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Rock Faced Aliens: Are They Reptilians or Something Else?

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Our world is being visited by aliens. UFO’s are seen on a regular basis in even the most remote places. Some rise out of water and shoot out toward outer space, while others skim across the night sky. Military pilots, police officers and other trained observers have seen these things.

But there is more than just UFO’s in our skies. There are actual alien contacts taking place. These events can be quite traumatic for those experiencing them, or they can be life altering and pleasant. It looks like it depends on the type of alien who visits you.

I have been doing research on alien abduction and contact for over three years now. People from around the globe come to me to tell their stories because of my background in law enforcement and my psychic ability. They know alien contact is real, and so do I.

In my research, a group of people have told me about their contact with rock faced aliens. This doesn’t mean the alien heads are made of rock. It just means the entities have skin that appears rock-like. As a psychic, I’m often able to see what others have encountered during their alien contacts.  And I’ve seen these rock faced beings.

The alien skin is dark grey in color. There are what looks like overlapping areas of skin that give rock-like appearance from a distance. Their faces are a little long, somewhat resembling the statue head from Easter Island (Moai). And the skin appears rough.

Some have said that these entities resemble reptilians. However, unlike reptilians that can have a bad reputation, the alien contact with these beings is positive. In fact, the entities are said to give advice and act like teachers to the humans they visit.

Those who have contact talk about being brought to another location that almost seems ‘heaven-like.’ There are beautiful gardens and bright lights. They walked along a path with the creatures and had meaningful discussions.

When I asked what the discussions were about, usually the topics involved the personal lives of the humans and how to better themselves, or how we can move humanity forward. No one was ever told to harm anyone or themselves. There was nothing bad about the visits. Witnesses say they fit in with the aliens.

After contact, the witnesses say they felt a sense of calm and happiness. There is a peacefulness about these creatures that put people at ease. As one person said “I got all the love from them that I never got from anyone else.”

Many times, those who have visits with the rock faced aliens get a new perspective on their lives. Something about contact invigorates them, and they suddenly are able to work through problems that they couldn’t before. The contact helps them understand themselves and others better. It is like a light goes on in their minds, and things make sense.

In a series of visits, a man said he felt a warmth that he had not gotten in his hard life. Lest you think that this man is mentally unwell, I’d like you to know that he is a scientist who has worked on complex and high level projects. He’s well respected in his field, but he fears going public because of ridicule. Others who have had this experience are psychologists, medical doctors, police officers, military personnel, and even retired government agents.

These aren’t people who believe just anything that comes their way. They are not crazy. They are experiencing something that has been taboo to discuss, at least in Western cultures. As more and more people have contact or know someone who has had contact, the truth is becoming harder to deny.

These are not the negative abductions that we hear so much about. Though those occur, the rock faced aliens leave such a positive impact that contactees felt comfortable enough to talk to me about it. They know their experiences were real, and for most, the visits continue.

With my background as a criminal profiler, sometimes people can be nervous about contacting me. Please understand that I am just like you guys reading this. I am as interested in UFO and aliens as you are, and I am very open minded. One woman who is a doctor came to me and told me about her alien experience. Much later she shyly admitted that she had been afraid to come to me at first. She thought I’d be gruff because of my background. Later she laughed about that and told me I was one of the nicest people she had met, and I had helped her more than anyone regarding her experience.

So if you are someone who has seen a UFO or had alien visits or abductions, please come on in and email me. I’d be happy to talk to you about what’s going on. You are not alone. Lots of people have had alien contact. It is something that happens, and you should never worry about what others will think.

Email: deborahkauflin @

You Are Not Crazy: Aliens Are Visiting Us

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Have you had strange dreams filled with weird looking entities? Did you lose time? Were you in a place where you saw a UFO? Have marks appeared on your body overnight, scars that weren’t there when you went to bed? Do you remember waking up somewhere else, such as outside? Have you heard an unexplained clicking sound?

If so, you may have been visited by aliens. Now, not every dream and unexplained scrape on your body comes from extraterrestrials. There is more to it than that. So don’t jump to this conclusion if you wake up with a scratch or have a bad dream.

However there are cases where E.T. visits are occurring. Witnesses aren’t just imagining what is happening to them. There is supporting evidence to go along with their stories. Others in the house have the same experiences. Scars appear on their bodies. They see a UFO land in grassy areas, but nothing will grow in these spots after the UFO leaves. Some have evidence of radiation exposure. Others have implants in their bodies. Still more will suddenly become fluent in another language or understand advanced mathematics.

For many of those who have contact, their experiences are lifelong. In other words, aliens keep track of certain people throughout their lives. For them, it all starts in childhood.

  1. Childhood memory:

When they are little, they have an alien experience which can be very traumatizing. The children don’t necessarily remember everything consciously, though sometimes they do recall seeing otherworldly beings. It can be very scary because some aliens look quite different from us. To a child, meeting up with these creatures would be terrifying. And this can ingrain trauma into the consciousness of such children. They don’t always know why exactly they are so anxious, but they get flashes of memory which remind them. In some cases, as their memories focus, they feel a sense of calm because the entities were gentle and kind to them. As the witnesses remember more, they become less anxious, and the trauma fades.

This doesn’t happen with all contactees. Some children recall absolutely terrifying contact. They remember being probed and prodded with no regard for their feelings. Of course this leads to psychological damage which can manifest in depression, anxiety, and even addiction in later life.

  1. Psychic skills:

Many who have alien contact experience are psychic or become intuitive after an experience. Especially after contact, witnesses have psychic dreams. In the dreams they have more alien visits and astral travel. They have precognitive dreams, and they will get strong feelings (gut feelings) which are proven right time and time again.

  1. Family contact:

It is quite common to find that more than one family member has been in contact with E.T.’s. In fact, once family members talk to each other and find out that their relatives have been through the same thing, it eases their minds a bit. Basically, they realize that they aren’t crazy! And when they dig further, they find that their ancestors often had experiences as well. Sadly, most people tend not to talk about their experiences and suffer in silence, questioning their sanity.

  1. Feeling of not fitting in:

In combination with some of these characteristics, contactees simply know they are not from here. Earth is such a violent, difficult place, and contactees feel somewhat disconnected from other people. In short, they know they don’t fit here. You may feel that way, that no one here understands you, and if so, you should read this article carefully.

When these contactees are under hypnosis or when they examine their experiences more closely, they find that often they feel nothing but love and warmth when with the E.T.’s. They fit there. The aliens are ‘home’ for them. And suddenly everything makes sense.

Just because a being looks scary does not mean that it is bad. I used to teach my detectives just this topic when I did my criminal profiling seminars. Most serial killers don’t look like Frankenstein. Serial predators can be very good looking and professionally successful. Looks don’t matter when it comes to whether an individual is a predator, and the same holds true for aliens. For some people, the initial shock of seeing a frightening looking entity can traumatize them so much that they have trouble getting beyond it. So their view of E.T.’s is negative.

To be clear, bad experiences do occur. While there are loads of wonderful alien contacts, I have to say, not all are like that. For every good contact, I’ve seen a bad one. The truth is that some experience is downright evil. These are the more commonly known violent abductions. There are no gifts for these unfortunate people who go through these attacks.

Unlike the others who feel at home with the aliens, these people instinctively know they don’t belong with the entities who are taking them. These negative E.T.’s do actual harm. They experiment on abductees and don’t bother using any anesthetic while doing so. Witnesses recall these experiences in great, painstaking detail. For them, it is torture, pure and simple.  That is their reality, and just because there are many good alien contact cases doesn’t mean that bad ones don’t exist. We have to be honest about people’s experiences, and some alien witnesses have had horrific abductions.

These are totally different experiences.

Does this point to separate alien species, or are there rogue aliens just like there are rogue humans? It is interesting to note that those who have had positive experiences point to grey, mantid, insect, humanoid, light, feline, and even reptilians as the entities with which they had contact.

On the other hand, people who have violent abductions point to some of those same types of entities. This makes one wonder if aliens are indeed like humans in which some are good and some bad. It is hard to say at this point exactly what is happening. Yet people around the world share these experiences, whether they live in Africa, the Middle East, or small villages in Europe. And their stories are very similar, even those that come from remote areas. E.T.’s are here and are likely visiting people who don’t even realize it. They can come into your dreams or take you from your car. You never know when they might come calling.

If you have had such an experience, please email me. I keep your information confidential, and I respect what you have been through. Email: deborahkauflin @

Gorgeous Blue Eyed Aliens: The Humanoid E.T.’s

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Have you seen one? If you have, then you know it. There is no mistaking it when you spot one of these beautiful creatures. They have the most stunning blue eyes that you have ever seen. In fact, their eyes almost glow! You won’t forget when you come across them.

There are many different sightings involving various aliens. Many involve the little grey creatures with the big black eyes. Often in those cases, the contact is quite negative.

However, others report seeing incredibly attractive humans with bright blue eyes. And they know telepathically that these beings are aliens. Typically the reports say that all of these aliens have blonde hair, but from my research, I have a lot of cases involving aliens with dark hair. Like the witness accounts involving the Nordic (blonde) aliens with blue eyes, the cases I have researched involve very attractive humans with different hair colors and incredible blue eyes.

The entities tend to be taller than the average human male or female. They are described as fit, very attractive, and well dressed. In fact, it is said that the entities sometimes dress in provocative ways. People do look at them in public because they stand out as being so attractive. However, other than people approaching them to ask them out, they tend to be left alone. It is like their good looks act as camouflage because no one would suspect such an attractive person as being alien.

Unlike cases of alien contact which involve non-human looking entities, those who see the blue-eyed beauties feel very positive about their contact. In other words, the blue-eyed aliens leave a good impression.

Witnesses actually say they have seen these entities during the day at such places as city buildings, shopping malls, and grocery stores.

The outstanding features are their good looks and bright blue eyes. What makes them different from humans is the glowing aspect of the eyes. They almost appear to be lit up.

However there is another feature that differentiates them from humans. That feature is the chameleon aspect of those beautiful eyes. Witnesses state that the eyes can change from bright blue to bright green. The change in color is dramatic when it occurs. The glowing characteristic and changing hue indicates abilities beyond ours. Because people report the eye color change happening right in front of them, it is almost like the entities have trouble maintaining their human appearance. I say this because the beings go to great lengths to blend in as much as possible.

How would witnesses know that they are looking at something extraterrestrial? As I stated before, it is done through telepathy. But that alone would not stand up as evidence of an E.T. visiting your local grocery store. There is more to it. Witnesses state that there are other people who see the same thing at the same time. They even converse about these strange ‘humans.’ Then, once the witnesses go home, paranormal activity begins. Objects will disappear only to reappear. Things move on their own. Whispers come out of nowhere. Electronics bug out. Strange lights appear in witness homes. And more than one person sees this.

And then the dreams come. More than one witness has told me that after seeing these entities, they then have dreams in which they are talking to the alien. They are told that they (the aliens) change their appearance to make humans more comfortable. They don’t want to alarm anyone. They state that they are friendly and mean no harm, and they are here to study us.

Two witnesses remember the aliens telling them that the atmospheric pressure will change before someone will see them. They weren’t able to recall more than that, but it is interesting.

I asked witnesses why the aliens would only allow themselves to be seen by so few people. Most could not answer. Yet a few said that they were told that we were too ‘primitive’ to understand them.

Yes, that is insulting. And if that is the case, aren’t there some of us who are not so primitive? I certainly can sympathize with an intelligent race coming to this planet and being disappointed in the human occupants. After all, just read the up to date headline news stories, and you will instantly be reminded of how barbaric humans are here. So yes, primitive could be the right word for our species.

Perhaps we should also consider the implications of that primitive label. As we are seen as being base creatures, maybe aliens would view us as a threat. If we had their advanced technology, could we as humans be trusted with it? Would a powerful and rich few take it all and step on everyone to get it? Of course you know the answer.

At the same time, isn’t it cruel to allow innocent humans to suffer in this violent globe? Wouldn’t it be all right to help the truly good people of the world?

I am constantly doing more research on the paranormal. If you have any stories or alien contact, please let me know. I keep your information confidential. Email: deborahkauflin @

The Beautiful Aliens: Peaceful Contact with E.T.’s

By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

I have written a lot about negative contact with aliens, but there is more to the story than bad interaction. There are also people who have had E.T. contact which is benevolent and enriches their lives. These aliens are quite friendly to humans and seem to have good intentions.

There doesn’t appear to be one single way contact occurs. In some cases, witnesses are at home or in a secluded location and then see a light. The light can change, becoming larger or smaller. Within the light, contactees can make out a human type figure.

As the aliens emerge from the light, witnesses get a good look at them. The aliens are tall, and they are human-like in their appearance. But there is something more remarkable about how the entities look. They are what we would consider to be extremely beautiful with elongated eyes. Witnesses say they are more attractive than our top supermodels. Their appearance is striking.

When this happens, contactees feel at ease. There is no fear. In fact, many report feeling happy and excited to see these aliens. It is almost like a family reunion, it is so familiar.

Though these aliens are big, they are extremely gentle. When people come across them, they feel nothing but intense love. The sensation of complete peace surrounds them. People describe it as the most amazing pleasure and contentment that they have ever felt. Their whole bodies are surrounded with this good energy which can temporarily take away any bodily and emotional pain.

Contactees are allowed to touch the aliens’ solid bodies, though the aliens could morph into balls of light. Thus, they appear to go from solid form to energy form. This may be a perception issue, but many witnesses talked about this change from solid to light.

In some cases, contactees are brought to another location where there are more aliens. A large number of witnesses reported a lavender mist and light which surrounded the area where they were taken. Once there, they are shown things and given comfort.

Many of these contactees have always felt like they didn’t quite belong on Earth. They felt different. Somehow they knew there was more than what we see on our day to day lives. After their encounters, they felt that they had come from aliens and that the visitors were simply family members coming to check up on them. While this may sound bizarre at first, it really isn’t. So many theorists say that aliens manipulated our DNA and that we are all part alien. Thus, this is not a stretch if you subscribe to that theory. Haven’t you ever felt like you were an outsider and didn’t quite fit in on this planet?

Other contact cases begin seemingly at random. A witness will be out and about doing a daily routine when he/she sees what at first appears to be a human. Like other contactees said, the entities are extremely good looking. They have the physical attributes that are prized on our planet.  Strangely, they stand out! It is like they do so intentionally to blend in. After all, who would suspect that a great looking person was really an alien? People are usually too busy drooling over them to notice!

Those who are allowed to ‘see’ these entities just know that the beings are not quite human. It is through telepathy that they get this knowledge. Again, while this sounds strange at first, I should note that witnesses are stable people who often hold professional jobs. I have spoken with witnesses who are University scientists, government workers, Military officers, police, psychologists, and more. They have no history of mental illness or drug use, and they were not going through any trauma at the time these events happened. Furthermore, there are several cases where more than one person saw the entities at once, and the witnesses spoke to each other about what was going on.

After this, paranormal activity began in their homes. Objects moved by themselves. Electronics would go haywire. And strange sounds came out of nowhere. Then vivid dreams and out of body experiences would take place. Unusual things began to occur in their lives.

I should note that while the vast majority felt good about this contact, some witnesses felt very uncomfortable around these beings. They were afraid and felt threatened. Was this their fear? Did their preconceptions taint their view? Or is it possible that some of these attractive E.T.’s are negative? That is what I am investigating.

Something is happening on our planet whether you want to see it or not. The implications scare a large number of people, so they would rather not see. For them, any alien contact would be terrifying. Others are open minded and realize that there is something going on.

What I do know is if the aliens wanted us dead, I suspect we would be dead. On the other hand, if they have the ability to help us, to heal us, and to advance us, then why not do it? Why let people suffer? These are the burning questions which beg for an answer. I am constantly hearing from people about this topic and doing more research.

If you have had contact, please email me. I keep your information confidential. I am doing a lot of research right now and will not be posting for a while.

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