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Why do ET’s wear skin-tight outfits?

Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.com

By Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

People report seeing all kinds of different species of aliens. Whether they call themselves abductees or contactees, humans across the globe have had fantastical experiences with ET. Whether they are taken aboard a craft or simply travel across a galaxy with their minds, humans have actually met creatures from other worlds. There are patterns to how these events take place and who is involved in them.

The most commonly reported extraterrestrial seems to be the Grey alien. Those who have been through abductions state that their Grey captors wore skin-tight, spandex-like outfits. These outfits are also seen on humanoid ET’s as well.

Most often, the outfits climb high on their throats. The color most frequently seen is dark blue. There appears to be some kind of luminescence to the outfits. Those who have touched them say that they feel like human skin and are soft. People who have reported seeing the humanoid ET’s in these outfits say the clothes are white in color instead of dark blue. There seems to be a monochrome color scheme with most of the extraterrestrials for some reason.

The outfits almost always have some kind of insignia where a lapel would be. It reminds you of Stark Trek. However, there are not many reports of the ET’s using the insignias for communications or other purposes. It just seems to show a rank or something like that.

The outfits extend all the way to the feet. There are no shorts in space, apparently.

Those who have gotten near these aliens say that the material of the outfits smells bad. It may very well be that the odor comes from the creatures. There have been reports of a foul smell when extraterrestrials are around. Some describe this as rotten egg or swampy odor.

One wonders why creatures from another planet or dimension would wear an outfit at all. Did they simply evolve that way? Do they wear these outfits because we expect to see them wearing such clothing? Perhaps they think we expect Star Trek, so they give it to us.

There are researchers who suggest that governments are behind some of these abductions. Maybe humans create animatronics that wear Star Trek like outfits in order to carry out mysterious experiments. The truth is that we do not know.

What we do know is that people of all socioeconomic status from around the world report these experiences. Too many have described the ET’s and the form-fitting outfits to ignore the phenomenon.

When you read all of this, what do you think? Why do these entities wear these outfits? Is it to give us what we expect? Did they naturally invent their own clothing? Do we as humans mimic them instead of the other way around? Is it simply governments playing mind games? Perhaps there is a bit of truth in all of these possibilities.

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Epileptics & ET’s: Do seizures explain alien abductions?

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

In the paranormal world, it is well known that in poltergeist cases, the agent is either seizure prone or has seizures. Even small focal seizures count. There is something about the epileptic brain that allows people to tap into a hyper-charged environment.

Because of this, I looked at alien abductees who had epilepsy or were seizure prone. I’ve been researching the alien phenomenon for 10 years now, and I have interviewed a little over 150 abductees. When I looked at the backgrounds of those involved in the phenomenon, I always examined the medical history. I included questions about epilepsy and seizures during my interviews. Interestingly, few abductees did have seizures. Around 20% of the abductees I interviewed fit into this category.  This is not a large number and a bit different than one might expect.

The other 80% of abductees did not have any history of seizures or epilepsy. This is very important since epilepsy plays such a big role in other paranormal activities. Whereas we can blame a seizure prone epileptic in a lot of poltergeist cases, we cannot necessarily do that in ET cases. It appears as if an agent is not involved in extraterrestrial abductions. This helps remove the potential of a human element as the cause of the abduction. If the human is not creating the activity, then what is?

Many do not realize that there is physical evidence in alien contact cases.

You will find:

Radiation burns.

Scars which heal overnight.

Unusual gel like substance which is seen under fluorescent light on victim clothing or victim skin.


These physical traces are left behind after abductions. Additionally, many cases have more than one family member experiencing the abductions at the same time. Thus, there are multiple witnesses. Pets react and will hide on the nights of ET contact. In some cases, pets disappear. What we know about alien abductions does not simply come from a person recounting the experience. There is other evidence.

Though governments are disclosing information about UFO’s and those who come into contact with them, alien abductees still feel embarrassed about their experiences. In general, they do not trust the government and will not talk with anyone affiliated with it. Who can blame them? Abductees have been ridiculed for ages, and their lives have been left in a shambles. These people should be taken seriously because something does happen to them. Sadly, they have been mocked. Society failed them.

The fact that we can begin to rule out things such as poltergeist agents being involved in ET abductions moves research forward in this field. It helps us develop an understanding of alien abductions and human physiology. It also helps to point to the legitimacy of ET contact.

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ET abductees miss their star home

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

ET abductees definitely tend to all into one of two camps. Either they suffer from the after-effects of abduction, or they feel blessed and happy. Those who do not have the bad effects are those who receive gifts from the aliens.

Such people suddenly feel like they can manipulate time. Those who feel this way will state that they can slow time. They also receive healings and have a sudden knowledge of something they knew nothing about. Out of the blue they will understand advanced mathematics or physics. They know things they shouldn’t know. These abductees are the lucky ones. But they aren’t so lucky in one way. After contact, they have a deep longing to “go home.” Home is with the star people, and the longing can sometimes cause depression. Many such contactees feel as if they do not belong here on Earth. Being here never feels quite right.

Such people will find themselves looking at the sky, especially at night. Sometimes these contactees will spend hours just sitting outside in the dark looking for their star friends. They tend to spend their lives searching for more contact. These people will immerse themselves in all things ET, and often begin using art or writing to express themselves. They will draw the aliens and create fascinating pictures of these entities and other worlds. Some write and document their experiences. It is not uncommon for contactees to teach and sometimes lecture about the subject.

When you come across one of these individuals, you will notice that they radiate a peaceful aura. They have contentment and a deeper knowledge of spiritual and other worldly matters. This removes a lot of anxiety which humans normally experience. The only drawback is that they long for their star home. They miss their other world and the entities which inhabit it. I’ve spoken to many contactees who have told me that this does nag at them. They always feel like they don’t really belong here; Earth isn’t their true home. Yet they do feel a responsibility to investigate and spread the word about their experiences. I’ve found these people to be very open and willing to share what happened to them. They are pleasant to be around and truly want to soothe any fears people have about ET’s.

The dichotomy between the two alien abduction groups is fascinating. Some suffer. Others get gifts. You have to wonder if there is more than one alien group doing the abductions or if it is some kind of psychological experiment to see what happens when you treat one group well while hurting another group. At this point we do not know. As Mary Rodwell says “we don’t know what we don’t know.” We can only speculate and say that some people come out of ET contact with much better lives and more knowledge. We definitely need to learn more about this phenomenon. It can be the key to unlock the mysteries of our world and all worlds.

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Abductees afraid ET’s will come back

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

After talking to a large number of alien abductees, I have noticed many patterns. These patterns are so obvious that these cases are not to be ignored. There are so many similarities in these experiences worldwide. For instance, I’ve interviewed abductees from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, England, Ireland, Africa, the US and others. It always amazes me how similar the abduction experiences are. They are so alike, it is eerie.

Fear is one of the top effects after contact. Abductees become terrified of several things. At first, they may not consciously remember what happened. The ET’s can erase memories. Yet, abductees know something is not right following the incident. Their anxiety is off the charts. This anxiety interferes with their lives, and it opens the door to questions. Abductees know something is off and want to learn what happened. But where do they turn?

While they struggle with their questions, they develop a terror which aligns with the location and time at which they were taken. Most often, abductees are snatched at night. Because of this, sleep is very difficult. In fact, many victims report that they will not sleep by windows or even in their beds. They can’t do it. Their fear is so terrible that they sometimes sleep in closets with the doors shut. Those who have firearms keep them close by. Some even hide under the bed. Remember, these are adults I am talking about.

Abductees struggle with the massive anxiety of feeling as if something is coming for them. After a while, they will get flashbacks which help fill in the blanks. They may even have a regression. When they do remember what happened, the fear gets worse. They are afraid that the aliens will come back.

Those around them do not understand the seeming irrational fear and subsequent behavior. After all, the abductees typically were normal people doing everyday activities when they were taken. Then, something changes. They become jumpy and will not sleep in the bed. They stay away from windows at night. They stare at the night sky for long periods of time. In short, abductees change dramatically. Family and friends see that something is different. Too often, abductees are told they are just upset or need therapy. However, traditional psychological interventions will not help in these cases. This is something of another world or dimension. Alien means alien; it is foreign to us. It sounds so crazy yet consider the possibility. Imagine that you are taken by creatures from somewhere else. You are experimented on and then left with a hazy memory of what happened. You have new scars or dried blood which show something really did happen. At the same time, you can’t tell anyone because they will think you are nuts. This is a horrible fate.

Naturally this increases abductee anxiety. Even today the idea of aliens snatching humans is considered the product of mental problems or someone making it up. People ask me why I even look at these cases, often with raised eyebrows and stern looks. Basically, even the researchers are considered strange, so what hope do actual abductees have of being believed?

It creates a perfect storm of massive anxiety and confusion. Coupled with the new feeling of constant terror, the abduction experience can ruin victims’ lives. I hate to see the dismissal of this phenomenon, but even with the government admission of UFO’s, people still do not believe. Yes, just because there are UFO’s does not necessarily mean we have ET’s. However, there is nothing to exclude that possibility either. I ask people reading this to open their minds and simply consider the possibility that abductees are telling the truth. What if they are? Read more about this subject, and you will find out that something is going on.

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You can call ET’s

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

There are many dimensions, many galaxies, many universes, and many planes of existence. Do you really believe that we are the only ‘intelligent’ form of life? There possibilities are endless. This means the possibilities of all kinds of life are endless.

Paranormal research does show evidence of something existing outside of us as humans. The ET abduction phenomenon shows us some creatures are secretly here interacting with us. Apparitions demonstrate some kind of view into another time. Ghosts haunt us. Demons, parasites or interdimensional entities can wreak havoc in our lives through psychological and physical traumas. These things are real, whatever you want to call them. People truly do have serious problems when they encounter such things.

In short, something is out there interacting with us. So you may wonder why anyone would want to call any of these things. Really, you probably do not. However, there are instances of ET contact which are good. They help people. This can point to more than one alien species being here because so many contact cases are negative.

The difficulty comes in finding the right ET’s. My own research into abduction cases leads me to believe that there are extraterrestrials who can play with our minds, neurological systems, and endocrine systems. They can also make us forget things. Talk about an unequal balance.

At the same time, I know people who have been cured of illnesses or disabilities after being in an alien’s presence. One woman who researches this phenomenon was cured of her endometriosis after reaching out psychically to these beings. Another who had suffered from meniere’s disease had it totally go away after an abduction.

One can call these beings. They are psychic and will hear you. Why they respond to some people and not others is a mystery. But you can always try. If you get on the right channel and connect with the right ET’s, you may find relief from a problem. It is clear that some want to help.

The best way to initiate contact is to find a private place which is quiet. Calm yourself and try to clear your mind. Focus on the feeling of being happy to ensure you are connecting with the right ET’s. Say out loud that you only want to reach benevolent aliens. Fix your mind on the good aliens and tell them who you are and why you want to talk to them. Some people will have a feeling of calm and a strange buzzing sensation in their bodies. Usually this means someone is listening to you. It is important that you enter this mindset with a pure heart. If you have bad intentions, it won’t work.

With time and practice, you can actually call these ET’s to you. When they see that you want peace and are not looking for trouble, they will come. This kind of contact enhances your sense of well being. It makes you feel better. And this is how you can tell if you have the right entity. If you feel worse after reaching out, then you got the wrong one. You want to disconnect from that and ask the positive to intervene to remove the negative. This does help.

You will know if you make contact because you will get a physical feeling which you have never felt before. They can manipulate our neurological systems and create sensations which are very pleasant. This is a way for an alien to initiate positive contact with us. There are good extraterrestrials which change people’s lives for the better. They actually vibrate, and your body will pick up on the vibration.

Protect yourself if you try this by only asking for contact with good. Meditate and focus your energy and thoughts. The more you do this, the better you will become at it. They will appear; it just takes time.

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Shadow man: spirit or alien?

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Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin, Ph.D.

You may see him outside your window, or sometimes he comes inside. People from all over the world know about the shadow man. This see-through dark figure stands around 7 or 8 feet tall and will appear in your life when you are vulnerable.

Sometimes you will hear some kind of an unusual sound. It may be a whistle, a creak, a knock, a howl, or some other noise that gets your attention. Once you are searching for the source of the noise, you may find him staring at you.

He will often stand outside of your door or window, beckoning you to come out. He does not talk, at least with any mouth. In fact, he doesn’t really have a mouth. He is a dark mist that fades in and out. This thing is a mass of darkness, almost like black smoke. Right before you see him, you will feel static electricity. Your ears may close up, as if you are now underwater. The atmosphere changes. Some people say it is like time stands still when they see him.

Whatever he is, he scares people. Not one person I talked to said that this entity was good. Instead, they all declared that the shadow man is bad. It was almost as if he somehow sucks energy from those he encounters. More often than not, he is outside your home at first. However, he can and will come inside. The most common place he is seen is in a bedroom or a closet. Maybe that is where our fear of ‘someone hiding in the closet’ comes from. Those who have seen him in the closet say he stands in the corner and does not move as they walk in. The scenario goes like this. As the unsuspecting person puts clothes away or grabs something, all of a sudden, the witness sees this smoky-type figure standing there with its head to the side.

When I was trying to get a good description of this thing, one person told me shadow man cocks his head to the side like Michael Myers does when he kills his victims. I asked if head titling seemed like a curiosity. Was shadow man simply curious about us? The answer was a firm ‘no.’ All of the witnesses said the head tilting seemed like mocking. It was like the shadow was making fun of them because it knew it was scaring them.

Other witnesses saw this thing when they were in bed or in simply in their bedrooms. Again, shadow man likes to stand with his back to the corner. People will wake up and see this mass, darker than dark, standing in their rooms. Even after letting their eyes adjust, the dark thing is there.  When they turn on the lights, mostly they do not see him. Yet, there are cases where people have turned on the lights and the dark entity is right in front of them.

People report feelings of sheer terror upon seeing him. The thing seems to grow darker and more solid when people get scared. It seems like it feeds on fear.

  1. It likes to target those who are alone
  2. It comes when you are vulnerable
  3. It hides
  4. It will taunt you
  5. It scares you on purpose

Some people even report experiencing missing time when they see shadow man. One woman said:

It was like someone was whistling outside my door. I got up and looked out the window…it was there. I’d say it was almost dark outside. The street lights were coming on. I saw this black shadow thing. It was maybe 7 feet tall. I’m not sure. It scared the daylights out of me. Next thing I know, I’m in the recliner. I have no memory of how I got in the chair.

I find this part very interesting because missing time is more commonly associated with alien abduction than spirit contact. Is this thing an extraterrestrial?

A lot of people have seen these shadow creatures. I have seen them. Lots of other psychics have seen them too. Of all the paranormal entities, I’d say the shadow entities may be the most common. Though you should note that not all of them act like this shadow man. The behaviors of others are different.

What do you think? Is this thing a spirit? It is an alien? Have you seen this thing? If so, feel free to contact me. We all want to get to the bottom of this. We all want to know what is going on in the paranormal world.

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Aliens without bodies

Copyright Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D.

When you think about aliens, chances are you picture a little grey creature with big black eyes. Lots of people who have had alien abduction experiences point the finger at these little grey creatures as being their abductors. We see them in TV and movies when they snatch an innocent human.

Perhaps there is more than meets the eye with these cases. More often than not, abductees discuss seeing a little ball of light floating around at the time of their experiences. So many talk about this small light which moves around quickly. The light seems to appear out of nowhere, and it zips around fast and furious. It can stop and hover. People state that they see faces in the balls of light.

There are reports of this light being blue and sometimes white. To some degree, you could think of it like that of Glinda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. It floats, and someone seems to emerge from it.

After people witness the little ball of light, then other things occur. Abductees will see the ‘Grey’ aliens emerge from the circle of light. Then the whole abduction sequence takes place. It is at this point that the human memory becomes fuzzy.

The interesting thing is that some who are taken will have scars which appear overnight. Their clothes will not be on properly when they wake up. Their shoes or one shoe will be found outside instead of where the shoes were located the night before. In certain cases there is documented radiation exposure.

In other words, something physical takes place. Do the Greys emerge from these balls of light? Do they travel in the light? Are the Greys the little balls of light themselves? Are the Greys separate from the light beings? There are no concrete answers at this time. I have seen enough cases of ‘abductions’ that occur when people never leave their homes, at least physically. Mentally they may have left, or the ET’s have a way of making you think you left. Some abductions appear to take place in a person’s mind only.

There are some who theorize that all ET’s are simply these non-physical entities. The theory goes that the physical ‘abductions’ are conducted by militaries and governments. The supposition is that ours and other governments have been conducting abductions for experimentation on the population and to prepare for a fake alien invasion. The goal: to take away more of our rights. I don’t put anything past any government. And I do believe they are involved in some of this. However, that does not preclude some type of dimensional beings or alien entities from engaging in human abduction as well.

Some entities may be non-physical. In fact, I believe that is the case. Yet I also know that where there is one, there is more. So while one type may be non-physical, others may very well be quite solid. As always, we are left with more questions than answers. And as I repeatedly point out, the beings, whatever they are, are not talking. They are very secretive. The entities are not transparent in their motives and goals. So we are left in the dark to speculate. 

I also believe that governments are playing with fire when it comes to this topic. They may not believe that there are aliens here but simply want to pretend that there are so they can gain more power and money. There is enough evidence to show that something is here, and our government cannot control it. The arrogance displayed by people in power is breathtaking. You have to remember, these things are from someplace else. They don’t bow to elected officials on this planet. And none of us truly know what they can and cannot do. For all the government knows, these beings are manipulating them. Humans may believe they are in control. Remember, these entities appear to be able to influence the human mind. Those who think that they can play alien invasion may be in for a big surprise. 

I will say that as a psychic, I communicate with non-physical beings. They very well could be these ball of light aliens or entities. I am not sure. We are surrounded by things we cannot see. Whether they are here to help or hurt is up for debate. However, it is clear: they are here.

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Alien Healing

Copyright Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D.

I have written extensively about my belief that alien contact is not benevolent. There are countless tales of ET abductions where victims suffer horrific consequences from being taken. 

While I do believe that much alien contact is bad for the victims, there are cases in which the contactees experienced healings. Such cases are much more rare than those where the victims are hurt. 

Since we do not know everything about ET’s, it is hard to say exactly what they are and which ones are here. For that reason there is a possibility that there are some who are benevolent.

Here are a few examples of the contactees I have interviewed who had wonderful things happen as a result of being taken. 

One experiencer named Michelle reported having her hearing restored in a compromised ear. This 52 year old female suffered from Ménière’s disease and had lost hearing in one of her ears. She had suffered for several years with this condition. Doctors offered this woman little help and in fact were outright dismissive of her suffering. When the medicinal profession had written her off, she had resigned herself to living this way for the rest of her life. 

She had reported ET abductions since she was a child. Both she and her brother      remembered the ‘dreams’ they both had as little children. Each remember walking to the window at night and then being pulled through it. It always terrified them when they were little.  Yet when she was taken as a an adult, she found the experiences much more appealing. The last time she was taken, the ET’s had her on a hard table and kept putting their eyes very close to her bad ear. This happened over and over.  Michelle did not feel anything when this happened.When she awoke the next day, she could hear perfectly out of her bad ear and has never had a problem since.

Another contactee, an African American man named Ben had suffered from a blood disorder  his entire life. He was in his 60’s when he reported being taken by aliens. No one else in his family ever experienced such an incident. However, his wife had seen a light shine through their window the night of his abduction. Unlike Michelle, he at first was scared when he awoke on a table, like one in a doctor’s examination room. Ben struggled as much as he could which was not much at all. He couldn’t move. Pretty much all he could move were his eyes. He could see a large silver needle which one put in his groin. He wanted to scream but could not. Why would they put it in his groin? That was all he remembered. 

However, the next day after waking up, he felt noticeably better than he had in years. As the days progressed, he got better and better. His joints no longer hurt. His eyes were better. He no longer had heart palpitations. It was so strange that he made an appointment with his doctor who was confused as to why Ben was there. People don’t usually go to the doctor when they are feeling better. Ben explained that something was very different and he wanted blood tests to see what was going on. A panel was done, and his blood work was fantastic. His cholesterol was low, which it had not been in years. And better yet, his blood disorder was no longer detectable. His doctor could not explain it. The tests were repeated in a month and were the same. No blood disorder.

Both Ben and Michelle described the typical Grey type of alien with big black eyes off at an angle. They both remembered the hairs on their arms standing up when the creatures got close to them. However neither has an exact recollection of specifically entering an exam room. They both got a headache when the entities were near them. Neither had any idea why they were chosen and taken.

So the question becomes: are different ET’s abducting people? Is one set healing and others hurting? Or is it the same group doing some good things while hurting the majority? 

There are no clear answers. The problem is that the ET’s are not talking. Messages come via abductees, and many of the messages come through regression therapy. Certainly an advanced creature would have a better way to communicate. So why don’t they? It leaves us to speculate that they do not communicate because they do not want to. It creates more questions than answers. And that is a problem.

For now what we do know is that some lucky people have positive after effects from abduction. These effects appear to be permanent, and the people’s lives improve. No one knows how the ET’s do it or why.

If you have had one of these experiences, please let me know. I am always interested in learning aspects of as many cases as possible. The more we see, the more we can learn. I believe when it is accepted that these beings are here it will change humanity forever.

ET’s are not the good guys

Copyright Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D.

It is not a popular statement. A lot of those who study extraterrestrials believe, or want to believe, that aliens are good. 

Sorry, but that just isn’t so. I am a retired criminal profiler who worked with police on hundreds of serial murder, sexual homicide, serial rapes, abductions and other cases. I’m am an expert on behavior. I am also an expert on psychopaths. Plus, I am psychic. 

But leaving out the psychic ability, if you simply take a look at what is happening on this planet, you can only come to one or two conclusions when it comes to extraterrestrials. Either they are powerless or they are evil. 

While I know there are groups who will say ET’s are “above” us and “more advanced,” the reality is that they sat back and allowed the most diabolical atrocities to occur. These “more advanced” and ‘more loving” entities with technology far superior to ours are not intervening to stop heinous violence, war, and just plain cruelty. In fact I’d argue the opposite. 

UFO’s appear and disappear. Abductees have their lives ruined. Then the entities skip away as if laughing by the horror left in their wake. By playing the ‘now you see me, now you don’t game’, they are fomenting uncertainty. They cause people to worry. Making people upset and uncertain is not benevolence. That is malevolent. 

Worse yet, they help some while hurting others. This sounds so much like the serial killers I interviewed back in the 1990’s. I was the first researcher to find that serial killers will sometimes engage in benevolent activities during their killing years. Strange? Not really.

When I asked the murderers why they would do some good things while at the same time sadistically killing people, their answers were always the same. They are God. They decide when they are good, and they decide when they are bad. Plus who would believe that someone who did good deeds could possibly be the mad murdering dog who was torturing innocent victims?

I think many ET researchers have fallen into this trap. They believe that there are good ET’s here engaging in benevolent activities. Then they either say bad ET’s commit the violent abductions, or that the Military engages in the bad abductions. 

While it is true that Militaries worldwide act with subterfuge and propaganda regarding extraterrestrials, there is more. I agree that the Military conducts some abductions. I also propose that evil ET’s do so as well.

Even if extraterrestrials do nothing but observe, they are committing an act of harm. They have abilities to prevent the most heinous atrocities on this planet. They have the ability to intervene to stop evil, but they do not. The old argument is that they don’t want to interfere with free will and the natural advancement on this planet.

This is a BS excuse.

They are impacting someone’s free will with their inaction. They are in fact choosing sides. By not acting to help innocents, they are choosing to allow the free will of rapists, killers, terrorists and just all around sinister people. They are giving malevolence free reign. By not acting, they act. The side they have chosen is that of evil. This tells you all you need to know about them.

Channelers will claim that the ET’s state that we simply could not understand their greatness and advanced ways and technology. What’s  the point in trying to explain their enhanced thoughts and technology to us? It’s the old “you’re too stupid to understand” defense. Remember, there are no bad students, only bad teachers.

We are NOT too stupid to understand. They don’t help everyone because they don’t want to. 

Some argue that they have been known to shut down nuclear facilities to show us the error of our ways, as a warning not to use the technology. 

That’s one way to look at it. The other way to interpret it is to point out that it is intimidation. It is a threat. It is a way to say “hey, we can shut down your most powerful weapons at any time. Leave us alone. Do as we say.”

Abducting people

Hurting abductees

Creating confusion

Helping some while ruining others

Displaying military superiority

Not intervening in heinous atrocities


These sure don’t sound like the hallmarks of benevolent creatures, do they?

Take a look around our planet. Massive pollution. Vicious violence. Destruction. Rapes. Murders. Bioweapons. Corruption rising to the top and ruling. Slavery. Genocide. I could go on and on and on.

The evidence on this planet simply does not reflect a benevolent presence. We’re dealing with something that uses tricks and subterfuge. They lie. They injure. They cause unrest. They threaten. 

In short, they are not our friends.

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Are you a magnet for the paranormal?

Copyright Deborah S. Kauflin

If you are here, chances are you have spied a ghost, been visited by an alien, caught a glimpse of Bigfoot, encountered a fairy, or come across something that cannot be explained. That is OK. You are in the right place.You are amongst friends here.This is the site for all paranormal happenings. People who know me well say I am the queen of the strange and unusual. Things happen to me that just don’t happen to other people. You may have this too!

If you have seen, heard, or been touched by a paranormal entity, you are not alone. Loads of people live with this each and every day. 

Slowly, society is accepting that there is something else in this world. You can turn on Travel Channel and view a wide array of programs covering everything from demons to Mothman. This is wonderful because it mainstreams the subject. And it lets others know that these things do happen. 

I am a psychic medium and have been since I was very young. I am a retired criminal profiler and worked hundreds of serial murder, serial rape, sexual homicides and abductions across the United States. I taught thousands of detectives, police, military intelligence, CIA, FBI, attorney general investigators, prosecutors, and others.  I even interviewed 25 serial killers and mass murders for research and my Ph.D. I wrote THE book about female serial killers, creating their profiles based on my interviews with them. I also wrote a book on profiling sadistic serial killers and another book about profiling terrorists. I tell you all this because I want you to know that I’m a very serious person, and I know for a fact that the paranormal is real.

I myself have seen apparitions, felt the touch of a spirit, witnessed poltergeist activity,  even viewed aliens when doing psychic readings for alien abductees. FYI, they really are here. All this may be hard to believe, yet if you are a paranormal target, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve been studying the paranormal for about 15 years, aliens for almost 10. These things are real folks. They really are. Whether you choose to acknowledge them is up to you.

If you are a paranormal magnet, your life will be interesting, to say the least. For the unlucky, this can be absolutely terrifying. Dark energy does exist, and it attacks human beings. It goes after animals and can target every aspect of your life. Though such frightening stories are frequently featured in tv and movies, it hasn’t slowed the demonic down one bit. The darkness still terrorizes people with no end in sight.

If you have a ton of bad luck, you may want to find out if you have a dark entity around you. What I usually find is that if you have been hit by one bad thing after another in your life, you likely have something negative with you. Fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t have believed that, but I’ve seen enough at this point to know it is happening. Some people are plagued by evil. 

A lot of paranormal victims move to get away from their supernatural tormentors, but the creatures follow them. It’s not that easy once one of these things find you. Imagine having something unseen going after you in your home. Then you move to escape it. To your utter amazement, it starts up again as soon as you move into your new home. What a nightmare! Whatever you are dealing with, most tag along when you go. ET abductions don’t stop with a move. Demonic will follow you. These entities can find you anywhere.

Not all is doom and gloom. Luckier people only experience the positive aspects of spirit, Bigfoot, fairy or ET contact. They don’t get sick. They don’t get attacked. The entities are benevolent and even bring peace to a home or land. Usually those with these types of contacts don’t find their way here. It isn’t causing a problem for them and may even enrich their lives. They don’t need help but only may search for validation. It is reassuring to realize that what you are seeing is real!

However most people who make their way onto this site are having issues. Perhaps the worst are those who are taken against their will by extraterrestrials. The abductions can continue for an entire lifetime. Sickness typically follows as well as massive stress and inability to sleep. If you have this type of thing going on, it is best to get help. It doesn’t stop on its own.  ET contact can ruin your life if you are not careful.

There are so many types of paranormal contact. It would make your head spin if you delve into all this. Whatever reason you are on this site, the likelihood is that you have come across something that made you pause and ask what is happening. 

If you live with this kind of thing, it can take over your entire world. It can disrupt work and your relationships. Such strain can even ruin marriages . Divorces often follow demonic hauntings or alien abductions. Worse yet, people have had custody of their children threatened if they dare talk about what is going on behind closed doors. It’s a lose/lose situation. 

What then happens is that people become prisoners of these entities. Captive in their own homes. Worse yet, if you study these cases you will find that most people live through more than one event. Witnesses won’t just see a ghost once. Sightings will be followed by poltergeist activity. Marks may appear on the body because entities can touch you. You’ll have weird dreams. It’s the same for alien cases too. It won’t simply be one event. You may not remember more than one event, but ET’s don’t simply appear once. There will be more. The contact will permeate everything. Flashbacks. Increased psychic awareness. Post traumatic stress. Illness, often autoimmune, will appear.

So how can you deal with all this? 

It’s easy if you have something benevolent. You can simply acknowledge what is happening and sometimes even communicate with whoever or whatever is in your home. For you, the kind contact is a gift which shows you there is more than this life. It is a window into another dimension. Nice entities enrich your environment. If you re one of these lucky people, you should tell your stories because it can help others see that we are not alone. This could benefit countless numbers of suffering people. With the COVID lockdowns, huge numbers are suffering from depression. Knowing there is more than this life could mean the world to them.

On the other hand if you are having negative experiences, it is best to reach out for help. As I said before, these things do not stop on their own. In fact, it only gets worse with time. Though some people can simply move and have the activity cease, the majority of cases do not. It WILL come back later. Don’t be fooled by a long lull in activity. Once these things get their claws into you, they don’t want to let go. It may even be years before they make themselves known again.

Evil never gives up.

With the stress, fear, and confusion, it is essential that you talk to someone who can try to help. Demonic hauntings can be fought, but you will always have to watch your back. With the right intervention, it can be resolved.

Extraterrestrial abduction on the other hand is much more difficult. These energies have abilities and technology we don’t. They are ten steps ahead of us. But don’t make the mistake of holding it all in. Just talking to understanding people can help your stress level. Hypnotic regressions can be soothing and reveal information that can be of great use in dealing with otherworldly contact. The more you know, the more you can fight.  

I should mention there is a group of individuals who are taken by ET’s who say their experiences are good. They mysteriously get cured of horrible illnesses, and their lives improve. They are gifted with telepathic and healing abilities, as well as hard science skills (math, physics).  While most of these people understand that others don’t have similar experiences, unfortunately there are some who will not acknowledge that bad contact happens. In short, because they only experienced good things, then all contact must be good in their eyes. Of course they are completely wrong, but don’t waste your time arguing with them. If you have been hurt by these things, you have been hurt. Period. Yet there is something you can do if you have been living this nightmare. You can work to take control back.

The main thing is: don’t suffer in silence. If you are struggling with the paranormal, there are groups, professional investigators, psychologists and others who can assist. Though asking for help may not bring immediate relief, those you reach out to may have resources and know others who can make a difference for you. Never give up. 

Breakthroughs happen. In some cases, just talking about what you have gone through can soften your outlook. Seeing you are not alone can really help. So don’t feel hopeless if you are going through one of these frightful events. It can get better. 

Read through my articles below. I talk about patterns and similarities among those who have paranormal experiences. When you realize others have dealt with the same stuff, it can make things easier for you. I sometimes write in a humorous manner. I do that to help those who are afraid, to make it easier for those who are scared. So take a look at the information in my other articles. It may just help open a door for you so you can make your life better.

If you need help, contact. Deborahkauflin @ gmail.com