why some pieces of evidence go missing while others do not. It does look like in some of these cases, the paranormal is still impacting investigators and evidence itself after an event. It makes sense because those of you out there who have seen a Bigfoot, a poltergeist, spirit, or even an ET know that afterward, it is common to experience paranormal activity at home. There is a link.

Could an entity use its mind to wipe the evidence away? Are we as investigators somehow using our minds to do it? How do hard copies go missing? At this point, I’m not sure. The only thing I am positive of is that it does occur. 

If you have any theories on this, let me know. I am always open to hear from others. 

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The E.T. Stare: How Aliens control people with their eyes

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Do you believe in aliens? How hard is it to think that another species has visited our planet? The possibilities are endless if you think about it. Many say that they have had some type of contact with extraterrestrials. The reported contacts involve everything from the dreaded abductions to quite pleasant, loving experiences. Everyone from farmers in the fields to judges out for a Sunday drive have reported the phenomenon. And stories come in from around the planet.

Of course we have to consider all explanations when listening to these accounts. Are those who claim to go through these experiences simply lying, or are they mentally ill? Is this nothing more than a case of mistaken identity, where people have night terrors and nightmares which they wrongly believe actually happened to them? Maybe it is a hallucination produced by physical illness, medication side effects, or massive stress. There is also research which shows that weak EMF fields can cause people to hallucinate (Persinger, 2016). Perhaps these experiencers had been exposed to weak EMF fields which acted on their brains. Those are certainly plausible explanations which should always be considered when someone comes forth with such tales.

But what if is something else? What if entities are visiting us and making contact? It is a worthy topic to study, no matter what the naysayers claim. If aliens are here, then we must investigate. We have a duty to look into topic. After all, who wants to be in the dark about creatures from other worlds, creatures who are watching and perhaps intervening in our lives? Putting our heads in the sand won’t make them go away.

Those who have come forward with accounts of alien abductions have been laughed at and even ruined professionally and financially. The cynics drip with hate as they attack witnesses for simply telling their stories. However science involves investigation and questioning. If people make up their minds before even glancing at a subject, progress will never be made. After all, how can you learn if your mind is closed?

We owe it to contactees to listen because if even a bit of their stories is real, then we would be putting ourselves in peril by ignoring them. By listening and investigating, we can learn not only about the human psyche, but potentially open up whole new worlds.

Let’s face it, if aliens are here, they have abilities that are way beyond our own. This by itself is scary. Yet they aren’t killing all of us. We aren’t slaves to some reptilian E.T. overlords. If they had the means to kill us and wanted to do so, then we would be dead. So either they aren’t here, they don’t have the resources to kill us, or they don’t want to. That doesn’t mean that they do not do present a threat to us. There are plenty of stories involving violent abductions which resemble something out of a horror movie. Yet, overall, we haven’t been overrun by little grey men with ray guns.

I can tell you that the alien contact stories I hear are very similar, whether abductees come from Australia, Africa, The Netherlands, or the U.S.A. There is definitely a pattern to how these cases unfold. Abductees tell tales of seeing lights in the sky or in their homes (red or blue). After seeing the lights or a ball of light, creatures appear. The descriptions vary from greys, reptilians, little furry creatures, tall whitish humanoids, blue eyed beings, Asian looking entities, balls of light, and more. *As a side note, based on the people I have talked to, if these things are real, I believe that E.T.’s can make you see what they want you to see.

And here is where the mind to mind contact comes in. From what abductees have told me and other researchers have found, there is a great deal of telepathy and mind connection. That is, experiencers will just know what the E.T.’s are communicating without ‘hearing’ it. Then there is the alien stare. A lot of abductees speak of having a strange looking creature stare into their eyes to get information as well as to control the abductees. They recall being incapacitated by the alien staring into their eyes. Further, the stare seems to act like a knock out drug. When abductees resist, an entity inevitably comes close and locks eyes with the human. This produces immobility and then grogginess, if not sleep.

As I’ve written before, it may be that extraterrestrials know how to activate the pineal gland to produce melatonin and thus sleep. Clearly, they seem to be able to effect the human nervous system and have perfected a way to knock us out without landing a punch.

Along the same vein, abductees report having an alien stare into their eyes and absorbing information. People often refer to it as a mind scan. It like they can look into our minds through our eyes and see whatever we have seen. Wouldn’t that be an interesting skill to have?

Though this part is even harder to believe, some abductees report sexual behavior or touch during their abduction experiences. Aliens appear to be interested in human sexuality and reproduction. For that reason, abductees tell stories of E.T.’s touching them in a sexual manner in order to produce orgasm and/or collect sperm. When orgasm is reached, aliens will often rush over to stare into the human’s eyes. Does that suggest that E.T.’s ‘feel’ human emotions or body sensation when they gaze into people’s eyes? Do they stare into the eyes during a period of great pleasure in order to capture that pleasure for themselves or to somehow study the neurological process going on in the brain at that moment?

The very well- known and respected Derrel Sims has been studying aliens for decades, and he has come to the conclusion that E.T.’s see in infrared, ultra violet, and x-ray type vision. So when they stare in the eyes, they actually could be doing an x-ray on your brain!

I know all this sounds way too weird to believe. I totally understand that. Yet you have to remember that these stories come from around the world and often from multiple witnesses at once. While I certainly cannot rule out EMF and geomagnetic factors acting on the brain to produce hallucinations, I also cannot rule out the possibility that aliens have been here. The similarity of the abduction stories warrants our attention, whether you believe in extraterrestrials or not. Something is going on. Perhaps someday we will be able to put the puzzle together so we can understand more about ourselves as well as the E.T.’s who may very well be here.

If you have had an experience like this or it rings a bell, feel free to contact me. Your story can really help in researching this grand subject.   Email: deborahkauflin       @  gmail.com



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When ghosts are nothing more than your own trauma

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Many people believe their homes are haunted. In fact, they are downright convinced of it. Yet in a lot of cases, the ‘ghost’ is nothing more than a mixture of family trauma and negative life situations. What I mean by that is a large number of cases where homeowners believed they were haunted were actually not haunted at all. Well, they may have been haunted by a horrible life tragedy, but there was nothing paranormal going on.

You have to be careful if you think that you are being haunted. Because if you come to believe that there is a specter watching your every move, then you can become anxious, paranoid, and even frightened. I’ve worked with people who thought that they had ghosts in their homes. In reality, there was no ghost or demon. The things that they mistook for supernatural happenings were actually just everyday occurrences that were misinterpreted.

Life is hard. For some people, it is excruciating. Whether they go through a chronic painful illness which doctors seem unable to help, or they suffer from tragedy after tragedy, the trauma can be too much to handle. When this happens, the human mind searches for an explanation. Sometimes that leads them to the paranormal.

For example, Minnie was left by her cheating husband with four young children. Naturally the cheater skipped out of town and on alimony too. Minnie was overwhelmed. Then life hit her with a brick. She came down with all kinds of weird symptoms. Her eyes would go in and out of focus. She’d feel numb in her legs and arms. Sometimes, she had trouble walking. To the doctors she went, and the doctors failed her. They saw her as a middle aged woman who was malingering. In truth, she was suffering from early Multiple Sclerosis. It took several years before she found one competent doctor who was able to diagnose her.

In the meantime, Minnie had convinced herself that a bad spirit was haunting her home. The walls seemed to bang out of nowhere. Her wallet was never in the last place she left it. There was a cold spot in the dining room. Then there were those horrible dreams where something was chasing her. Because she was so stressed, every time one of these things would happen, she told her young children that an evil spirit was after them. It follows that the kids then began noticing every noise and bump, and they too, became convinced that a dark entity was stalking them.

When dinner was left in the stove too long, it was obviously the ghost. When Minnie tripped over the bathroom carpet, clearly it was the ghost. When the kids had nightmares, to them, it was a demon out to get them. Whatever goes wrong in the course of a normal day was attributed to the paranormal. And it made this family wild with fear.

They all ended up sleeping in the same room, taking turns trying to get rest so the ghost wouldn’t get them. The kids would go to school exhausted because, well, the demon had kept them up. At least in their mind it had. Their school work began to suffer, and Minnie simply collapsed. As sick as she was, she couldn’t go on and was absolutely convinced that the evil spirit had caused her divorce, her illness, and kids’ problems. Minnie’s behavior got bizarre as a result. She went so far as to run out of the bathroom with the trash when she was having her menstrual cycle. The reason? She felt if any blood was left in the house that it somehow ‘fed’ the demon. Minnie ended up having a priest come bless her home, she was so scared.

After this went on for almost a year, Minnie’s mother ended up taking the children and Minnie in. At first, every time they heard a snapping noise or bump, they would all jump with fear until Minnie’s mother reassured them that it was just the wind outside, the ice tray, or the refrigerator. It took several months of Minnie’s mother making great efforts to explain things and clam them down before they began to understand that they had not been haunted at all.

Still terrified of the whole thing, Minnie wanted her home (which had sat vacant for three months) to be tested by paranormal investigators. She wouldn’t believe her mom, but she would believe them. Investigators took a look at Minnie’s house and did several overnight stays. It didn’t take long to figure out that the bumps and bangs that the family had heard were the results of the pipes and the heating ducts moving and banging. The cold spot in the dining room? The window had been left open a tiny bit by accident. So chilly air was coming in at that spot. Minnie kept tripping on the bathroom carpet because one of the tiles underneath it had come loose. Where the tile was loose was the exact spot Minnie kept tripping on. And the nightmares were just that: nightmares. No more. No less.

Poor Minnie and her children had been so scared that they let fear override their common sense. If Minnie had investigated instead of jumping to conclusions, she and her children would not have lost a year to an unfounded terror. However, she had been horribly scarred from her divorce and disabling illness. It was too much.

After the investigation showed her that there was nothing in her home, she and the kids moved back in. With the window closed and tile fixed, there were no more cold spots or tripping accidents. The paranormal investigators had told her to have a plumber secure the pipes, which she did. Then the noises were no longer heard. Problems solved. Her son admitted to being the one who had been moving her wallet when he was sneaking dollars here and there. It was just one big mess.

Now don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is just females who have this issue. Unfortunately, there have been some scientists in the paranormal field who have painted women who have supernatural experiences as nutcases, and these scientists have done a great disservice to the field by using a broad brush. To these scientists, women who have paranormal experiences, especially poltergeist experiences, are hysterical personalities and attention seeking. While this may be true of some people (male and female) who are encountering paranormal happenings, it is certainly not true of all. This ghastly mischaracterization sets the field back. I’ve known women who have experienced actual poltergeist activity, witnessed by others, and these women are solid emotionally.

Both men and women can mistakenly come to believe that there is a ghost in their homes when nothing is there. I know of a man who became convinced that he had a demon in his house. Despite many different investigative groups over a period of years showing him that his demon consisted of his air compressor blowing, faulty wiring of his dishwasher, and raccoon families in his attic, he still walked away from the house and let it go into foreclosure. He had convinced himself that an evil spirit was after him, so to him, an evil spirit was after him.

The point is that you should never jump to the conclusion that your house is haunted. There are so many other things that it could be. Be especially careful when you suffer from illnesses or tragedies, because those things can impair your judgment. After all, if you have gone through horror after horror, it is easy to turn to the paranormal when looking for answers. People can mistakenly think that if doctors can’t help them or if several family and loved ones die in the same year, then maybe there is a dark entity making it happen. They look to the supernatural for answers because this world cannot provide them with the answers. Some illnesses are yet to be discovered. Doesn’t mean someone isn’t dealing with it right now. Doctors just don’t know what it is. And in some years, several people you love can just die. It is rare, but it does happen. Bad luck perhaps, but not bad spirit.

If you think you have a ghost in your house, then get it checked out. Have good investigators who will look at your heating/air system, pipes, windows, and other things to rule out something mundane. Whatever you do, don’t get scared when you don’t need to be. Life is too short.

Request for haunting and ghostly experiences

I have been doing research on hauntings and specifically cases where people are dealing with bad paranormal activity. If you have experienced such a case, please consider contacting me. Your name is kept confidential. This is scientific research meant to expand knowledge of the characteristics of such events. Email me: deborahkauflin @ gmail.com

Do We Create Ghosts With Our Minds?

Are ghosts simply thought forms? Do we make them up with our own energy? There are many scientists who theorize that ghosts are no more than a product of our own thoughts and energy. The hypothesis is that we create them ourselves. The idea is that if you make up a back story about a fake ghost and put energy into the belief, then an entity will form from people’s energy and unconscious thoughts that matches the back story.

For example, there have been experiments where groups of people set out to create a ghost. These research groups planned their ghost. They made up a list of characteristics of a fake person who was said to have died. They then try to make contact with the spirit they created. They held séances and asked questions in an attempt to get responses such as knockings or moving objects.

What these groups found was that they could get responses from their made up ghost. They would ask questions about things that they had written about the ‘ghost.’ In response, they got such things as knocking sounds. However, what they found was that the ghost could only respond to things which were put into the dossier when he was being created. He couldn’t answer questions about things that were not put into the fake bio.

But things get stranger from there. An unexpected outcome puzzled researchers. When they created these ghosts, there was more to them. That is, the ghosts they made up became independent and began to act on their own. The ghost would be there whether the researchers were at the location or not. In some cases problems arose and poltergeist activity picked up. Unwanted happenings would begin, and an entity which they believed that they could control all of a sudden became something that they couldn’t control.

Because of this, some researchers question whether it was ever a thought form to begin with. They suggest that it was another spirit pretending to be the ‘made up’ ghost all along. Are these playful or malicious entities that are using gullible researchers to manifest? Are there entities out there waiting for the chance to tap into group thought and energy so that they can act out?

We are not sure. However there are some troubling flaws in the ghost creation theory. Though it could account for some hauntings, it certainly does not explain all of them. In some cases, those who experience a haunting at a property have no knowledge of ghosts attached to the land. In fact people move in ‘blind’ to the history of the land. Then they experience apparitions and other ghostly manifestations when they have had no knowledge of those who once lived in the house. They can’t create it because they don’t know the history of the land. They only learn about the ghost once they have experienced dreams or apparitions which identify the ghost. When they investigate, they find out that the ghost’s identity matches what they have been seeing and dreaming about.

Basically the ghosts came first in these cases. Knowledge of the ghost came second. Though some may argue that someone could have ‘created’ the ghosts at some prior time, what about properties that have no history of hauntings? What about land that has no legends and no prior activity at all? What about these hauntings that spring up where owners have no prior knowledge and there is no known history of who has lived on the land? In these cases, the people didn’t create a ghost. No one before them made it up. It just happens.

Furthermore, there are paranormal researchers who question whether the scientists actually make up the ghosts at all in their experiments. They point out that it is possible that spirits or other entities imprint the information on the scientists’ unconscious. That the bio ‘created’ by scientists wasn’t fake at all; it was what spirits were communicating before the experiment.

Perhaps ghost creation isn’t creation at all but merely a method for spirits to manifest. We do know entities need energy, and what better way to get it than to feed off a group excited to do research? Maybe it is possible to have both. There may be both spirits of the dead and thought forms too. At this time we honestly can’t rule out either. However there is evidence which can point to both being true at the same time.

There is so much to learn in this fascinating field. And every day holds promise for us to open more doors and learn about the unexplained.


Blood Moon & Evil Spirits

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Beware the Blood Moon, for it has its secrets. It has power. The Blood Moon is a haunting reminder that we are not alone. It is a flashing red warning sign that something is different. The moon glows red. Maybe we should have paid more attention to it. It is of Biblical origin after all. The Blood Moon is said to usher in the apocalypse. According the English common Bible:

The sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. –Joel 2:31

So I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised when all hell broke loose on the night of the Blood Moon. But did people really know that planet positions could open up spirit doors?

People have used Astrology for a long time. We all know that the stars predict the future. We look up at the sky and wonder what is out there in space. The moon has always been especially powerful. Ocean tides can be affected by it. People are said to go crazy when there is a full moon. Werewolves come out when there is a full moon. It is only logical that the moon could affect the paranormal.

And something appears to have happened last night.

Apparently the Blood Moon acted as a doorway which let darkness come out from the other side. I’ve been working on a book about evil spirits and murderers, so I’ve had a lot of contact with people who have experienced bad spirits. I’ve spoken to exorcists and interviewed serial killers myself. Because of that, people know I study this, and they contact me when strange things happen. And I can tell you that since late last year, weird things have been going on around this planet.

There have been more UFO sightings. There has been an increase in spirit phenomena. There have been more sightings of the feared black eyed children. And there is much, much more. I don’t want to get into it because I just don’t want to scare you. Let me tell you that there is something strange happening.

When I woke this morning, I had over twenty five emails waiting for me in my inbox. These are people I know who live in haunted homes or are exorcists. Some have dealt with bad spirits, while others simply had friendly ghosts in their homes. Last night the Blood Moon acted like a magnifying glass. It made the dark large. It made evil spirits more powerful. In short, it acted as a source of power for dark spirits.

Scary spirit activity picked up once that Blood Moon was seen, and those who contacted me said that they couldn’t sleep at all because evil was taking over their homes. One family even had to leave and spend the night at a hotel because objects (including a knife) were flying around the house.

It is interesting that once the sun rose, the activity stopped. However these families are terrified. It was like the night had been electrified and spirit power was boosted. Perhaps this Blood Moon was more powerful than we ever knew. The problem is that the next Blood Moon is not to take place until 2032. If a spirit door was opened last night, did the entities that came through the door get to stay until then? What exactly came through that spirit door?

Right now, we don’t know. But I will keep you updated on what I hear. One thing is for sure. Something strange happened last night.

*The next set of Blood Moon events after the (current set) will be in 2032. Someone emailed and thought I didn’t know we will be getting more Blood Moons in this set. This is to clarify.
UPDATE:I have spoken with people who reported the strange happenings on the night of the blood moon. For most, events have calmed down. Could their anxiety about the Blood Moon have increased any telekinetic ability thus making bad things happen? Were these people only affected on that one night due to the moon circumstances? Did evil spirits come through a portal? These are questions that need to be answered. I can tell you that the family who had to flee from their home is still experiencing strange happenings. I will keep you updated on what I find out.

Update November 2014: This year has been a nightmare for those who experienced bad paranormal activity during the Blood Moon. The poor family who fled their home after the first Blood Moon has moved, but the bad spirits have moved with them. They are working with holy people to help them. However, the father and one of the children are resistant to receiving help now. It looks like evil has really gotten a hold on them. They hear growling and banging sounds on a regular basis. And they have been scratched by an unseen force. People should be aware that bad hauntings are not easily fixed. They can go on for a very long time and actually destroy families.

Want to learn more about evil spirits and the harm they can do? Click here for my new book “Demon Attacks” https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/578855


Black Eyed Children: A Spike in UK Cases


Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

They have been haunting people for a very long time, these children of the night. These ‘children’ are out there stalking the darkness, waiting for you to make a mistake. They wear a mask to get your guard down. They know who you are. Whether it is your car or your home, these entities are after you. They mean you harm.

If you haven’t heard of the black eyed children, then you may wonder what I’m talking about. Some call them demons. Others say they are monsters. The wait in the night, watching. They are spying on you to see how to best get to you. Whatever they are, they are very real, and they are very dangerous.

These entities look for a way in. They want in your home. They want in your car. They want in your life. Since they know that if they show what they truly are that you would never let them in, they come to you in a way that is not threatening. The black eyed children look in your windows and call to you. They knock at the door and ask to be let in.They often appear to be in distress.

When you first see them, they look like little children. You’ll notice that they hide their faces at first. They don’t want you to know what they really are, for they are darkness. They use their devilish charms to trick you into inviting them in. At first they will be polite. They ask nicely to be let in. But as the encounter continues, they become aggressive and insist that you invite them inside.

If you make the mistake of letting them in, they wreak havoc on you. They want to destroy you. The really scary part is that you can call them unwittingly. You might not know it, but you can summon these creatures without even knowing it. When you are under stress or full of anger, you can call them unconsciously.

If you resist letting them in, you’ll get a good look at their faces and their black eyes. Black eyed spirits have been reported for centuries. And it is common knowledge in the paranormal community that evil spirits pose as children in order to get close to you.

There has been a rash of case reports in the UK. Right now it is not known why this is happening. However, there is a cluster, and it is going on right now. Several people in the UK have reported seeing these black eyed children along with a golden eyed dog. The dog is black with eyes that sparkle with a golden shimmer. Always, this dog is a bad omen. Reports claim that the dog walks in front of the children then moves to the side when the kids engage people. But the dog is always there watching. Some have said that they heard a low growl from the dog when they refused to let the black eyed children into their homes. Interestingly, when people refuse to let them in, the children and dog disappear right before their eyes.

What is even more frightening is that even if people don’t let them in, bad luck usually follows encounters with these beings. People meeting these black eyed children reported a run a very bad luck right after seeing these entities.

Though I am a psychic medium, I am also a retired criminal profiler, and so I don’t just believe anything someone tells me. I interviewed people reporting these phenomena, and they are very credible. They were very specific in what they were telling me. And the stories were similar though the people reporting didn’t know each other.

We are talking about doctors, military personnel, and even psychiatrists who have seen the black eyed children and black dog. What I noticed is that the people experiencing this were skeptics prior to this encounter. They were not believers in the paranormal. Then they came across these dark spirits and wanted to know what is going on.

Whatever these entities are, they clearly have a negative energy to them. Bottom line is: don’t let them in if they come for you. It is not known why the UK seems to be targeted at this time; however, there is something going on in that part of the world.

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Bad Luck is Real

houseghostby Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Some people appear to be cursed. Seriously, there are certain poor souls out there who have nothing but tragedy after tragedy in their lives. It never stops! It is like they have a dark cloud hanging over their heads. It is like the Universe is out to get them. You would think that life would lighten up on them, but it doesn’t. You may be one of these people. If you are, then you know that bad luck is real. You get the shaft no matter what you do.

Many people don’t want to believe this. They’ll blame everything BUT bad luck. They even try to blame the poor victims who suffer from it. These nasty people will try to say that those who have bad luck somehow caused it themselves! Have you ever had something awful happen to you, and then someone tries to blame you for it? Then you know what I am talking about.

There are situations where completely innocent people have bad things rain down on them for no reason. They don’t cause it. They don’t make bad choices. It is just bad luck. People who dismiss this usually have never gone through a string of really rotten luck. They don’t know what they are talking about.

Really, they don’t want to admit that bad luck is real because if they do, that means it can happen to them! Instead they want to believe that bad things happen for a reason. They want to believe that people who have bad luck did something wrong. They want to think that if bad things happen, then it is just coincidence. That way they can think that bad luck won’t come calling for them.

Wrong! Bad luck’s fingers can reach out for anyone. It is almost like a force that goes searching for people. And when it finds its poor targets, then they truly suffer. There are a lot of things in this world that we don’t understand. Luck, whether good or bad, is real.

If you have bad luck, then I have hope for you. For many, rotten luck does seem to let go after a while. I know people who have had bad luck most of their lives. But then all of a sudden, something changes. And when that change happens, better luck takes hold.

While you can’t really change your luck, you can increase your chances of having better outcomes. Sometimes you can use your mental and physical energy to impact your environment. Because we are made up of energy, if you visualize being strong, then it can help you better cope with what is happening to you. And when you feel a little better, you are able to do more which can increase your chances of getting what you want. When this happens, your energy can change. This can give you a better chance.

I’m not saying that this is easy. If you’ve gone through a lot of bad things, then trying to force yourself to feel positive is not going to magically make things right. But you can center yourself and focus on being strong. This lets people know you will not put up with crap. This can be a first step to taking more control of your life. It can increase your chances of having better luck.

Hold on if you are going through a rough patch. Although luck plays favorites, you will have times in your life when your luck changes. Bad luck eventually does go away. You just have to wait it out and know that better things will come.